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Cindy says her husband of 15 years, Mike, relentlessly accuses her of cheating and claims his unfounded mistrust has escalated to verbal abuse. She says Mike will stop at nothing to catch her in the act, including hiring a private investigator, recording her phone calls and hiding cameras in the house. She says he has even faked suicide in an attempt to manipulate her to confess -- in front of their 12-year-old son. Cindy is adamant that she's never strayed but says to avoid the endless harassment, she moved out. Now, she says Mike is turning their son against her. Mike says his investigation began two-and-a-half years ago, when he caught his wife in a lie and became convinced that she cheated. What does he say happened? And, Mike says his wife passed a polygraph test to prove she’s not lying about being faithful -- so, why does he still not believe her? Plus, Dr. Phil takes a look at Mike’s “evidence” against Cindy -- are his suspicions valid? This program contains strong language and sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Feb 2, 2014, 10:33PM
Their son needs to be removed from him, because he is screwing up his mind. Their son will not be able to trust women after growing up with someone paranoid like him. It sounds like he is telling their son lies about his mother so he can have himself an ally for his own reasons and his own selfishness- he doesn't care about his son's mind and future mental health.

He is creating a rift between their son and Cindy, but he needs HIS mother and her love. I don't care how you feel Mr paranoid, she hasn't done anything wrong and neither has your son, but you're punishing him.

Men like him are sick and he has most likely cheated on her since he is so paranoid- men who cheat on their wives are like him, they try to justify why they themselves did it ("see she did it too") and they really don't want their wives doing the same thing they did.

Please help their son so he doesn't grow up to kill a woman because his father has twisted his mind into believing women are not trustworthy. Please help Cindy before her husband kills her, because he sounds like the type.
Replied By: srdking79 on Nov 13, 2013, 8:11PM - In reply to stonekoyote
I'm glad you are okay. And you got out!
Replied By: srdking79 on Nov 13, 2013, 8:08PM
Cindy needs help for her and her son. If Dr. Phil doesn't save them, I honestly believe Mike will kill her and their son too. This man is evil!
Replied By: cadescove99 on Nov 13, 2013, 11:39AM - In reply to stonekoyote
This is an opinion board. That's what message board is, a forum for people to post their opinions. This includes judgement calls about Dr Phil's guests. It's also called free speech, protected by the US Constitution. Not everyone who watches Dr Phil's shows comes to the same conclusion or forms the same opinion. What they have to say about it on the message boards depends on how closely they watched the show and through which emotional "filters" they were viewing. "Filter" is a term Dr Phil has used on some of his past shows. So, let us post what we feel and let the moderators determine whether to accept are posts for inclusion in the message board. It's their job!
Replied By: cheech72 on Nov 11, 2013, 7:47PM
I just finished watching the 2 episodes with Mike and Cindy and their son.  The main thing that frightened me about this show (in addition to Mike's level of derangement) is the son's anger toward his mother.  I fear that he is going to grow up hating and disrespecting women and, as a result, be violent toward them.  Without serious intervention, he WILL be violent and hateful towards the women in his life and I fear for them.  I pray that this boy takes his conseling seriously for his sake and the sake of the women in his future.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Nov 10, 2013, 4:10PM - In reply to stonekoyote
You're message is too important to abbreviate DV.   

DV means domestic violence.

I concur with your advice that this viewer should go volunteer at  domestic violence shelter.  While she is there she can attend women's funerals who got killed while trying to escape.

Replied By: stonekoyote on Nov 10, 2013, 10:32AM - In reply to zenaleni
Until you have walked in Cindy's shoes, don't make judgements. She has known him since she was 13, she grew up with him and his notions. These guys brainwash, yes, I use that term. I lived it (second marriage), there is a pattern. Women stay for many reasons, did you ever stop to think that maybe she stayed as long as she did, trying to figure out HOW to get her son out.  When a FATHER uses the child for his own ends, he's got the problem. 

If YOU think she a bad decision, then you be more diligent and help out in a DV shelter. Education before judgement. 
Replied By: stonekoyote on Nov 10, 2013, 10:25AM
Just substitue Bonnie for her name and David for his. This was the life I was living 10 years ago. Story line may be different, but the attitude wasn't. After 8 years, and going thru exatually what she is, thanks to Dr. Phil shows I was able to see what I needed to do, But could I do it. I also came to the realization, that he would not change. That he is a sociapath. I believe that he is one murder away from becoming a psyopath. Thats how cruel and unstable. How much he had taken my self estimeem away little by little till I actually believed that I was the one responsible. 

Long story short, I did make a friend on one of Dr. Phils message boards and between the two of us, I found the courage to call my son, he flew in the day before I made my Great Escape. Moved 1500 miles away. I knew that I would go back to him if I didn't remove myself completely. 

Now 10 years later, still unmarried and I will keep it that way. Big trust issues, but I share my story, and I do know how hard it is,  cause we do love them. I have even put myself in danger without thinking when I observed domestic violence and intervening. But guess what, he didn't hit her while they lived that close to me.

It was ME who made the difference in my life. But without Dr. Phils tools, I would probably be dead. Moving to a big city, finding the Domestic Violence help here, made all the difference in my life. I really wasn't the crazy one. 

Thanks. Bonnie

Replied By: yellowrose59 on Nov 10, 2013, 10:12AM - In reply to cupid2011
I am completely stunned.  Hopefully, more went on behind the scenes, where the child was put in protective custody and the wife was helped out of this explosive situation.  If this guy has a psychotic break, then all 3 of them are in immediate danger.  Surely Dr. Phil would not allow that possible scenario to become a reality.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Nov 10, 2013, 8:50AM
You can be the strongest, the most intelligent, etc and  still end  up like Cindy. Abuse changes who you are.   This is from Dr. Phil's website.   If you haven't already been in an abusive relationship, it is very likely that you will be sometime in the future.  Unless, of course you  will never get involved in any sort of a relationship with another human being ever again. 

"Every 15 seconds a woman in America is being abused," Dr. Phil says. "One out of four women will fall victim to domestic violence at some point in their life, and this is a season-long call for action. There is silence about this. This is something that isn't talked about. It's probably one of the most under-reported things going on in America today. I'm going to attack this on multiple fronts, so I am organizing a task force with congressmen and women in the legislature."
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