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Samantha says a few months after her husband, Adam, returned home from serving in Iraq, he lost his job and became filled with rage during fights, even threatening to shoot both of them. One night, after an argument, she says he shot her in both legs with an AK-47 and left her bleeding for nearly an hour before turning himself in, allowing her to receive medical attention. After a month in the hospital, five surgeries and several skin grafts, Samantha shares her story with Dr. Phil. Adam is currently behind bars, awaiting trial on aggravated assault charges -- but Samantha says the charge should be attempted murder. And, hear from Adam’s sister, Diane, who says she believes her brother is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. What does Dr. Phil think? Then, Laurie says while divorcing her husband, Andre, in 2010, he did the unthinkable: He shot and killed their 4- and 5-year-old sons, and then turned the gun on himself. Andre survived and is currently on death row. Laurie shares her heartbreaking story. How can she find peace after such a horrible tragedy?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Nov 30, 2013, 8:29PM
With so much wisdom and insight.   She is so kind also.  I absolutely loved what she told her husband in court that her happiness was not based on her two sons and that she will continue to be happy.  She looks happy.  What an inspiration  she is.    The mind is a mind boggling thing that it can get so shattered that it destroy what loves it most.  Two little souls without hate in their hearts who were harmless to him and who just wanted to love him.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Nov 29, 2013, 8:01PM
I did not believe what she said.  I believe she did attempt to hurt her husband with the vehicle. She was wearing that guilty smile as she denied it.  Both husband and wife abused each other.  He might have returned from Iraq with PTSD and then Samantha couldn't deal with him and instead of learning some healthier coping skills or try to find her husband some help, she yelled at him, insulted him and said all sorts of things to him.  She probably only made him go deeper into his depession and anger like adding wood to the fire.  A lot of people don't have the ability to deal with sick people especially mentally ill people.   I think the law was right in removing the kids from her care also.  She proved to be a violent person also.  I was glad that her sister-in-law wrote to Dr. Phil
Replied By: mommatoad on Nov 29, 2013, 6:41PM - In reply to mags51
Those of us who have family members stuggling with  the effects of PTSD know how difficult it can be.

Men especially have a difficult time expressing themselves, often feeling as if doing so exposes a weakness, while others are so caught up in dealing with all the incredible changes taking place in their world they lack the ability to reach out. My husband is a vet - 100 % disabled due to PTSD. It took us years to determine what was crippling his life, altering it to the point it changed who he was, robbing him of much of his future potential in life. Small events became triggers, mundane happenings, usual noises and parts of his everyday life. It took a crakerjack Therapist, one who recognized the hallmark traits of PTSD, before everything could finally fall into place. PTSD is a game changer, it alters your personality challenging the coping skills learned earlier in life which equips one to exist. Few if any of us are exposed to the sort of trauma which hardens one to permit the sort of stress leading to PTSD. This od us who live with PTSD respect the challenges this brings, it requires patience, compassion,  as well as an acceptance that life as you thought it shoud be may well never become. You must learn to roll with the blows life hands you, sometimes low ones, and be willing to allow the fear induced anger to subside finding comfort in the reality that time continues to be the best healer
Replied By: drsinfo1 on Nov 29, 2013, 6:26PM - In reply to soccerref11
Good job on bringing that to light. You couldn't be more correct. A few men are used as the norm and all the rest of us pay the price. Why are the cases of crazy women not used the same way? Why do the courts keep men away from their kids yet for women they can do almost anything and still keep them? The bias needs to stop! As far as stats go, there are actually more cases of infanticide and child killings by women than there are by men. Where are they in the news? Why are they not used to keep children away from abusive/crazy women? Why are only male cases over sensationalized? Lets be fair, tell the truth. Help make the courts and society make rulings and opinions fair/equal!
Replied By: duckydes on Nov 29, 2013, 6:02PM
Were the children there when the shootiing took place?  She didn't mention them in her 9-1-1 call or when telling her story, except to say they had been taken from her by CPS.  It sure seems like abuse having them in danger from their father.
Replied By: mags51 on Nov 29, 2013, 6:01PM
Thank you, Dr. Phil, for shining a light on PTSD again. Too many people are ignorant about how much it affects the whole family. And sadly, many mental health professionals are not capable of diagnosing and offering help until the person affected by it has done a lot of damage already. Our family has been dealing with my husband's PTSD for over 20 years now. I wish I had known then what I know now. I feel I am finally able to help other (younger) women to navigate their way through this challenging time in their lives. I pray people will be more accepting and understanding of why we (the spouses) do what we do to survive, not only physically, but emotionally as well.  Maggie
Replied By: soccerref11 on Nov 29, 2013, 5:41PM
I'm a father who would never hurt my kids (or Ex), but because of all the horrible headlines & the acts of a few mentally unstable men & women, individuals like me are having a very difficult time even getting visitation rights to be able to see my kids...  I'm very frustrated with the media & society for sensationalizing these mentally unstable individuals who are making it very difficult for normal people who are choosing not to take these difficult situations to extreme levels of violence...  Unfortunately, because of shows like Dr. Phil -- the court system & certain individuals -- are accusing normal individuals like me with having the possibility to act like these people who are crazy...  I wish that Dr. Phil would mention and remind his listeners that these shows highlight the extreme cases of mental instability & that just because a few people decide to act inappopriately it doesn't mean all individuals will act in that same manner...  For all those NORMAL individuals trying to fight for their rights in a civil manner, Thank You & keep fighting a FAIR fight...  Sincerely, A Father Who Hasn't Been Allowed to See His Kids for 15 mos Now - which is WRONG!!!
Replied By: drsinfo1 on Nov 29, 2013, 5:01PM
Facts are there is just as much domestic violence toward men as there is to women. That female(no lady there), is full of lies. She seems good at fooling people to get her way. She puts on a show. She was more than likely quite abusive to her partner and with military experience combined he just had enough. He handled the situation. To bad he is getting the bad rap only. 

The world should wake up and see the real facts. Women abuse as much as men. The men report it less than 5% because of our societal pressures. Yet even government stats say there is over 25% against them when surveys taken. The women stick together where as men tend to be lone wolves. Please STOP THE LIES ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND HELP THE MEN AS WELL AS THE WOMEN. Divorce hurts men FAR more than women. Stop allowing crying, lieing women who can put on a good show get sympathy and attention. Show the world the truth, if you dare. 
Replied By: shellsrain2000 on Nov 29, 2013, 3:44PM
so similar I always thought that my ex husband was grumpy and moody and just was really depressed and hearing her speaking those words made me think  oh my god this could be me I'm still living with him with our small child and it's because I just can't seem to get away from him Iso afraid of what he will do  to him self if I kick him out or  leaves we share custody of our daughter and I'm so worried about her safety but everytime I speak to someone about my concerns is it shoved under the rug

Replied By: tammybeach79 on Nov 29, 2013, 2:40PM
First off, I want to say that I feel horrible for this poor woman. She is a victim of a terrible, terrible crime. Our system really needs to wake up and there needs to be help available for people like this who are being abused.. Because a woman gets abused and makes a bad choice by staying, does NOT mean that she is a bad or neglectful mother.. This poor woman has been through so much already and instead of helping her they kick her while she's down.. What good is our system without caring human beings working in it!~! I'm so disappointed in our system..  Do they think that the best thing for the kids is to take them away from their mother and give them to strangers.. in most cases that only tramatizes them more.. and the highest rate of kids getting beat up and sexually assaulted is while in foster care!!! Disgusting!! Shame on them!!!
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