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Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Brenda and Drew, who are at odds over the way she says Drew treats Brenda’s children. Brenda claims Drew is abusive to her 14-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter and fears his anger will escalate to the point where he seriously injures them. Drew says he’s just trying to make a man out of Austin, and says Destiny, who is intellectually challenged, is a lot smarter than she leads people to believe, and he wants to prepare them for the real world. Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, has a strong message for Brenda and confronts Drew about his behavior. And, Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, has a stern warning for both parents. Then, nearly three years ago, Lauren says her 2-year-old daughter was brutally abused and murdered by her stepmother. Hear why she says she blames herself for her baby’s death. Can she heal from such a painful loss? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised. (OAD: 10-23-13)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: robertfromohio on Apr 18, 2017, 8:12AM
"Drew" is not a husband, a father or a man. He's a very large, overgrown child. The way he treats the children and talks to him is like a schoolyard bully. He's an absolute monster. I hope he's gotten better since this episode, but the mom should never have anything to do with him ever again.
Replied By: mikaelsnana on Aug 23, 2015, 8:22PM
My daughter is currently living this nightmare- she cannot get anyone to listen- CPS has been out numerous timesthe police , more times than we can count-He and his new wife ( only a child herself just out of Foster care and pregnant) are abusing this precious baby who is 3 years old by not allowing him to eat and making him stand in a corner for hours on end, he is not allowed to use a toilet and forced to use a diaper ( he was potty trained over 9 months ago)!, we were told by a woman he only had a cracker and banana one day and was crying and screamiong fo rfood and then jerked to a spot in the cornert and told to shut up- I am sickend at the horror stories we have been told by complete strangers this past week. This precious Angel who has a verbal learning disability and attends special school, is scared to death of his stepmother and his Father, so much so that he has recently gone back to wearing diapers , sucking his thumb, and running and hiding under his bed when he is told his Father and stepmother are coming- and he hunkers down into a small ball in a shopping basket when shopping if he sees someone who looks like her! I am sick to think that at any visitation and this weekend he gets him for 3 days , every other weekend, one day our Angel wont be coming home. There is Nothing that can be done- No one will save him- no one cares enough, and he will be just another statistic... I cannot bear the pain of this thought....
Replied By: mikaelsnana on Aug 23, 2015, 8:08PM - In reply to gantt158
Sorry , you just cant do it - you see the other parent has rights....The child is considered nothing but property
Replied By: mikaelsnana on Aug 23, 2015, 8:06PM - In reply to janetwoodard
My daughter is trying to protect her 3 year old son , who is a child with a slight disability. She has been divorced from the narcissist for over 3 years. The Father just married a young girl who has been in Faoter care her whole life and got out just as she turned 18 and hooked up with my daughters Ex. Recently at 5am I got a phone call from a complete stranger telling me they were trying to get in touch with my daughter that her son was in danger! I went into a panic called my daughter and immediately went to the place my grandson was supposed to be on a visitation with his Father.The stench gagged me- the small towel like nlanket on the floor was where my grandson had been sleeping was urine soaked and next to that was a set of three swords! I was told my grandson had not eaten and was forced to stand in the corner for hours on end while he screamed and cried for food! There are 3 women who told me horror stories of the abuse my greandson has endured since the 4th of July- thios precious and vivacious 3 year old who is back in a diaper and sucking his thumb and runs and hides under his bed when you tell him that his Father and stepmother are coming to pick him up- Tears at my heart and makes my gut wrench! I was told that the woman ( the stepmother) was especially cruel and the Father watched and even participated- My daughter married just a week before this and the Father shaved the boys head so close with a razor he had razor burns and blisters. We were told he did it to get even with my daughter. She was told that IF she did not hand over the Boy to his Father for his visitations and weekends that she could loose custody- CRAZY! But thats the law- Father is homeless, has no car, no way to feed the child - But iots his son so he and his new wife ( who is pregnant now) can abuse this precious innocenbt child and nothing can be done UNTIL he kills him- WHAT the hell is wrong with this??? I would love to have these people on the show with my daughters lawyer and the cops who allowed him to keep the baby on the night he wal;ked out of his apt with that baby with nothing on but a diaper and those women who told theri stories- WHAT THE HELL???> wont anyone help this child? Wont anyone Protect this innocent child of God? Or is he just property to use and throw away?
Replied By: gantt158 on Jul 8, 2014, 3:17PM
If the mom was under court order she should sue the state she lives in because they failed her and her daughter.
Replied By: gantt158 on Jul 8, 2014, 3:14PM
Im very sorry about the young mom who lost her child due to an evil person. What i dont understand is why nothing was done before the next incidents before this childs death. So many children have died due to the hands of the parent rather mother or father or stepparent. These things can be avoided if people would reallyopen there eyes and listen to there kids. If my daughter had been screaming and hollering no way would i have left my daughter with these people. After my child came home with a black eye her father would never see my daughter again and the woman would have been in jail. I feel sorry for mothers that arent doing what they should to protect there children. Stop turning a blind eye and pay close attention to your children at all costs please. I hope this mom gets help for herself but i also hope that if she has any more kids she listen to her child so that this tragedy doesnt happen again.
Replied By: moonglow38 on Jul 2, 2014, 4:27PM
My heart goes out to that young mother that lost her little daughter to apparently a very cruel lady! I wish they had the death penalty in every state for cases like this. I wonder if the dad wasn't charged too? Unless a person has experience with childhood abuse they really don't know what signs too look for...which is why those signs were listed at the end of the show. I have read a number of sad stories of child abuse on here..it shouldn't be that hard to get help for our children but it is! I know. My husband was emotionally and verbally abusive towards me and after our divorce he started in on our little son who had no way to defend himself.  I knew what signs too look for only because I had held several jobs working with children and we were taught the signs. My son would also scream and run and hide when his dad came to pick him up.  I did check him all the time for signs of physical abuse but never found anything. Its very hard to prove emotional abuse. I also went to everyone I could think of for help but nothing was done. If things hadn't turned out the way they did, I am sure he would have started physically abusing our son. But he got himself in trouble with the law and ended up in prison which was a blessing!

It still did alot of damage to my son and it has taken years for him to get over it but now he is a happy, healthy 18 year old. I also didn't date...to protect him! He went through enough and I just couldn't take the chance of some boyfriend or step dad doing further damage to him. I have chosen to stay single because I was the one that decided to have him...give birth to him and keep him. Its my responsibility to keep him as safe as I can.  I have a big problem with parents that think they can't bear to be alone and would rather sacrifice their children like this other mother who married that abusive man.  I honestly do not understand how she can sit there and say she and her husband have a good relationship when he treats her kids like this. I would be fuming all the time!  I realize she feels she did her best and would stand up for her kids, but it didn't stop him from doing it again and again and again.  The only way to stop it is to leave him...take the kids and never go back. This guy really lucked out on getting help from Dr. Phip and I am glad he realized something was wrong in what he was doing. And I understand he didn't have a good father figure to teach him how to be a dad...but gosh, read a few parenting books...take some parenting classes. He was the one making everyone else miserable.

I don't know if this show was a repeat or not but I sure hope he changed his way and if not, she needs to put the love of her kids first and leave him. I promise she won't die of loneliness.  She has her children too after all.
Replied By: janetwoodard on Jul 2, 2014, 11:56AM
I am just disgusted with the response of so many people wanting to judge the mother & not having all the facts. My grandson is being abused by his stepmother (verbally & emotionally) and it has been crazy trying to get help from anyone. My daughter has sought advice from CPS, the court system, a lawyer, a child counselor, her own counselor, a guardian ad lidem, co parenting counselor (a joke) and nothing has been resolved. The court has mandated visits with the father (father's rights). He is a controlling, lying, narcisistic person who wants to get revenge because my daughter left him. She has spent almost every single penny to protect her child & is being ordered by the law to send him over to those sick people anyway. He is both physically & verbally abusive to my daughter & grandson. How in the world can you stop this cycle of abuse if no one recognizes what it is and thinks the mother is over reacting?
Replied By: janetwoodard on Jul 2, 2014, 11:39AM - In reply to wjacklyn
Obviously, you don't know a thing about our court system, cps or the law. As a vicitm of abuse & parent of an abused child I went above & beyond to protect all of my children. The legal system is broken and fails to protect anyone. Try not to judge her, she was victimized by everyone around her & paid the ultimate price with the loss of her child
Replied By: yogi59066 on Jul 2, 2014, 12:08AM
had the same thing with my little boy Andy and I fought hard. I was ordered to send him by airplaine to another state for visitation, if I did not then I lost costody and the bio dad had the money to do just that. I had to listen to the courts the signs started abuse was written all over in little ways. A bruise a black eye he fell again tears of fear screams mommie please dont make me go. Then the call from the guilty party something went wrong all hours through the night. An emergency delta flight flew my baby back home to me andy was pale 11 pounds lighter in ten days 4 now and a fighter. Andys story was mommie i was hungry they locked me up I have a headache and andy was throwing up confused and crying. Andy had bruises and a chain mark on his leg. I went to the doctor we took pictures and called the police to the ER the answer dont send him back. At least he was home and we could fight in court.Over my dead body never again will he touch my son. I threatened he never cameback to get andy again. Thank god we live in differnet states far apart I was told to wait to see if he took me to court I waited he never did. I guess he was that guilty and thought he got away with murder. all I can do is wait and life went on so I thought. Andy started throwing up at 4 had he been hit in the head , poisoned, punished we will never know he was to little to tell us every thing and he was so confused. Andy grew up ill till he was 11 migraines and medical problems we are told we may not know until an autopsy. Andy could have metal scrapes from computers that were fed to him to induce poison. Andy is a fighter, brown belt karate teacher and medical student in his second year of college andys dream he wants to be a brain surgeon. Imagine that over seven years of illness and light sensitivity and migraines swelling of his whole body and pain and my andy is alive strong and says this to the abuser. Father you are not my dad I have another he was there when I needed him when I was sick. I was born so my real dad can have me his only son. I am adopted and need not seek you ever. Till you walk an abused childs shoes do not judge
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