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Diana says her 48-year-old husband, Robert, weighs nearly 400 pounds and is in denial about his weight -- and she’s considering divorcing him if he doesn’t get serious about making a change. Diana, who weighs 104 pounds, admits that she often nags and ridicules Robert about his weight and says she’s afraid he’ll die at any moment -- or require round-the-clock care, like his mother did before her obesity-related death in 2003. What does Robert think about his weight? Is he finally ready to shed the extra pounds? Plus, Diana admits that she has struggled with an eating problem for several years. Can she, too, learn to develop a healthier relationship with food? Then, 33-year-old Rose says she weighs nearly 300 pounds and is ready to make a change. She says her husband, Jonathan, is in great shape, and she wants to be his “trophy wife,” but she needs help curbing her favorite food cravings -- including maple syrup sandwiches. Dr. Phil calls on Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors and author of the new book, The Doctor’s Diet, to help these guests adopt healthier eating habits and get them on the road to weight loss. Learn about his three-phase plan for reaching -- and maintaining -- your ideal weight. Could it work for you? (OAD: 1-7-14)

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Replied By: heste003 on Apr 18, 2014, 1:08AM
Dr Phil I tape your shows so I'm a little late with this. Just wanted to say thank you. I watched your show tonight and im so ready to get started with the Doctors diet My husband and daughter and me are all over weight. We all want to eat better and I think no I know that this book will help. I wish I could have entered the giveaway for the items but still I going to getus started. Thank you. Ivy
Replied By: moondragon007 on Apr 17, 2014, 3:41PM - In reply to talynk72
I feel ya on the food thing. I'm also on fixed income, and despite what they all claim, fruits and veggies can be darn expensive! I also have Celiac disease, and gluten-free products are not cheap either.

The exercise thing I can help you with, though. Look for a gym that offers a class called Silver Sneakers. It's designed for seniors and other people with limited physical ability. A lot of the exercises can be done sitting down. You may be able to get a free or discounted gym membership through your health insurance.

Replied By: freetosmile on Apr 8, 2014, 2:14PM
That's me for 25 years.  When it was diagnosed,  I was very tired and weak, especially walking up stairs.  I was 29.  I did not eat tons of fattening foods, I was not overweight,  obese, or chubby.  My fuel of regular food each day did go to my fat cells, but did not become something of a problem because I was too exhausted to even feel like I had any big enough appetite to munch on chips, candybars, cupcakes, drink 8 cans of pop, pile a load of potatoes on a plate resembling a mountain with 3 sticks of butter,  and eat a whole chicken.  I never ate like that anyway.  I had hyperthyroidism without medicine (before diagnosed ) for a time, and it did not make me want to eat huge amounts, let alone bring me to an obese state by just eating a well balanced diet, day after day.
Replied By: freetosmile on Apr 8, 2014, 1:49PM
It's starts in the aisles in a grocery store.  We make premeditated, intentional, and deliberate choices of what we look at and select for food items to enter our home.  That's step 1.  Step 2 stage is, when it's time to eat, and your home with only fresh fruits, vegetables,  and foods and drinks as close to thier natural state without the refined sugers,  processed with who knows what, etc.,  I have no choice but to pass these foods across my "taste bud control panel ";  through my mouth, over my tongue, and down the hatch.  After a few weeks of this,  everything tastes great!!  the switches on my "taste bud panel" for sugers, pop, twinkys, chips, are all turned off, and the switches that are on for the big juicy granny smith apple I so carefully selected in step 1.  I have not ever heard of people with weight problems eating 6000 calories a day coming from eating from a days list of "he ate an entire bunch of bananas, 5 apples, 4 oranges, a plateful of spinach, an entire head of broccoli, a whole watermelon,  1 cantelope, and 3 green peppers.  O,  can't forget its a "medical or chemistry" problem.  so, how come, I've never heard of the "eating" list of what is ate, is not the ever like the list I just provided?
Replied By: theresace on Apr 8, 2014, 8:18AM
I can relate to these weight issues. I was always too under weight to the point that my doctor thought I was suffering from Anorexia. I weighed no more than 90lbs until I got pregnant at 23 yrs old and after giving birth I went down to 84lbs. I have three children and have struggled to gain and maintain a healthy weight for my height which is 5'1". Once I turned 30 I began gaining weight, it was like I went to bed at 90lbs. and woke up at 120lbs. When I turned 40 I went through menopause and am now 140lbs. I eat healthy food but am fearful of over eating, I eat one good meal a day, which I know isn't helping me, but obesity is in my family and I am terrified of becoming obese. I am active, maybe not active enough but I can't seem to loose any weight and continue to gain. People always tell me how much better I look than when I was under weight but all I see is fat. I don't like the way I look or feel at this point in my life andsome how have to change things, just don't know how.
Replied By: lisambc14 on Apr 5, 2014, 3:21AM
Im a bbw and do understand roberts issues
I had gastric bypass jan 15/07 my stepdad died jan 31/07 in our arms
But i will say this nothing discourages me more than being told " ur so pretty if u lost weight you would be gorgous" my mom does that " tough love" saying im going to drop dead of heart attack!
I am not as active as i should be
Do i like myself heavy ? No but i also know i keep myself fat to protect myselffrom allowing a guy to get close to me yet on same hand i miss having love n bf or relatiinship
I would never tolerate a partner talking to me like im a loser
Its verbal n emotional abuse
Replied By: newstart13 on Apr 4, 2014, 11:19PM - In reply to debbiede418
Hi Debbie,

You have made wonderful progress! Congratulations on making significant life changes; you should feel proud of what you've done. I, too, am hoping to reach a 90-lb. weight loss. I'm at 58 lbs. lost. One thing that helped me was to set intermediate goals. It was w-a-y too overwhelming to think "OMG, I have to lose 90 pounds; I can't do that." I thought I could do ten pounds, which put me at 199, then another ten, etc. It was a red-letter day around here when I weighed what my driver's license said I weighed-lol!! I also wanted to lose out of the BMI category of "obese". Made it! Some people would frown at my being happy to be in the "overweight" BMI range yet I look at it as a success--but not an ending point. Once I reach a normal BMI, I will begin the process of lifelong maintenance. Stay honest with yourself, be patient with yourself, be persistent in working toward a state of healthy. It's a journey, not a race, toward a healthy relationship with food and inner peace that sustains you more than food can. Your success so far has primed you for continued success. Enjoy the events you have ahead of you. Both you and your child will be so proud on that upcoming wedding day!!! Keep posting re: your progress!!
Replied By: stlthgirl on Apr 4, 2014, 8:05PM
I feel the gentleman did what he thought was right at the time. He seems very sincere to me. Maybe he was in fear of his own life. I do think that sometimes we have to think a little deeper. I would not trust a murderer to step up & admit to someone that he kills people. Simply what you're asking & trusting is for a murderer to admit to killing people. Not going to happen. Most people don't shrug that off. I would have without a doubt said something.

In defense of those who voted they would not tell a deep past of someone...there are different levels of that. I would not have been able to vote yes or no. It needed to be more specific.

Replied By: lovingone on Apr 4, 2014, 6:58PM
Sleep disorders, especially among shift workers can upset the metabolism and make it hard to loose weight  or stay at a healthy weight.  I noticed that the first guest listed sleep apnea as one of his problems.  So If he is not gettin 7-8 hours of good sleep a night, it might be interfering with his ability to loose weight.
Replied By: cstutz on Apr 4, 2014, 6:55PM
Dr. Phill, I too am like many others on this message board.  I am 55 yrs old, weigh 245lbs, and have bad knees, and a bad back, and I too live on a very limited income.  I have lost over 100 lbs three times in my life only to gain it all back each time.  Now that I have problems with my knees and my back I can't even do much exercise.  After a Divorce, I am now living with my youngest daughter and her family to make ends meet. My Grandson asked me why I was so fat. I need to find a light at the end of the tunnel!  I fear my health is in grave danger, but I am clueless as to how I can dig myself out of this rut again. This book looks promising!  I would love to also be entered into your drawing for the book, Vitamix, and the other items that were given away on the show.  I would like to be an example for my grandchildren, and be able to play with them, instead of the old, fat grandma that they love anyway.
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