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Heather says her 19-year-old daughter, Nicki, has a history of lying and has faked two pregnancies and even fabricated a childbirth -- and she fears for her daughter’s mental stability. She says Nicki, who lives in a different state, sent her pictures of her protruding belly and a newborn -- whom she named Aubrie -- and even requested hand-knitted clothing for the infant. Nicki admits that she lied about the first pregnancy but insists she really was pregnant the second time -- but had an abortion and was too scared to tell her mom. Emotions run high when Nicki faces her family on Dr. Phil’s stage. Why did she take the deception so far? And, where are the medical records supporting her claims? Heather says she and her husband, David, were devastated when they learned the truth -- and they don’t believe Nicki was ever pregnant. Nicki agrees to take a polygraph test -- what will the results reveal? And, how can this family move forward and learn to trust Nicki again? (OAD: 1-24-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: freelandsm on Nov 11, 2014, 9:16AM - In reply to mistynomar2006
Replied By: mistynomar2006 on Jul 10, 2014, 10:04AM
This show like so many others with out of control kids or kids behaving badly, the parents are always to blame for it. This was actually the first show I have seen of Dr. Phil where he didn't give the parents 10 kinds of hell for the way their kids were behaving. Don't get me wrong I like Dr.Phil and he helps a lot of people and gives some great advice, but the one thing that boils my blood is psychiatrists blame the parents 98% of the time for what their kids do and its not fair. When are the parents that do their absolute best to raise their children the right way going to get some credit? I realize there are a lot of rotten parents out there, and they are giving good parents a bad rap. I don't care how hard some of us try, our kids are not always going to do the right thing or make the best choices. No parent is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, that's why they are called mistakes so we can learn from them. It is so hard to raise kids up right, in this day in time especially, but unless people hold a lot of these kids accountable for what they do on their own free will and stop placing all the blame on the parents its not going to get any better. I know from experience I have a 16 year old bipolar son who is borderline shizophrenic and although I have made a lot of mistakes as a parent I know its not my fault for his illness. So when are parents going to stop being blamed, most likely never
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 10, 2014, 2:06AM - In reply to another2cents
I've been saying what you posted for a long time. The father NEVER gets mentioned or blamed. It's ALWAYS the mother's fault. When are teens going to accept responsibility for THEIR actions??? They know the difference between right and wrong.

I don't believe a word that comes out of that girl's mouth. She's told so many lies! Just her body language when she was talking about her abortion makes me think she's lying. She's always blaming her mother for everything. She doesn't just have little lies. She blatantly lies, lies, lies!! ONLY she should take responsibility for that. Some kids have good reason to act out. But, this girl goes WAY beyond that!

I was SO happy when Dr. Phil told the aunt that she couldn't blame the mother for everything. IMO, that is VERY important. She did say some things when she should  have kept her mouth shut, mind you. However, I can understand why she's so fed up. When you've had someone tell you lie after lie after lie, it's very difficult to believe someone. This girl's lies were way more than a little lie. It was over-the-wall deceit. She did evertything she could to hurt her parents amd thumb her nose at them.
Replied By: kimlucaw on Jul 9, 2014, 3:26PM - In reply to nevarveb
BRAVO!!!! I just submitted a message similar, and I came across your comment.  Wouldn't it be nice if people educated themselves before opening their trap!
Replied By: cdrens on Jul 9, 2014, 3:03PM
Dispite Dr. Phils optimisum, this girl will never change, It might be in part her mother's fault but she enjoys the attention, has zero insight and NO moral compass. At her age it's too late, In five years she'll be scamming people on Craigeliust that are desperat for children and in 10 will serve time for some sort of racketing/fraud charge. Sorry some people are just NOT capable of doing the work required ro become better people. She's one of them. Whether she's mentall ill or just really damaged I admire Dr. Phil's optimisum but I think it's mis placed.
Replied By: myersb on Jul 9, 2014, 2:45PM - In reply to guytar49
I just want to know how telling the whole world? Is going to help? Parents are to take care of the kids not make it harder for her to hold her head up. Way to go mom and Dr Phil.
Replied By: guytar49 on Jul 9, 2014, 2:33PM
this girl is sick.
Replied By: atall1 on Jan 27, 2014, 3:30PM
Dr. Phil is a superb advocate 95% of the time when it comes to respectfully referring to those with mental illness diagnoses.  When things come out of his mouth they are ok.  The problem I wish could be fixed is that I have seldom if ever seen him correct or admonish guests for refering to those with Depression or Bipolar or the like as "crazys" or other offensive stereotypes.  Organizations like Joey Pants's and NAMI are trying....but you have the platform every day....Dr. Phil could do it often and consistantly with little effort and have a huge impact. but he doesn't.....

In this particular episode the mother said, " I don't know if she's stable (fair comment). For all I know she could be some crazy bipolar person and cut/rip a baby out of a pregnant woman's womb."   Now I totally get the priority here is helping an obviously troubled young lady; but this is a real teachable moment in a time and country where there is still such an ignorance and stigma about a mental illness diagnosis.  

To allow the disrespect of what that woman said to all with bipolar not to mention allow the world to assume that those with bipolar act that way, which is a falsehood, is horribley irresponsible - mostly because people have the impression Dr. Phil doesn't miss correcting a thing!  How about the fact that it would take someone experiencing a significant psycological break, or a dellusional psychopath, or someone hopped up on a frightening cocktail of chemicals to cut open a woman for a baby.....not somone living with bipoalar disorder......and niether would the thousands of those with bipolar tothers who suffer in pain with mental illness through no fault of their own..

I'm disappointed in you.....
Replied By: sparklesnspice on Jan 27, 2014, 1:11PM
There are hurting women everywhere who are suffering the guilt and pain of past abortions, and for this teenage girl to pretend she had one just ticks me off. Don't pretend to be where these women have been. Please accept the help and stop lying about serious stuff.
Replied By: KateBauer on Jan 27, 2014, 11:47AM - In reply to boysof3
Clearly the whole family has serious issues.  If the mother is now married for the 3rd time and seems to have made most of the mistakes her daugher made, I guess I just have to say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".  Nicki needs to grow up and stop lying.  This family needs to take the help Dr. Phil has so kindly offered.
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