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MTV Teen Mom alum Amber Portwood made headlines last year when, after her arrest on drug charges, she opted for a five-year prison sentence, rather than completing court-ordered rehab. She was released last month -- almost four years early -- and now she’s opening up exclusively to Dr. Phil in her first post-prison television interview. Why did she choose prison over rehab -- and potentially sacrifice years with her now 5-year-old daughter, Leah? And, now that she’s out of prison, can she stay clean? Plus, Amber speaks out about her struggles with anger, including a domestic violence charge in 2010 involving Leah’s father, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Gary. What is their relationship like now? And, what’s their plan for raising their daughter? Plus, hear more about what’s next for Amber. Then, 23-year-old Kaylee says she had a difficult childhood, involving physical abuse, drugs and homelessness, but that changed at 15 when she was fostered by Arlene, who helped her get her life back on track. She says Arlene has taken in dozens of troubled kids over the years -- even while battling cancer -- and is now struggling to make ends meet while caring for four teenage boys. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s big surprise for this deserving foster mom!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Mar 11, 2014, 3:57AM
I had to change the channel after the introduction sorry. I'm sick of these episodes about reality "stars" doing stupid crap and dragging children along for the ride. And again when she was released MTV wanted to film her and her child and the man she abused- what is the point of that other than to make other stupid people think they can get a free ride by doing stupid things. She chos jail because she knew she would be out in time to air another episode with MTV.

This girl hasn't learned anything and I hope she has no more kids like that Alexandra girl did and now they've been dragged through her crap. More stupid people for the future to make good TV out of.
Replied By: cagaultney on Dec 27, 2013, 2:48PM
It takes a strong woman to admitt she has a problem and get help for her children. I battled addiction to meth for years and almost lost my child. I got him back when he was six years old. He is now nine and I have been clean ever since. Takes learning and putting pride aside to be able to make best decisions for your child.
Replied By: jennysgram on Dec 21, 2013, 7:04PM - In reply to nikijohns
What bothers me the most is hearing the word "that" instead of "who".  "The person that..." should be "The person who...".  And by the way, I think the word "nazi" used in any way should be done away with.  That word carries with it a very bad connotation, and I feel it should be dropped from the English language.  Just my humble opinion.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Dec 21, 2013, 11:55AM
for proving so many adults wrong that you're not bad kids.  You just needed a good mother like Arlene.  Thank you, Kaylee for outing out your very special foster mom,  Arlene. 

Amazing, how many adults bash these very kids instead of helping them.  Arlene is a role model to those mothers who think their kids are bad.   NO KID IS BORN BAD.  
Replied By: cupid2011 on Dec 21, 2013, 10:00AM - In reply to upsydasy
Your post really touched my heart.  You're so wise and express your thoughts so well.   You should write a best seller.  :)
Replied By: upsydasy on Dec 21, 2013, 8:41AM - In reply to dream28b
In this day and age of instant infamy à la social media, people are always being rewarded for misbehaving.   I mean just going to college, or suffering through midterms, or maintaining a modest mcjob and volunteering are just boring and nobody cares about those achievements anymore.  Amber’s been clean and sober for what, months now (or is it weeks)?  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she made the decision to turn things around and applaud her efforts to change because that’s not easy, especially for someone so young.  However, just because she participated in a (un)reality TV show on MTV of all places, doesn’t give her a free pass to behave like a complete mess and then appear a short time later on The Dr. Phil Show as a sort of role model for youth everywhere.  Why do we ask so little of ourselves and of others anymore?  Instead, by all means, let’s pat the girl on the back and show her a few encouraging tweets telling her how great and wonderful she is because that’s what Dr. Phil thinks too… yup that’ll do it for me as well – NOT.

Now take a lady like Arlene, a foster mom to over 100 LOST AND UNWANTED CHILDREN and a cancer survivor.  So what if she lacked a few social graces and appeared nervous and chocked to be recognized for her devotion to humanity.  She probably didn’t even think that it was anything special and seemed to wonder what the fuss was all about.  Wow.  I literally and most humbly bow to her. 
Replied By: keninman1965 on Dec 21, 2013, 7:09AM
When as a society are we going to wake up and realize that these children have the right to not be brought into the world by persons whom are not able to care for their physical, edcational and emotional needs. It is a touchy subject but sooner or later we will have to place and enforce restrictions on procreation. Not just for the child's benefit but also all of society. How many future prisoners and future welfare recipients of America are born every day? How many of society's ills can be averted by preventing irresponisble people from procreating? These are questionas all of us need to ask ourselves and each other.
Replied By: amyt1983 on Dec 21, 2013, 1:02AM
Hearing amber talk about about wanting to kill her self was really sad for me because i recently lost a close friend to sucide.she reminded me a lot of him,in and out jail,drug problems,relationship problems,depression.i really hope she gets the help she needs and doesnt end up like him.i wish i couldve done more for my friend.i hope that young lady knows she has a lot to live for and hope she has friends and family watching out for her.:)
Replied By: andiepie15 on Dec 20, 2013, 10:52PM
I have a friend who is also a foster mom.  I'm proud of both you and my friend.

:)  Andiepie17
Replied By: mraveling on Dec 20, 2013, 10:45PM
As I was recounting your foster mom story to my daughter; she commented that it sounded more like Oprah.  I had to smile at that.  She was absolutely right and I hadn't even given it a second thought. Not often that Dr. P gets to do a segment where he's not shrinking heads.  Good Job on something (someone) special!!
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