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Gypsy Willis, the former mistress of Dr. Martin MacNeill -- who was recently convicted in the 2007 murder of his wife, Michele -- speaks out about the headline-grabbing case and controversies that surround her. Why does she say she moved into MacNeill’s home just nine days after his wife’s death? Defense attorneys argued that Michele, a mother of eight, died of heart problems, which caused her to fall in the bathtub -- but prosecutors accused the Utah doctor of persuading his wife to have plastic surgery so that he could heavily medicate her during recovery and drown her -- clearing the way for Gypsy to move into the family’s home. Hear why Gypsy, who says she was blinded by love and still cares deeply for her former lover, thinks MacNeill was wrongfully convicted. When Dr. Phil and former FBI Profiler Clint Van Zandt provide their analysis, will she change her mind? Plus, Gypsy was convicted of fraud in 2009 for stealing MacNeill’s daughter’s identity -- how does she explain her actions?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kichi_momoko on Jan 29, 2014, 8:32PM
Dr Phil, you gave Gypsy a shovel, and she just kept on digging a big hole for herself. She said it herself: she wanted to come on to your show because she didn't want people to think ill of her.  And that was it. She had no interest in apologising to the children for ANYTHING--the affair with their father; stealing a child's identity;stealing their money. Gypsy showed no remorse or regret for the things she had done. All she had was excuses.  In effect, Gypsy still cared only about Gypsy--and it showed.  She had an excuse for every one of her sordid actions--sending naked photos the day after the death, stealing identities and money, lying to the children.  Gypsy, you might be articulate, but eloquence does not an intelligent person make (Dr Phil!!). No class. Definitely trailer trash, money grubbing, tacky and skanky. Gypsy, you would have done yourself a big favour and got more  sympathy had you gone on to Dr Phil, looked straight at the camera and given each of those children a heartfelt apology for screwing their dad behind their mother's back;going to their mother's funeral; stealing their identity; stealing their money; wanting to move in as their 'nanny.  Those children have more class in their little finger than Gypsy could ever muster in ten life times.
Replied By: strine on Jan 28, 2014, 10:54PM
The real story...

 She wasn't in love with him. She wanted the lifestyle, the money, the house, the cars etc. She didn't care if he murdered his wife, if he had other mistresses, if he lied to her. She just wanted the high society lifestyle that came with him. That's the truth. She looked like an idiot trying to make excuses for everything- but in the end she is a moneygrubber. Michele was a beautiful lady who I hope didn't see red flags and ignore them because of the fake lifestyle. He wouldn't have killed her to move this mistress in to their house, he would have "felt" he needed to kill her, because she found out and was threatening to leave (and by virtue half of his showy money would have left with her). He already had the mistress to use, he wanted his money.

 He wasn't in love with Gypsy, she was exciting, made him feel good about himself, was worth a laugh since she bought his act, and allowed him to do what he wanted and still stuck around. He would have killed her one day too after marrying her and she became less exciting, didn't do her job of making him feel good and got in his way of having fun with other women and his money. He would have taken out insurance on her life, and then moved in a new msitress he had impressed with his money  from her death. That is if she didn't get in first to kill him for all of his money (she DID know what he was like after all). Neither of them would have been able to sleep and relax knowing the other one could kill them.

 If she lived to kill him, she would have moved on to a new shallow relationship after him, remarried an older man with more money (she would have conned him in to thinking she didn't need his money because she was already wealthy) while keeping the toy boys on the side.

 I'm so sorry he took away the mother of his kids- who I bet he also professes to love. I'm sorry she gets away scott-free in the murder of their mother, whom she knew was murdered. I'm sorry she stole the identity of one of Michele's daughters to further herself. I'm sorry she keeps getting away with things due to her acting like an innocent little woman- she makes other women look bad and makes other men not trust women and leaves a trail of injustices behind her.

 The doctor and his mistress who was on this show only love themselves and look to further themselves. All either of them do is put on a show to protect themselves (e.g. her on the show saying that "it looks bad I'm sorry" (she only cared about how she appeared in all of the mess she helped create)).

 I'm sorry they are the way they are, but they are. They don't feel for other people, that's just the way they are. DO better and know that people are more valuable than money and there are people around who do care about other people. They have a cold "showy" life, and will die alone with no one knowing who they really are (but they're too clueless to realise they're really alone while surrounded by people (an alien life form to them)).

  The end.

Replied By: cupid2011 on Nov 27, 2013, 11:36AM - In reply to fostermom65
I'm very sorry her credit has been affected.  I hope she is looking into getting a new social security number. She could provide copies of the jail records.
Replied By: fostermom65 on Nov 27, 2013, 1:37AM
Coming from her fostermom, she is in a safe undisclosed place.  She was only in the Ukraine for about 6 months and then was brought back by her aunt .  She is having a hard time getting any credit because of what Martin and Gypsey did to her.
Replied By: KateBauer on Nov 26, 2013, 3:41PM - In reply to cheriag
Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate your time in responding to my question. .  I was really worried she was just dumped in a country she hardly knew.  Such an awful outcome for all those children I wish instead of killing spouses people would realize there is another alternative - divorce.
Replied By: smacg76 on Nov 25, 2013, 9:13PM
Gypsy might not have had an active role in the wife's death, but she misrepresents herself as a woman blindly in love, and blindly following a man who is [allegedly] smarter than she is.  She was very constricted and controlled throughout the interview. 

You do not have to be smart and "not in love" to know right from wrong, and Gypsy committed many wrongs -- having an affair with a married man, breaking the law, and callous disregard for his children.  More likely she thought he was smart/clever enough to determine that they could break the law undetected.  She deserved whatever jail time she got.  She is regretful only because her wrongdoing led to prison. 

It sounded to me like Dr. Phil complimented her when he said she's the dumbest smart person.  She warrents no compliments.  Rather, she is egocentric in thinking that her fate would be different from the fate of this man's wife. She said herself that she was his escape; eventually she would become reality.
Replied By: mgcomstock on Nov 24, 2013, 9:04AM
gypsy show
Replied By: housewife52 on Nov 23, 2013, 6:13AM - In reply to loriannhoffman
I disagree with you. DrP didn't really have to do anything to make her look bad.  All she had to do was speak. We can all draw our conclusions as to whether or not she was involved in the death of his wife.
Replied By: cheriag on Nov 23, 2013, 12:57AM - In reply to KateBauer
To answer the question about the whereabouts of the daughter that was sent to the Ukraine, I heard on a news program that an Aunt went there and brought her back to the United States. I believe she may be staying with the Aunt.
Replied By: mawillia2 on Nov 22, 2013, 8:50AM
This lady is a joker. ..her man sends her a text saying "she passed away" and her response was "oh im so sorry"...I love to give people chances to cleat the air.....but she too dhould have been up on charges.
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