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Emily and Lori say in the last year and a half, their sister, Kim, lost more than 100 pounds, filed for divorce and became a member of a sexual fetish group -- and they worry about the effect her new lifestyle is having on her 9-year-old daughter. Kim maintains that she’s happy and insists she cares for her daughter properly. She says she has no plans to leave the group or her new boyfriend, Stacy, who is also a member, and whom she plans to move in with. Emotions run high when Kim’s sisters meet Stacy for the first time -- and Dr. Phil reveals a shocking secret from Stacy’s past. What explanation does Stacy offer? How much did Kim know? And, how will she respond when all the information is out on the table? Plus, Dr. Phil weighs in -- does he think Kim’s daughter is in danger? And, what advice does he have for this family moving forward? Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion! This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: changmahathir on Jan 21, 2015, 4:13AM
Any updates?
Replied By: ludivin on Jun 2, 2014, 7:57PM - In reply to cathmichele
I totally agree the police aren't gods. Dr Phil is idealizing the police CPS and law and order. Policemen can be corrupted and abusive as hell. 

I do think your situation is totally different. In this situation there are so many red flags you don't know were to begin. It's not only the binder, it's the t-shirt, it's the BDSM life styl etc. etc. In the end, a mother shouldn't take the risk dating a convicted sex offender, wheather he is guilty or not. It's the risk that is way to big. 
Replied By: ludivin on Jun 2, 2014, 7:17PM
I am typing this in the middle of the nigth because I am so enraged. Child abuse makes me so angry. Btw this has been broadcasted in The Netherlands in 2014.

I am so disgusted by Kim and Stacy. My heart goes out to the poor girl who has already been molested I am sure. 

The only ones who are clever are the sisters. The husband James is an idiot as well. He should have been angry on his ex and Stacy.

Never thought the day would have come Dr Phil became a softy. Are you kidding me. I would have cruxified Kim and Stacy (in a figure of speech).

Dr Phil says everybody should do what they want in terms of sex behind close doors as long as the child isn't hurt. Really Dr Phil are you saying this. OF COURSE THIS MATTERS. 

SM or BDSM is cleary an unhealthy fetish. Its about PAIN AND DOMINATION, ABOUT SLAVERY. Liking this kind of sex cleary shows the person in question has issues with his sexuality, self worth, and with values in general (like wanting to dominate someone else, or be dominated is a need which isn't natural and which is unhealthy). 

I'm not talking a little bit of 'spicy sex' between partners, that is alright. I saw the foto with of Kim with all the cuts on her skin. This is torture what she likes. Do you really want a child to be brought up by a mother who actually likes pain and torture? No. If you do like, go ahead but don't have children.  So no, it does matter what kind of sex parents have: it is a reflection how they are, think and feel. 

Parents should have loving sexual intercourse. This love and tender sex indirectly gives a healthy and loving atmosfere in the house, not BDSM, please. You want your child to be brought up in love. 

Dr Phil should have told the truth like he did i the past, That is his talent, not this softy approach to not step on anybody's toes. 

I am totally sure Stacy is sexual attracted to small children. Someone here told very acurately Stacy said to one of the sisters when she asked why he gave a t-shirt to the daughter: 'So you don't have a t-shirt of your husband'. So he sees the daughter and him as equal just as a husband and wife are. 

There are so many red flags here. What about the fact Kim was jaleous of the father's love of the child. This is unhealthy. 

What if Kim and James also abused their daughter. Who knows, I would believe anything now.

I have been brought up in a family were my father physically and sexually and of course mentally abused my mother, and were I was often present with. I am almost 30 years old and have struggled until now with self esteem issues, eating disorder and functioning in our society in terms of school, university, friends, boys, men. Can you imagine how much a person is harmed when he/she is sexually abused her/him self. It's really distruction.

Sorry for my rant. 
Replied By: strine on Feb 6, 2014, 2:03AM
That woman is only looking out for herself. She is trying to make herself look like a good mother and not gullible. She just wants to be with him because he makes her feel good and her feelings come first. So stuff everyone including her daughter. She's a manipulator's dream. Feed her some lines, put on a show and get away with crimes behind her back like a pick pocket.

Kim's changing stories:

1. "When I talked with the woman who interviewed him, she said he sounded like he was just making things up because he was tired of being interviewed". Next minute, "He told me that the reason he talked about liking kids being hairless etc was because he said he was tired of being interviewed". So which is it? Did a credible female interviewer tell you that or did he? Lying to make him more credible and yourself less selfish sounds about right.

2. "I saw a report that said he had a zip file". Next minute, "Oh yes I was told by him that he downloaded the pornography, but he did it by accident". So when did he tell you about his criminal background? Was it after he was confronted with the fact that you had a report done on him? or are you lying about the report and just saying you got one with all of the things he told you in it? Did you find out right before the show about his offending (because there would have been some urgency for him to tell you since Dr Phil would know about it). What was the timeline of events concerning him telling you and you receiving a report?

3. "I didn't know about that". Next minute, "Oh he told me about that". Well what is it lady? There were so many instances of you saying you didn't know something and then saying he already told you about it, that I lost count. Seems you were trying to make it apparent that you were really researching his background and he was open about it (to make yourself look better).

4. "It was only one zip file and he didn't look at the pictures". Next minute Dr Phil said he had hardcopies of the pictures. Why would he have hard copies of the pictures if not to look at them whenever he wanted without having to inconveniently open a zip file each time?

5. "My daughter wanted his shirt because she misses him". Next minute, "She wanted his shirt because I have one and she wanted to be like me". Which is it? Seems unlikely that a 9yr old would want the shirt of a man who she hasn't known for long. Even then, maybe a toddler who knew a guy for a long time, but not a 9yr old girl.

6. Dr Phil said you told him your daughter sleeps in the same bed, then you said she doesn't. Which is it?

7. "I didn't put pictures online". Your sister said she had proof that you did and then you changed your story. Which is it?

Plus many more...

Also his statements and actions say what he is. When the sister was asking why the daughter has his shirt, he said, "I bet you have a shirt of your husband's"...who would even use a husband as an example when explaining why a child has the shirt of an adult male? A child molester. Child molesters consider these kids their wives. He would get off on her having his shirt.

He pled no contest to possessing child pornography. Who does that? Someone who has no case since they were caught with it on computers and hardcopies which he printed out for his own viewing pleasure.

Also, Dr Phil said some of those images were downloaded from websites, not just one zip file that he accidentally received. That woman is delusional and when confronted she is firstly protecting her choice of being with him- lest she look gullible and a bad parent to other people and secondly protecting her fun times with him. How she looks to her daughter should come above what other people think of her, but she doesn't get it. Clearly her narcissism has increased since she lost weight and found a younger man.

They need to get Kim's daughter away from her because she is blind to anyone but herself.
Replied By: ruwatching on Feb 6, 2014, 12:20AM - In reply to sashes
I also yelled at the tv today.   i felt today's show set a dangerous precedent on a serous subject. signed up to vent my frustration.
Replied By: ruwatching on Feb 5, 2014, 11:35PM
Joined today to add my voice to those who were outraged and offended by how this show was handled.  It sent completely the wrong message and put us back in the dark ages for protecting our children.

Telling the sisters to butt out ????  There were so many red flags, they had a moral obligation to intervene and do what it takes to make sure that their neice - a 9 year old girl was protected - no matter what the personal cost to their relationship with their sister - the child's mother.

They should have been applauded for intervening not critisized.

The statitistics quoted by Dr Phil AFTER exposing the criminal past were also misleading.  Paedophiles don't go back to jail because they don't reoffend - they don't go back to jail because they dont get caught !! I cant remember the accurate statistics but were were told by a police department that for every one offence that we know about, there are at least 50 that we dont because they are not caught.

They are master manipulators - as evident by how easily he explained away the truth.  

We had a similar situation happen to us when a previously convicted pedophile tried to marry into our family.  He explained it away as being a misunderstanding.  A hug that was misiinterpreted and how he - the hero pleaded guilty to save a young child from taking the stand.  He also had paperwork that said he was "cured".

I was like the sisters in this story only a little less vocal and a little more dedicated to finding the truth.  He was investigated and charged with over 50 counts including a baby and a disabled child.

He lied about his past, he hid beneath a "good christian character" and had the lord forgive him of his sins.  So good was his manipulation that when we brought to light our fear for the young children in our family, his fellow church goers were nonplussed.  he only did that because he was lonely and so their was an urgency to marry him off to our relative, lest the devil influence him again. 

Like the sisters in this story WE were the bad guys.

Lucky for our family I dont scare easily, met with his victims who not only shared documents but more importantly his patterns of behaviour and was able to see it happening again.  When he committed those previous offences he was hiding in another church and married to another woman and so on ..

Legally there wasn't anything we could do.  I spoke to every department I could.  Nothing could be done until AFTER he committed an offence on one of our children or the children in his partners care.  Off the record we were told we had a moral obligation to protect those children at all costs.  

We were told that pediophiles are clever, there are secret online groups where they brag about what they get away with.

After watching this show I am sure their forums lit up with excitement.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.  
Replied By: seckert93 on Jan 30, 2014, 10:51PM
Dr. Phil,

I highly respect your professional opinion and I applaud all that you do for children, and I have always known that they are your top concern. That is so fantastic. I watch your show all of the time and have never been displeased. This is the first time that I feel that the most was NOT done for the child in the situation. I am absolutely terrified for this little girl and I believe that this must be the kind of situation you would be required to report to CPS. If it's not then I don't know what would be! I don't know the extent of your follow up on this case however and I know that everyone at the Dr. Phil show will be keeping an eye on the situation. I would really like to see a follow up with this family. I want to know where they are now and be sure that this child is safe, I feel very uncomfortable about the whole thing.
Replied By: s2king on Jan 29, 2014, 11:37AM - In reply to madameleota
No I have never 'downloaded' materials that I did not want to.  I've never "accidentally" downloaded porn and certainly not kiddy porn.  If something happened where my computer downloaded child pornography I would immediately contact the authorities and give them the information required.

It's not rocket science.
Replied By: mawillia2 on Nov 22, 2013, 9:02AM
So we know the mother of this chold is a complete idiot....the father doesnt seem so bright neither.......right there he should have said "my daughter will not be living under the roof of a sex offender!" Instead of saying "well I wasnt aware of all that DP has enlightened me with"   so disappointing this child should not be placed in a possible situation gone bad! Shame on her parents!
Replied By: smbc11 on Nov 19, 2013, 2:38PM - In reply to easystreet37
Did the same thing....felt compelled to say something.
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