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Brandy and Graham say they have no idea how to control their 16-year-old daughter, Caitlin, who they say has been arrested seven times, dropped out of school and stolen their car at least 15 times. The parents claim that Caitlin is promiscuous, experiments with drugs and runs away from home for days at a time. They say they’ve tried everything -- including using a GPS tracking anklet -- to keep Caitlin from disappearing, but nothing seems to work. Caitlin admits that she has made some mistakes, but insists that she is mature enough to make her own decisions. Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the teen -- and for Brandy and Graham about their parenting choices. Are they contributing to their daughter’s recklessness? And, how can they help her get back on track? Then, in September 2012, 21-year-old Brienna says intruders broke into her apartment, shot her in the head, execution style, and then shot her brother, Remi, and her roommate, Alex. Remi survived the shooting, but Alex was killed. Brienna says she is still struggling to cope -- and even sleeps with a loaded gun by her bed every night. How can she begin to heal? Plus, hear from Alex’s father, Rafael -- who says that the shooting should never have happened. Why does he say more lives could be at risk, if the law doesn't change?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Mar 12, 2014, 12:01AM
Rafael, your boy was a lovely young man who didn't deserve to be killed by a couple of losers who were only interested in saving their own behinds. Your son is a loss to our world too, because there are too many young men like those who killed him just because they couldn't get what they wanted and not enough people willing to stand up to them.

Your boy isn't a number, he was a hero. I hope the police do take notice of Alex's death and really have changed the system- because words come easier than actions. I'm sorry he was let down by the local police.

I also hope Brienna and Remi are given all the help they need to live without fear. They don't deserve to be living like that.  They shouldn't be sleeping with guns in their beds. They could accidentally shoot someone or harm themselves. Then they would have more guilt and problems in their lives. I'm so sorry you two had to go through that too. It wasn't fair- please don't let them take your futures.
Replied By: hazeld12 on Jan 14, 2014, 2:47AM - In reply to squishem
ADHD is a so called condition to replace the name of bad behaviour and poor parenting.
Replied By: rachelaznj on Jan 12, 2014, 1:59PM
I was taken aback to read the message boards and to read about all the parents that were offended by Dr. Phil's actions on this show. Does anyone realize that he DID save the mother too? Trust me, the mom would've been a lot worse off if he didn't he didn't take this action. He saved the mother from having to deal with the painful emotions of one or two dead daughters or having one or two of them behind bars. Yes, the truth hurt her, but it was the truth and we all make mistakes and at least the mom had Dr. Phil to nip this now before it got worse. She should be grateful. I know it's hard to face your darkness, but at least she has an opportunity to face it now, before the worst possible outcome happened.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Jan 10, 2014, 3:29PM
That is the main point he tries to make with these shows concerning troubled teens. 

Replied By: roxxanne on Jan 9, 2014, 10:38AM - In reply to lawmom71
FYI: I agree with your thoughts on this situation. I expressed many of the same ideas/concerns.
Replied By: roxxanne on Jan 9, 2014, 10:28AM - In reply to dannyj
I would imagine they all need individual, marital and family therapy. They cannot come together as a couple or a family if they are broken individually. (In my opinion).

It's going to take a lot of time and healing before any of them trust each other again. Regaining trust takes a very long time and a lot of work. I hope they are all up for it.
Replied By: ajdcj79 on Jan 8, 2014, 1:20PM
These parents need bootcamp. Some people should need to have a license to have a child.
Replied By: upsydasy on Jan 8, 2014, 8:31AM - In reply to harley94
I haven’t been able to get your comments out of my mind since yesterday.  Do you realize how much hate you’re conveying towards a 16 year old girl?  On the one hand you blame her for being immature and accuse her of not being able to express herself properly.  Yet, in the same breath you demand that she somehow find a way to spontaneously grow up.  If you’re actually an adult yourself, may I suggest that you make up your mind because from where I sit, your post just doesn’t make any sense.  As Dr. Phil said: “her parents have problems that she can’t even spell yet”, so where exactly is Caitlin supposed to find the inspiration and example to follow in order to eventually mature into a responsible adult?  I was so happy to see Dr. Phil act as her champion.  For once in her life, somebody showed her that they cared about what happened to her and that she mattered.  Don't we all need that kind of affirmation from time to time?  So, why in the world would that make you resent her so much?
Replied By: dianepue on Jan 7, 2014, 4:29PM
Dr. Phil was right on! My heart went out to this girl...and her little brother....t have two parents like these. I hope the parents will do above and beyond their call of duty immediately to try to heal these children. The amount of abuse, neglect, and putting their children in the middle of their adult problems was horrifying. No wonder the girl runs away and survives on her own in those ways. The parents came across to me like they have some depression and anger issues.....and zero skills on how to love their children in a healthy way. When parents feel out of control themselves, it gets really easy to take that frustration out on the children. I think this daughter has been thrown away by her parents...even though they say differently and try to control her by abusing her . I hope she will be given the chance to heal and mature now with help from this show.
Replied By: squishem on Jan 7, 2014, 4:05PM - In reply to grandmaasbury
Although ADD/ADHD is very real (my future sister-in-law has 4 (great, loveable and talented) foster kids with REAL ADHD - bless her heart) it seems to be society's go-to excuse to get around insufficiant teaching and bad parenting.

I snorted too when she threw that out.
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