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Liz and Chris say that their four-year marriage is on the verge of divorce because of Liz’s many addictions and illnesses. Liz admits that she struggles with multiple disorders -- including OCD, bipolar, anxiety and panic disorders -- and has jumped from one addiction to another since she was a teenager, including alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, collecting pets and, currently, trying to get pregnant. Liz has four young children, two of them with Chris, and says she has had multiple miscarriages since getting married. Despite the health risks, she insists that she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop wanting to have more kids -- because she only feels fulfilled when she’s pregnant or caring for a baby. Chris says that he’s willing to do almost anything to make Liz happy, but the stress of living with her is taking a toll, so much so that he says he threatens divorce weekly. Dr. Phil weighs in -- what does he think is driving Liz’s addictions? Can she finally get the help she needs -- and get her marriage back on track? Then, Sydney says that certain sounds, smells and ways that people touch her irritate her so much that she has to keep her distance from her fiancé, Michael, and their two children. She says she can’t sleep in the same bed as Michael, share meals with her family or even cuddle with her children -- and it breaks her heart. With a third baby on the way, how can Sydney overcome her extreme sensitivities? (OAD: 1-21-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: froggygurl8775 on Jul 10, 2014, 4:53AM
Wow.  When I saw the second guest on this show (the woman with the sensory overload/irritation issue), I thought 'oh my God, this is ME!' I relate , literally, everything she's said. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder nine years ago. Its just a feeling of relief to know there is someone else who has dealt with this issue.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 28, 2014, 3:22PM - In reply to upsydasy
Responding to an old post but as usual, I find comments by upsydasy insightful, fair and chock full of old fashioned common sense. Unlike several other female posters who apportion blame as men - 100% and women - 0%, no matter what the story is. Those same posters label me a woman-hater but that is so far from the truth. Like upsydasy, I just want the women in these stroies to take at least some responsibility for their choices and behaviour.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 28, 2014, 2:42PM - In reply to kiddogmom
I think this poster missed the point...Sydney isn't agitated by lip smacking and bad table manners. She has a neurological condition in which several types of sounds send her off the deep end. These sounds, like chewing food even with the mouth politely closed, provoke an abnormal reaction in her brain and she lashes out.

I wonder what kind of attitude you carry around since you warned your husband-to-be you'd "be on him" for his grammar and table manners. If you love somebody, there's two different ways to approach what you've judged to be problems with them. With honey or with vinegar. I suspect you were more worried about how your husband's table manners would reflect on you and your choice of mate than how they would reflect on him. I also wonder if you allowed him to have his own list of your less-than-perfect attributes that he would be "on you" about.
Replied By: lateharvest on Jun 28, 2014, 12:45PM
OK...so I haven't walked the mile in her shoes...but if she's so fastidious, how does she tolerate the sex to create all these children....and why is the husband catering to her every whim?  Let her make her own bed.  Perhaps if he would stop the pampering she would get a taste of the real world.  If she cannot embrace her children, she is not a fit mother and should not have any more.  They will be aware and have to deal with the rejection for years to come. Hubby needs to take his children and run like the wind.
Replied By: kiddogmom on Jun 27, 2014, 7:49PM
I can understand the second lady's aversion to certain sounds related to eating.  People who smack their lips or work their food around in their mouths are incredibly rude and whether or not they realize it, are disrespectful of people around them when they do so.  More Americans chew with their mouths open all the time.  My husband was raised with horrible manners - lip smacking, teeth picking and sucking, silverware clanking, and I told him before we were married I'd be on him for grammar and manners.  It is impossible to have a calm, quiet meal and peaceful conversation under those circumstances.  As he has progressed in business, he notices how people from other countries look askance at Americans with bad table manners, and how they are perceived negatively because of it.  It is also important for our children to have manners which won't hinder them, no matter where or how they go in life. Of course, in certain cultures open-mouth chewing and lip smacking are acceptable, but not in most.    It is entirely possible to eat respectfully with only some practice, and it does not require ongoing thought and effort once learned.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 27, 2014, 7:45PM
I only watched the first segment so far but that was enough to send my blood pressure to the moon. This freak Liz throws "addiction" around as easily as drawing a breath. She allegedly has enough syndromes that there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to cover them all. In the end, she just uses them as an excuse to behave anyway she wants! Unfortunately, for Chris, he's just the sort of spineless, overly ingratiating spouse that Liz needs to get away with her BS. She admits "pushing his buttons" and manipulating him to get her way. She's not so out of it to not know exactly what she's doing and why.

And 2 kids in 4 years, and multiple miscarriages. Just when did she have time to work 95 hours a week? She's "addicted" to the attention pregnancy brings, including bedrest, so I would venture a guess that her employer has paid her way more in maternity leave than she's every been paid for showing up and doing a day's work.

The poor 'whipped husband has SIX kids already. For a guy not bringing in an income, that's way more than enough! What if they do split? How would he possibly pay child support? His name is not even on their bank account, he's been reduced to a non-entity, though she "loves him to death". His nutbar wife uses him as a sperm donor and her personal slave, drives his friends away and chastises him for smoking pot so as not to go postal. This coming from a former junkie. She says she takes ownership for her behaviour but she doesn't. At this very moment "they" are trying for another baby that Chris does not want and the family can't afford. Should divorce or separation be on the horizon (and Chris kicked out, no question) there'd be a new sperm donor in her bed before Chris made it to the gate.

Not everything is a "syndrome", some people are just whack jobs!
Replied By: tamathak on Jun 27, 2014, 6:48PM
Sounds like Misophonia for sure......my daughter is the exact same.  I can't type or eat around her.  It's exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eagerly waiting for the commercial to end so Dr. Phil can give his opinion.......
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 27, 2014, 6:08PM - In reply to mthsz1994
I can never understand why people with serious genetic disorders, suffered by multiple members and generations of their family, insist on having children! I can think of nothing more thoughtless or self-centred than exercizing some assumed "right" to have children, rolling the dice with your defective DNA and likely have your children suffer a lifetime of grief due to your selfishness.
Replied By: duckydes on Jun 27, 2014, 5:13PM
If the whole summer will be nothing but reruns that were on not too long ago, can't you go back to some earlier shows and show hem again?  I would be iterested in that, especilly with updates, even if the update only says you tried to contact them, but they didn't call bck..
Replied By: mthsz1994 on Jun 27, 2014, 5:01PM
I have a child who suffers from misophonia and I have read every book, every article and blog I can put my hands on.  Yes, it is a strange disorder but it is real and hard to live with for all family members.  I am sadden at those who choose to judge out of ignorance, mock and make inappropriate comments. My own mil, sil and bil have mocked my child. Misophoinia onsets around the age of 8 and the individuals triggers are those with emotional connection.  Unfortunately there is no cure however there are options to manage the disorder to live your life.  We have spend thousands of dollars in cognative therapy, music therapy, occaptional therapy, brain state technolocy - you name it we have tried it.  No child would wake up one day and choose misophonia, not only is this a disorder but a curse.  Misohonia causes anxiety and depression. Our entire family suffers from this disorder and I would do anything to have  dinner with my daughter present.  However, we have made adjustments and found what works for us, for her and count our blessings for the good days.  The disorder is genetic - my husband suffers and also his mother.    We have found cognative therapy, medicine, and brain state technology has helped. I would love to try biofeedback.  Unfortunately,  they all come with a cost since insurance companies do not recongize misophonia and the treatment options. 
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