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Dr. Phil continues his examination of Mike’s “evidence” that his wife, Cindy, has cheated -- including polygraph results, STD tests and a DNA test. Are his suspicions justified, or is there something deeper at play? Cindy says she’s never cheated on her husband, and Mike’s endless accusations have made the last two-and-a-half years hell. She claims his mistrust has escalated to verbal abuse, and she recently moved out. She says he has now turned their 12-year-old son against her, and the child hasn’t spoken to her in over a month. Dr. Phil sits down with their son one on one. Hear what he has to say about his mother. Then, Dr. Phil confronts Mike. Has he programmed their son against Cindy? And, what’s really behind Mike’s obsession to prove his wife has been unfaithful? Dr. Phil offers a solution that may change the way he sees Cindy -- and save his marriage. Will he accept? This program contains strong language and sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Feb 4, 2014, 3:25AM
My my my I wonder how your son caught on to her lies like you Mike??? Maybe because you are telling him the lies and trying to alienate him from his mother so you can have your "boys club" with him alone while Cindy is around just to entertain you and do what you want until you get tired of her and get rid of her for money.

 I can see through you Mike, you  want her gone (I heard you say "we want you gone" but really only you want her gone and your son is a boy so he looks up to you and is modelling your behaviour). You want her gone one minute and back with her money the next.

You are a liar Mike and your son isn't using the same language as you inregards to his mother for no reason. You called her a manipulator, he called her a manipulator... "Cindy Baby" (my a** Mike), she's your favourite toy to manipulate Mike and you use her over and over. You're trying to suck her back in by saying you love her.

You said, "I would love a confession out of this girl", "She's turning this on me", "How dare you do this to me". She isn't a girl and she has nothing to confess, it was turned on you Mike because you are the manipulator. Every time anyone confronts Mike about anything e.g. HIS gambling, he changes it back to "WHo did you cheat with" and then Cindy cries on cue and tries to defend herself.

You are going to make her pay forever for something she did when she was 18 and admitted to. Why on earth would she tell you if she even looked at another man since then? I bet you've looked at other women Mike. I bet you've even cheated with other women because you sound like you're looking for an excuse to justify your own behaviour- you've picked the person you want to use to justify your behaviour. I see through you Mike.

You talk over everyone when they say something you don't want to hear and make up stories to cover your lies (e.g. Cindy used a fake name at the doctor's, a doctor lied for Cindy (what did they gain by doing that) Cindy gave you an STD (she didn't). You are a manipulator Mike. I see through you. Cindy's 12yr old son needs to be away from you Mike. Dr Phil may have talked nicely to you and complimented you, but I won't. I see your game Mike.

Cindy cries and you feel powerful. I saw your face when you would yell at her and she would cry on cue. I see through you Mike. You are a narcissistic individual Mike. Cheating on your wife, gambling away your son's home and blaming Cindyto your son because she left with her money and also because "I didn't gamble before this" (i.e. also Cindy's fault), lying to your son, and yelling because you think you're right just because you are you.

You don't deserve to have a fly living with you Mike let alone a child. If your son harms a woman in the future Mike, you own it. You are making him the adult he will be. I'm sure he will try to blame the woman, but she won't own it. You will Mike. I see through you. I hope Cindy sees through you too because you don't love her. Love doesn't lie about you, love doesn't make you crey so it can feel better about itself. Love doesn't use you to cover for it's own lies Mike and you are a liar.

You only want her back so you can use her Mike and you are using your son to do it like a sociopath uses people.
Replied By: feebee69 on Feb 4, 2014, 1:11AM - In reply to cello1234
I agree this was so disturbing.  The son being subjected to this type of abuse at 12 years of age is terrible.  The wife looks awful - she is absolutely hammered into the ground.  She needs support, she's obviously been living with this mentally ill man for a long long time - even when the audience clearly supported her she still couldn't bring herself to feel any justification.  She just whined and whined, when other women felt like slapping him and would have walked out on him.  She is absolutely a victim.

He has no perception of himself and his paranoia - very disturbing show.
Replied By: cello1234 on Feb 3, 2014, 8:22PM
Wow, I just saw the 2 episodes of this horrible situation and I can't tell you how disturbing it was to watch this man.  They are both not well one way or the other, the wife seems so battered, the husband has such a distortion in his brain that I wonder if he is fixable.  I believe that Dr Phil was in a very difficult situation and had to be super careful how he approached the man.  You can say he should have given this guy a good tongue lashing, but the man appears to be totally mentally ill, caused by what, I don't know, hope someone can help repair his brain and help all of the family members finally have some peace of mind.  Anyone know how they may be doing? :-(   ( F. Scott- Australia )
Replied By: raeaus on Feb 3, 2014, 6:23AM
This is a very dangerous delusional man. Cindy you need to RUN! Change your identity, this man is capable of murder & believing he is right in committing it. You cannot reason with that! Please leave & be safe. His reality is delusional & he is incapable of accepting the truth in a situation. I am not sure how old this story is, it has just aired here & I find this man frightening!!! Cindy I hope u r having counselling so as to see how twisted this all is & be able to take a step back & see that you are not responsible & it doesnt matter what you have done or will do you cannot fix this/him. He has a extrememly serious mental disease. If he has access to you I fear he will kill you & blame you for him doing it! The fact that he could not even control himself on tv in front of the world does not bode well with what he would do in private. No doubt you may be suffering battered wife syndrome and/or ptsd his behaviour is completely outrageous & unacceptable & abusive to the extreme. You do not have to accept this,  you are worth so much more.  Please accept help to get away from him & be safe!
Replied By: lolly233 on Feb 2, 2014, 10:33PM
Wow... I am blown away by this guy. get out lady! Take the boy, get him into counselling  and let this guy self-destruct  on his own. Or he can get the help that he so desperately needs. Keep clear until then.
Replied By: viewergrandma on Nov 19, 2013, 3:18AM
Not all marriages should be saved.  I worry the child has seen and heard to much and his relationship with his mother has been forever harmed.  Sadly this will effect his own relationships with women.  Mom needs to start a new life.  The boy needs serious counselling before it's too late for him.  This has been going on longer than what was admitted to.  My heart goes out to the mother but she has to take care of herself or she'll be no use even to her own son should he ever come around.
Replied By: brlthree on Nov 17, 2013, 12:13PM
This mas was a total low life.  He physically and emotionally abused his wife to the point where she was just about paralyized and couldn't react properly to his his actions.  And, if that wasn't bad enough, he aliented their son against his mother.  This man wanted money from his hard working wife because he had a gambling problem and needed her money to clean his debts.  Instead of taking responsibility for his gambling, he thought he'd scare his wife to the point where she would hand over the money.  He isn't paranoid he's a looser.  Dr. Phil you should have read him the riot act.
Replied By: mstinatex on Nov 12, 2013, 12:15PM
Usually when someone is accusing the other person of cheating 9 chances of 10 they are the ones cheating..
Replied By: dedndogyrs on Nov 11, 2013, 8:59PM
She should probably dump both the husband and the son. They're both worthless, emotionally, companionship wise, and financially. They not only don't give, they take and destroy. The son will probably never help her in her old age.
Replied By: inirebelsoul on Nov 11, 2013, 6:52PM - In reply to canadianlaurel
you said it all. I so agree about the pleading.... she needs to stop that right away and stand up to him.
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