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Twenty-five-year-old Brianna claims that at age 15, she was raped by two male classmates at a post-Homecoming party, and when prosecutors initially refused to file charges, she says her mom, Bridget, coerced her into sharing her story with the national media, sparking backlash from her peers. Why does she say she believes her mom had an ulterior motive in getting her to speak out? Bridget insists she wanted to empower her daughter, because she felt they weren’t getting anywhere with the legal system. Does she take any ownership in the fallout that her daughter says she received? Bridget and her husband, Michael, say Brianna -- who now has a 7-year-old son -- has since spiraled out of control, and they fear for their grandson’s safety. They claim Brianna and her partner, Vickie, use drugs and that Vickie has been abusive toward the child -- allegations both women deny. Is Brianna’s son in danger? Emotions run high when the family faces each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Then, best-selling author Mitch Albom shares a painful, personal experience that inspired his book, The First Phone Call from Heaven, and offers advice to Bridget and Brianna. Can this mother and daughter make peace with the past and fix their fractured relationship? (OAD: 12-13-13)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: naturemum on Jun 13, 2014, 8:49AM - In reply to apey66
...she was seeing if she could trust them not to hold it against her and she proved her point.
Replied By: naturemum on Jun 13, 2014, 8:32AM
Watch the mother denying restraining the daughter; she's saying 'no" while nodding yes so she is lying through her teeth. It's an involuntary truth response & the most basic indicator of a lie.
Replied By: ladyday517 on Jun 13, 2014, 3:06AM
First, I feel so bad for you;  You sound like such a "Loving, & Giving" person....I might add, much to much...."GIVING".....You really do need to really start "Protecting Yourself from that "Needy, Disfunctional Family you have!"  It sounds like they don't appreciate you at all except to treat you like a "CINDERELLA"......STOP DOING...!!!.....and, GIVING TO THEM....!!!!  They don't "Respect you, and they never WILL until you 'TEACH THEM THAT YOUR MAD AS HELL, AND YOUR NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE...!!!"  I'm so proud of you for planning on leaving as soon as you can, but PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM TALK YOU INTO GIVING THEM YOUR SAVINGS YOU NEED TO GET OUT...!!!  It sounds like "Mother" can be very 'DEMANDING' and 'NEEDY' so be careful!  She might try being "nice to you" to get your money.....DON'T FALL FOR IT!  Instead, tell her, "Gee Mom, I really am sorry you need some more money from me, but 'i NEED TO LEAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYMORE OF MY MONEY...!  And then,...lol....say, "Why don't you ask your 'FAVORITE ONE FOR HELP!?'.....lol...I'm sure the 'Phony Play' to be 'Nice Mask' will come off in a hurry!....lol  God Bless you.  Your too good.
Replied By: buddhamomma on Jun 12, 2014, 9:00PM
Repeated moving within a short span with a young child can and often does affect his/her personality -

Choice in partner - criminal and curruent history can give great inside into persoanlity and behavior, yes, people do grow and change - it is important to address those issues and how they may affect the child.

Was the seven year old interviewed by doctor Phil? Did anyone contact the childs school to see if his teachers know/witnessed any behavior?

Was the daughters employer contacted to verify current employment/job history - what about her partners work/current history?

The daughter blamed all her choices on her mother - for the backlash of her community and others doubting her claims of rape, it shows that it really impacted as evidenced by repeated poor choices. She sat there showed ZERO ownership o the choices and blames her mother of the response she received - sounds like she hasn't really dealt the incident and it still affects her choices to this day.

The daughter admitted on the show she told her mother & step father everything they attested to and then added, she did it to see how they would react - wow, that is a serious example of her childish maturity.

Did the mother & step father show evidence of her attmepts to contact her by phone & email - that would have made the they said/she said part of the program easier to deal with.

It's easy to point to the parent and say 'you raised her' - even though it completely discounts how a childs behavior changes after such a tramatic event - and how the child rebels/reacts/copes with a situation is different in every situation.
Replied By: debterter on Jun 12, 2014, 7:42PM
It was difficult to watch Dr. Phil lash out at Brianna's mom.  There were moment's I honestly thought he was almost abusive.    Since I don't know what happened prior to the show's taping, it seemed to me that Dr. Phil was solidly behind Brianna and I have to say I haven't any idea why.  Her own history would have any parent worried.  The hatred and anger she displayed toward her mom made me wonder why she kept telling her mom, "You never call.  You never write.  You just don't care, do you?"   Geez.  Which is it?  If her mom is nuts just take yourself quietly to your own life and wish them well.  No one is forcing her to see them.  If she isn't nuts, then I have to believe Brianna is -- what she appeared to me to be -- a jealous, angry and immature woman.   I didn't see any contempt from her her parents for her lifestyle -- they just seemed uncomfortable by her overall obnoxious behavior.   I do suspect that Brianna needs a LOT of attention.  She seems like someone who places blame on everyone else and will never, ever let it go.  I was surprised that Dr. Phil's advice was to have a good chat once a week and never discuss the grandchild.   Hum, good luck there.  If I were the mom, I would meet in a very public place in case Brianna decides to accuse her mother of some sinister,  psycho behavior.
Replied By: fwrinkledsoles on Jun 12, 2014, 5:58PM
I think most women/girls don't have a clue whats going on in the world, their children live because I think that most women/girls don't know what come first.  I think women/girls put there jobs and boyfriend first. But, instead should be putting their home for the husband and children  If so, everything will fall in line.  If not, children usually don't like the mother over the father.  Women you have got to realize that you are the most important one in the family.  It is sad, after all of these year most women haven't found the true meaning of the feminist movement.   The word ism's mean selfish which means me, yourself and I.  I say, if you want to be a feminist don't get married, don't have a boyfriend and really don't have any children.
Replied By: prettymama2006 on Jun 12, 2014, 5:13PM - In reply to mommatoad
You realized your mother isn't healthy and that you weren't the problem. Moms OR dads who make their children feel unworthy and unloved are evil. Just because people pro-create, it doesn't mean they should be parents. I'm glad you have no contact with your mother. Why be engaged with someone who you will never be good enough for? And your right, most people don't get it and will be critical of you. Just know, not all of us feel that way. Happy that you realized you weren't the problem.
Replied By: prettymama2006 on Jun 12, 2014, 5:05PM - In reply to mommatoad
Glad you were able to realize what your mother is about. Happier though that you broke the cycle! Brianna will never be good enough for her mother. I hope she can see it and move on. She needs people in her life that make her feel worthy. She doesn't need her mother in her life.
Replied By: prettymama2006 on Jun 12, 2014, 4:52PM - In reply to dianepue
So true!
Replied By: prettymama2006 on Jun 12, 2014, 4:49PM - In reply to dianepue
Mom has some type of personality disorder. If you've ever lived with someone who is a "crazy maker" of those around them, then you can see them. That's what I see in this mother. She wants the 15 minutes of fame. She cares less for her daughter or grandson. Brianna needs to realize her mother will never change.
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