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Sara says after her 23-year marriage fell apart, her three children turned on her -- and she blames her ex-husband, Mark, for brainwashing them against her. Mark says Sara is irrational and hostile and has harassed their kids with angry emails and phone calls, causing them to withdraw from her. Sara says she’s so determined to reclaim a place in her children’s lives, she started a campaign to fight Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), and even launched a website, using examples from her own life to make an impact. Mark claims the website is filled with lies and has become a personal attack against him -- and only fuels their children's anger. Hear why Mark and his new wife, Mikel, say they are afraid of Sara and each obtained a restraining order against her. After cutting off contact with Sara a year ago, Mark and Mikel temporarily lift their protective orders to face her on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can these exes put the past behind them and make peace? Plus, Sara and Mark’s 22-year-old daughter, Julie -- who hasn’t seen her mother in more than four years -- joins the discussion. Is she open to fixing their broken relationship?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: danger021010 on Jul 14, 2014, 10:37PM
This show was about a mentally ill woman.  Her grown up siblings were setting healthy boundaries against and in support of a woman who is not being treated properly for a multitude of mental health issues.

I would like to convey to people out there that PAS is an offense by one parent against another, in which systematically the alienating parent strips the relationship he/she (victim) had with their children, but also systematically destroys familial ties of the victim.  So the children are turned against the alienated parent, and also the family of that parent.  Although this is a watered down version of what occurs - which is horrific, I felt compelled to comment that this show was not an appropriate depiction of the horrors of parental alienation. 

The horrible thing to know about parental alienation is similar to how Hitler was able to exact his horrific campaign against the Jews....  it also works!  

I hope there is more about this phenomena, of course I am going through my own trials and tribulations, with 3 boys of my own who have been compromised by this effective campaign by my x wife.

My heart goes out to others who have also been faced with the dessimation of their love for their children. 
Replied By: sunshine2014 on Jun 15, 2014, 12:50PM
I just watched this show for the second time and i have to say i am quite disappointed as to how this show was aired.  To me this show was making a mockery of Parental Alienation.  Making it out that one is mentally unstable.  I have been a victim of Parental Alienation.  I have 2 children and when my ex left me for another woman it was very devestating for all of us.  I was unaware of Parental Alienation at the time. Looking back now the telltale signs began right at the beginning.  I know for a fact that the reason my ex did this was he did NOT want to pay child support.  He managed to 'take' my daughter at the age of 12 but not my son (he was 10) . My ex managed to manipulate the psychologist (& he was a poor pyschologist) in saying this was \her' decision and he had no influence.  6 years later my daughter is speaking to me now, we are trying to start a new relationship but she still has to 'hide' things from her Dad.
  My point to all this is that Parental Alienation IS Real.  Please do not make such a mockery of it.
Replied By: mkf1985 on Jun 10, 2014, 4:37PM - In reply to mkf1985
Also, the crazy stream of relentless emails, voicemails, uninvited house calls, etc going on into my adulthood. Totally relateable. I hate to speak I'll of the dead and say this but the only time I got relief was when she finally got dementia so bad she could no longer harass me (and her other children) and finally died. So sad that someone could be so incrediblt toxic that their death marked the beginning of my own function and healthy adulthood. Anyway I hope the dad is sincere and at least the children can have one semi "normal" parent figure. I did not have this. I can see why he left that situation and protected the kids. This is not how a "normal" person would act in this situation So weird.
Replied By: mkf1985 on Jun 10, 2014, 4:17PM
This is not on the topic of PA but I appreciate you letting me post. Watching this show was very eery for me. Sara is very similar to my (now deceased) grandmother who raised me from infancy (I am 28 now). I was wondering if she has a personality disorder? I read elsewhere that she may have Borderline PD. I could never figure out my grandma but can relate to the cutting daughter hiding in her bathroom and feeling like she was always being yelled at and scolded for something, no matter what you did or did not do, it was wrong. Nothing was ever good enough but I never knew what I should do to please her so I gave up. I cut and had trichotillamania and dermotillamania from age 8 on. Anyway, my situation was different and my grandma was not as severe or extreme in how she acted but I saw a lot of similarities with the kind of fake acting over the top "emotions" she displayed, and her mannerisms like when she stood up to look at the projector, and hugged Dr Phil, fake smile and cry, just how it was so over the top and lacking in sincerity, and her placing blame on everyone but herself (to be fair, I'm sure she was not all to blame but just the failure to accept that she had done anything wrong ever and "forgetting" incidents when she needed to accept responsibility and apologize was so similar to my grandma). I grew up alone with a woman similar to Sara (different situation) and I don't know what good it would do to figure out her diagnosis, my therapist said she sounded like she may have been "a bit of a narcissist". It was just really surreal to see this woman on TV, like my grandma from beyond the grave but Sara was probably 3 times worse. My heart goes out to this family. This must be a living hell for all of them, includinf Sara. Thanks again.
Replied By: galense on Jun 10, 2014, 12:42PM
I am astonished at the people on these boards on Sara's side. That woman is mentally ill, she needs help. She needs to leave her kids alone til she is better, to prevent more damage to the relationship.
Replied By: ttjoblog on Jun 9, 2014, 9:17PM
Im shocked at how many people think this show was actually about PAS,and not mental health.

Replied By: ttjoblog on Jun 9, 2014, 9:15PM - In reply to stevelaw
I dont think anyone disputes that PAS is real, but is that the case  in this episode?
Replied By: astridf on Jun 9, 2014, 6:24PM
No one will properbly read this, but I'll write it anyway. And exuse my english, its not my language :)

When I saw this episode it was like seeing in many ways my own life. I grew up with a mentally unstable father. What is the most difficult about that is loving him so much without him ever being able to love anyone back. I didn't see this until I was an adult, so instead of understanding why he acted the way he was, I was hurt and confused and sad. He is also a pedophile, and I do not understand why I still keep in contact with him and still on some level love him. I wish I could cut him out of my life, but I am not like him, and like the mother in this show. Normal people have empathy and sympathy, and thats why it is so increadible sad to see someone you love not being aware of how they behave. All they see is that people hate them, that people don't want anything to do with them. They are unable to see why, because in their own sick mind, they never do anything wrong. 

Realising a loved one is mentally sick is like a death in many ways. The problem is that they are still here, but you've lost them. I hate my dad for for doing what he has done to me, molested me, metally abused me, ruined my life in so many ways. But i still feel sorry for him for being lonely, for everybody hating him. And I also hate my mom for not doing anything sooner (I was 18 when she divorced him, I'm the youngest of 4 children). The dad in this show does at least love his children, and try to do the best for them. The mom, just like my dad, do not have the ability to take any blame, and I don't think they will ever change. Thinking they will change, hoping and hoping just to be dissapointed over and over will only destroy you. I hope the children can have the courage to stay away and build healthy and happy lives for themselves.

I relate to the daughter in many ways, and I wish she didn't have to experience what she has experienced. The mother is abolutely hurting in her own way, and I feel sorry for her as well. I've never written a comment before, but this episode was special to me. Dr. Phil is a good and smart man, and I hope he and his team can do something for this family to move forward :)

Replied By: mustang1979 on Jun 8, 2014, 5:12PM
my ex  turn my 3 children against me  after our 32 yrs of divorce ..he kidnapped my son david  away from me and it was at his job my son was taken ,the police did nothing son was in my care..during the time we got our divorced .I tried to find out why his job let him go after i told his boss not to let no one take him ,that he was in my care .. nothing was done youngest daughter and my ex took him ,,when i went to pick him up he was gone. later   i found out he was living in oregon where is father was and his two sisters .also found out his father gave up his right to be his dad to his son and gave the rights to my younger daughter and i was never ask about it.. he was put in a group home for the slow children .he was of age  but he was born slow  he was put in a group home and then i found out how to get in touch with him  talk to him  then ..later down the road  i got a call said that my son killed him self  accidently ..but they wasn't sure ..unexplain death june 19.2012..he was found in his room in his bed his hand across his heart his left leg on bed  straight and his right leg little off the bed,his pillow was nice and neat from what the police said a bag over his head loose with rope around neck loose and sheet covered will neat over the whole body..on the side of him was acan of computer son would never do this i know for a fact ...he love his live..and the group home paid for all his funneral expenesives.
Replied By: cmosley5172 on Jun 5, 2014, 6:45PM
Dr.Phil needs to get educated on Pa and Narcissist.It's a shame they are giving this loving mother hell!The Alienator used allthis same tactics against me.Ihave been alienated from my daughter for 4 years.It's funny how everyone encourage and help the real abusers.The alienator labeled me as having angry problems,stating i had a restraining order and a no contact order against me.Yet,when i go to the courthouse no one can produce ay of these documentations.The alienator called cps on me in Amherst co:NO REMOVAL.tHEMN WHEN THE ALIENATOR COULDN'T GET HER WAY THERE SHE TOLD THE LYNCHBURG DSS i HAD ANGRY PROBLEMS AND DIRECT THEM TOWARDS MY DAUGHTER AND i BEAT 2 POLICE OFFICER UP..tHE COMPUTER GETTING READY TO SHUT DOWN BUT i WLL CONTINUE THMY STORY AS AN ALIENATED PARENT!!!
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