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Nineteen-year-old Stephanie says she has spent most of her life wanting to find out more about her birth mother and recently started searching online -- and discovered mug shots and criminal charges. Now, more than ever, Stephanie says she wants answers, no matter how painful they might be. Who is her mother? Why did she give her up? And, how did she end up on a troubled path? With the help of professional locator Troy Dunn, Dr. Phil reunites Stephanie with her birth mother, Darlene. Is she ready to explain her past? Plus, Troy surprises Stephanie with her older half-sister, Crystal. Emotions run high as the siblings meet for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage -- and Crystal confronts Darlene with some tough questions of her own. When they hear her answers, will the daughters be willing to give Darlene a second chance? Then, former Dr. Phil guests Matt and Melanie’s story made national headlines when they were ordered to give their 2-year-old adoptive daughter, Veronica, back to her birth father, Dusten, because of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). In January 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take the case, ultimately ruling that ICWA did not apply -- and as a result, the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered Veronica returned to her adoptive parents. Get an update on Veronica, including exclusive footage and the only interview her birth mother has ever given. Plus, now that Veronica is back with Matt and Melanie, how is she adjusting? And, what message does Dusten have for his daughter?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: juditv on Nov 9, 2015, 7:22AM - In reply to rosemaryb
If those kids didn't "find" her (they WERE after all, given up for good adoption) she would not have to go through this. According to the world standard, adoption is acceptable. Most mothers nowadays would get rid of babies. She had enough love in her to hope it would be okay - so it wasn't. So ou with the whip years later. My G-d.
Replied By: juditv on Nov 9, 2015, 7:10AM - In reply to margareta8
I agree totally with you. If she'd been on Dr. Phil with that girl as a babe in arms, he would have said HE's an officer of the court and if it were up to him he would have the babies taken away. So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. I'm so upset my stomach's churing. The double standard is blatant! I've seen the adopted kids on that show. If the mother was a drunk she can be scolded, if she was a rich hollywood actress whe would be scolded too.
Replied By: juditv on Nov 9, 2015, 7:06AM
We get the shows a year late here in South Africa. I started watching and immediately the daughter and Dr. Phil is on the attack. This woman Darlene, lived a terrible life. Everyone would have TOLD her to give up the babies for adoption. They had a wonderful life. WHY do you have to FIND these ppl only to give them more hell. She could have aborted them. Abortion has been legal in the US since about 1973. I cannot watch this to the end. My heart aches, NOT for the daughter, but for Darlene who drew a short straw at her own birth. I can no longer watch all the mother bashing it has become repulsive.
Replied By: ainnat on Oct 21, 2014, 11:34AM
Can't this woman epilogize for hurting her lids so much instead of playing the victim !
Replied By: margareta8 on May 20, 2014, 6:08PM
Wow! Dr. Phil, I have read many of these comments below on the family reunion's case and most of us, the viewers, found this show outragous. I suggest that you re-open this case and apologize to Miss Darlene. You allowed her to be blamed for even GOOGLE's search bar's mistake?? Come on now! Here is the thing: you support (and offer help) to every single MEN who abuses his wive brutally and here is a lady who struggles big time but wants to get better and you only judge her. If someone, she deserves your help. She started the conversation right away with *where do we go from here? how do we heal this?*. The magic sentence you wish to hear from every guest, every-single-time... and she is still good enough?? Dr. Phil, please! I would love to see how she is doing now!!! Invite her, and the girls, back to the show please. xx
Replied By: margareta8 on May 20, 2014, 5:57PM - In reply to beachmusic55
I'm very shocked about this show and left a note as well. You make another very good point though about Dr. Phil being all chit-chatty to abusive (horrific) MEN, telling them repeatedly that "you are not a bad person"... but a mother whose been struggling all her life with addiction, doing the best SHE knew how to, feeling down, having NO self-esteem what-so-ever.. hearing that there was no hope for her... giving up her child(ren) for adoption was a good decision after all. It's not her fault that the state made a huge mistake by allowing child molestors to be foster parents. Poor woman got blamed for every-thing. I mean com'on. She's been through hell and back..... and gets no help offered. Very disappointing!!
Replied By: margareta8 on May 20, 2014, 5:43PM - In reply to canadianlaurel
I agree. I asked the same question myself... What is with Dr. Phil these days? He is getting judgemental. Just wait and see what that daughter is going to get from HER child when she/he finds her. That could be a whole new show!! I was shocked about Dr. Phil's lack of compassion and the judgement. That lady was hurt. How could he miss it? He made a huge mistake with this case. So sad when I see such a thing... :-( He didn't even offered help. This didn't go down as it was supposed to.... actually he should appologize!!! xx
Replied By: margareta8 on May 20, 2014, 5:25PM
Dr. Phil, I'm watching the show now and am speechless.... why are you so heartless towards Darlene? That woman was embushed. She is there, thinking (and being happy) that she'd be *reunited* with her daughters AND what do you do?? You show no mercy whatsoever... She is hurt, wanting to be wanted. She thinks that their kids would be better off without her... Why are you so heartless? She is ONE of the few of your guests who started with *where do we go from here? How to heal this?* right away. What is wrong with you?? We have learned soooooooo much from you... please, practice what you're preaching. I am less and less impressed. :-( Normally you show SO much understanding towards users... what happened here? xxx
Replied By: coffeegirl64 on Nov 3, 2013, 2:05PM - In reply to rosemaryb
Yes, yes, yes to all that you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought...seriously, you are getting an attitude with this woman because she is getting an attitude with you.  Wasn't she abused all her life and on drugs since 16 too?????  The Crystal of yesterday EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY!!!

Very disappointing indeed.

Replied By: coffeegirl64 on Nov 3, 2013, 1:33PM
So, just caught up on my Dr. Phil episodes and found this one really sad and I was really surprised at Dr. Phil's treatment of that mom in the first part of the show.

Yes, the mom had like A TON OF THINGS to take responsibility for and yes each of the girls had 100% right to be angry with her...but it seemed that the reality of how far back that tradedy went was totally ignored.  The daughter who was doing all the yelling seemed to get stuck in EXACTLY THE SAME way that her mom did and I would have expected at least some sympathy for bad beginnings making bad choices much easier to make.  The daughter got pregnant and had to give her child up when she was 17...her mom had been molested all her life and got pregnant when she was 16.  Sure she should have done better...but where was all of Dr. Phil's talk about children who've been molested being "stuck" at that younger age in a way.

His usual compassion for abuse victims TOTALLY ignored that this mom was exactly that victim.  Sure, she's stoned out of her mind...she probably has been since she was a teenager to escape a bunch of stuff that she' not fully shared and she has been using drugs for so long SHE CAN'T POSSIBLY come on tv and speak inteliigently.  She's gonna stammer and stutter and try to say what she thinks they want.

I was totally mortified.  

I always think...if a person who is living homeless and high all the time thinks to themselves I should just end this monstrosity of a life and die because living is certainly doing nobody any good.  If you want them to think...hmm, I can do somethign better in life....what would you do or tell them.  This lady probably wanted to walk off that stage and do exactly the things that she'd thought about so many times....and that would probably have made at least one daughter feel happy that she got her revenge.

I look around and see all the bad in the world and like to watch this show because it seems they make an attempt to do some good to combat that bad, but I'm not sure abotu that one....the child who WAS looking for her mom and trying to get answers didn't even get a chance to speak.  The whole thing got hijacked by the 2 that fell down the same hole. I'm sure, she too, is thinking...okay, that was a massive and embarrassing waste of time.
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