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Heather claims that her husband of two years, Anthony, is physically and verbally abusive and says she fears that one day, he could seriously hurt or kill her. She says that he has punched her, bitten her, slammed her into walls, thrown her to the ground and, most recently, she claims he tried to blind her by putting rubbing alcohol in her contact lens case -- allegations that Anthony completely denies. Anthony says that ever since returning from Iraq, he has had trouble controlling his anger. He admits that he lashes out verbally at Heather, who he claims nags him and pushes his buttons, but he is adamant that he would never physically harm her. Will he agree to take a polygraph test? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Anthony about his behavior, including his admitted abuse of Heather’s Chihuahua. What does he think is at the root of Anthony’s anger? Plus, Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, issues a strong warning about domestic violence and provides important information from her ASPIRE Initiative. Will her words make an impact on Heather and Anthony? (OAD: 12-10-13)

The dog was removed from the home at the time of the abuse and is currently living with a family member. The animal is safe.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: michelle1505 on Jul 3, 2014, 2:48AM
I never respond to any show but this made me sick. Ieven turned my tv off. Someone that stupid even considering trying to solve things on the show deserves a low life scumbag like him. People never stop to amaze me. How stupid can you get !!! She should've walked away they moment he laid his hand on that dog. She talks about the animal abuse as if it is something that just happend, no big deal. I can't believe dr Phil didn't call the police. You can see that he only agreed because dr Phil said it was wrong not because he really understood. Can't even imagine these people having children. He will probably abuse his own child and she will just say no big deal. She does not deserve anything in her life that is smaller and more defenseless then she is because she won't protect it.
Replied By: kateram on Jun 11, 2014, 11:21PM
This guy is a perfect candidate for the next mass murder. I hope he attracts someone's attention who does something about it before it's another disaster. Abuses animals, abuses his wife. And you can't blame it on PTSD. There's a lot more going on here than that.
Replied By: yikes22 on Apr 8, 2014, 8:47AM
I watch Dr. Phil everyday on my computer while I work, this show made my stomach turn. You want to beat your wife, you are a coward. You want to beat a defenseless DOG who can't defend itself, you deserve to be beaten with your hands behind your back tied together. Your parents should be ashamed of bringing you into this world with your chip on your shoulder, your disgusting attitude, and your "little man syndrome". You aren't as tough as you think you are. You are disgusting and a disgrace to any man who thinks it is okay to put his hands ON ANYTHING. You make me sick looking at you.
Replied By: antje1863 on Mar 25, 2014, 9:01AM
I'm a sporadic poster, destined to be so due to sheer ' busy'. My single contribution looks terribly fishy since it wasn't a ' good ' one- I'd signed in to the message board because my ears were bleeding. An obnoxiously vocal female was running away with a show recently. I was out of Q-tips, so thought perhaps Dr. Phil would cut her off or find the ' off' switch. It was also very uncharacteristic of the show, so was baffled.

But- important to my head to have said Thank You on this particular show. We are SO, so busy at the moment, at the tag end of months and months of a house sale, clearing it out solo, a long story as uninteresting as the rest of them because it's too familiar. The tag would be elder abuse, the end result better than most- we saw something this time. Maybe because I'm a survivor, maybe because it was glaring, don't know. 5 bedrooms, 40 years of history- a shattered family, not a new story, I know.

I AM appalled at these comments- really, REALLY thought they'd be short and simple, gosh, thank you Dr. Phil and Robin, at last and finally someone is DOING something, they've heard us, they are taking us seriously and literally saving lives while they're about it. Folks with resources, knowledge, ' pull' and grace are ON it, you know?

The American past-time is new- and getting worse- judgement and opinion the Great American Pastime. Oh my gosh- I think unless someone has BEEN a victim, has huddled behind a door with a maniac pounding on it, has had a judge threaten you with jail unless you sign the papers saying he can see the baby, unless you appear in court with strangle marks on your neck and a limp where he kicked you and broke your leg- and still- your ' story' is doubted- do not post critical comment, please.

I do not speak of my PTSD. It's a stuggle. I go out with it every day, do the best I can, typically blame myself, pick up where it was bad and wake up the next day happy my abuser is dead. I didn't do it- his excesses did. I always swore if I had the resources, would DO what the McGraws are doing, so seriously- get off their backs, please and please just, plain get behind this with a marching band, parade and limping women- and a few dogs. To everyone who blasted Dr. Phil for not removing the dog? Shame- gee whiz! Y'all know perfectly well as soon as the show aired ( before ), 27 SWAT teams landed on that lawn and airlifted that poor little guy outa there. The McGraws- who do not HAVE to do any of the things our government agencies should be funded to do- and who do MORE, with their own money- than anyone I'm reading here- are at least part of ONE SWAT team for women. What we need is the same 27. It seems to be what they're trying to scare up out here, they can't do it alone!

Sorry SO long. Just Thank You. Meant to get back here last week, just, plain ran out of time.
Replied By: libragirl80 on Mar 24, 2014, 11:02AM
I think you are just as sick as he is if you are in love with this man and let him around a defenseless animal. I wish I knew your last name so I can call ASPCA right now! Dr. Phil should not waste time on this situation. You will not leave him ,you're too codepdent on him.
Replied By: upsydasy on Mar 23, 2014, 10:15AM - In reply to tremarie05
It astounds me after reading some of these comments that many of us haven’t gotten past the Darwinian mindset of the survival of the fittest yet.  Animals or lesser species have a right to live in a safe environment free of worry and abuse that we cause.  The minute we take them home from the kennel or breeders, they become our responsibility.  Life has its way of throwing curveballs, but that doesn’t mean that as soon as things get tough or when our pets get sick they suddenly become expendable.  Having pets, like children, is not a right but a privilege.  If you can’t ensure a good home, then don’t have them - especially when dealing with cute little fluffy white dogs that end up being treated more like fashion accessories.  Lap dogs have the same instincts as German Sheppards; the only difference being they can’t fight back, leave or at least cause any real damage to its human abuser. 

Replied By: sjolie on Mar 22, 2014, 3:12PM - In reply to tremarie05
The wife has a choice to be there. She is a grown woman who can walk out at any time. The dog has no choice. He is helpless, he is tiny, and he has no chance of making any type of choice to protect himself and that is the difference.
Replied By: ghostwolf on Mar 22, 2014, 12:31PM
If he hits a 9 pound dog-he will hit the kids-this pretty wife-needs to RUN as fast as she can. get that dog out of that house and report him for abuse-put him in jail. he is a real JERK.
Replied By: tremarie05 on Mar 22, 2014, 8:18AM
One thing that I have tried to understand is peoples absolute horror and anger at a person who hurts a dog...IN ANY way, but stand by or has no voice for a woman, child, or man who are being abused. While watching the episode "I Did Not Try To Blind My Wife" I honestly became very disappointed and angry with both the reaction of the audience and Dr Phil, of hearing the man describe the abuse of their small dog but had NO "awe or shocking gasp" while the wife was describing her abuse, or Dr Phil threatning to call authorities on the husband for the abuse and intimidation on his wife...as he did in threating to call the Aspca on the husband. Is it ok to abuse or even scare an animal...Heck NO! But my first worry would be the safety of that wife.

Maybe we as a society have become immune to the hurt and having empathy for an actual person over that of an animal because we are selves have become inHUMANe. While watching the news, which I do daily...morning and evening, I hear more news and more sad tones and pitiful looks for the stories of 
Replied By: shibainumum on Mar 22, 2014, 8:15AM
I thought I watched the whole show yesterday.  Surely I missed the segment where Dr. Phil looked directly at this young women and asked her why she was wasting his time with such a "no brainer" of a question. Should I stay with a man who knocked my dogs teeth out and dumped alcohol in my contact case?  I also don't recall Dr. Phil mentioning that animal torture,  abuse etc is an alarming trait that the majority of murderers and serial killers share.  Oh but wait, this guy was in the military. Ahhh now it all makes sense.  Really?? Shame on her family for not demanding she accompany her beaten bloody dog when she dumped him on their doorstep.   I won't watch the Dr. Phil show much longer if this is truly what he thinks makes for good ratings.  I'm all for helping people but this one liner could have been delivered to her email box with "No, we would recommend you immediately head for the nearest "safe house", in the subject line.  Clearly the viewer’s made that obvious by their horrified concern for her dog and complete lack of concern for her.  Common sense. 
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