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Brenda claims her husband, Drew, is physically and verbally abusive to her 14-year-old son, Austin -- who suffers from ADHD and bipolar disorder -- and ridicules her intellectually disabled 20-year-old daughter, Destiny, making her cry. She accuses Drew of throwing Austin against a wall and constantly calling him names and threatening him -- and she says divorce is imminent if he doesn’t change. Drew says he never threw Austin against a wall and insists he’s not abusive, he’s “aggressive” and is “trying to get these kids ready for the real world.” He admits he has a short temper but says he’s tired of being made out to be the bad guy. Dr. Phil faces off with Drew -- does he have the kids’ best interest in mind, or is he just a bully? And, what is at the root of this stepfather’s anger?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: nitenurse on Nov 2, 2013, 8:04PM
  • leave now, why would anyone stay and put up with this
Replied By: dogluver1970 on Nov 1, 2013, 7:33PM - In reply to ghost227
I didn't mean my post as an "excuse" for the mother's behavior - just an explanation for those who were saying really cruel and judgmental things about her. But indeed, I agree with you 100% that the courts/justice system have to put the physical and psychological needs of the children first. Period.
Replied By: cabisho on Oct 25, 2013, 8:03AM
The man also reminded me of Ariel Castro just by looking at him.  I was blessed with my kids' step dad.  He helped my son fish and took him fishing, and helped my daughter when her car was broken or if she needed to go somewhere or even needed a couple dollars.  What did absolutely break my heart was the young girl who was on that lost her 2 year old to the stepmother.  I sat and cried and cried for that girl.  She is in my prayers!  I know that no child will ever bring Lily back but as you said she can use this to maybe save another child.  My question is WHERE WAS THIS CHILDS DAD????  And did he go to prison for allowing the abuse, he had to know it was going on.  That poor baby girl!  I have a daughter about the same age as that young girl who has an 8 week old baby girl and I could not even imagine nor ever want to.  I will continue praying that God will give that girl some kind of peace.  Thank you.
Replied By: basil7070 on Oct 25, 2013, 12:48AM
Very disturbing!!!    This man is clearly hurting these kids and has to be separated from them ASAP.  It was painful to watch the daughter who seems so gentle to be dealing with some bully hitting hurt for spilling a drink. I can't even imagine how the 14 year old son who is trying to stand up for himself, has to deal with the humiliation of a spanking from this jerk.

I don't care how much therapy and counseling this guy has and whether he has Dr. Lawless himself as a psychiatrist.  He will never change and for the past 9 years, which have been very formative for the kids, this is what they have learned.  Nobody can unring that bell.  If the son doesn't wind up in prison or on drugs, it will be a miracle.

I don't understand how the mother can watch this and not do anything about it.  If there is even as much as a loud encounter or  fight in my family between my teenage children and their dad, I physically can't even stand it and will stand in the middle of the fight to stop it, cell phone in hand, ready to call the authorities, if necessary.  What is wrong with her? Why doesn't she protect her kids against this bully?!!!  I just don't get it.  Kick him out and report him to the authorities.

Replied By: sherilynn84 on Oct 24, 2013, 9:39PM
This guy seems so creepy! For some reason he gives off an Ariel Castro type of vibe like I would never leave my kid in his care and custody because they would end up in the basement of some abandoned house. I don't know what any woman would have found endearing about him and I suspect his wife has some self esteem issues. I could not imagine any woman with any ounce of self respect or love for her children allowing another person to degrade and abuse her children like that. I am appalled at both of the adults in this household and I think that the authorities should step in ASAP. My mouth was literally open in shock the whole entire show and I really hope that someone of authority is watching this where they live and steps in ASAP.

Replied By: tgoertz on Oct 24, 2013, 4:57PM
I grew up in a household that was abusive.I have also dealt with a boyfriend that was mean to my children- he lasted about two minutes. There is NOTHING more important than my children. No mother should allow the kind of abuse this overgrown child deals out. He talks about wanting to teach these children how to deal with the world and show his stepson how to be a man? First he needs to be a man himself because he sure as hell isn't; secondly if this is the way he deals with the world I'm very surprised he hasn't had the crap kicked out of him. Abolutely disgusting and a poor excuse for a human! She is just as guilty of abuse by allowing it!
Replied By: ccdo1971 on Oct 24, 2013, 4:24PM
Omg I can't believe this guy. I lived like this with my ex. My son endured abuse from my ex. He would do it when I would leave the house. He would yell at him and hit him. It got to the point one day he punched him in the mouth. I had him arrested and divorced him. I put my kids in front of all men. I feel bad that I didn't know what was going on for years. My son now has had so many legal problems and emotional problems. This lady needs to leave this man and put her kids in front of this man. She is harming her kids just as much as he is.
Replied By: vienna08 on Oct 24, 2013, 10:50AM
I'd like to know the criteria used for guests to be part of the Dr. Phil show. I'd also like to know if there are diagnostic exams and scales used in the overall assessment and evaluation of said guests. I'd also like to know if there are ulterior motives at play which exposes certain individuals to the American public. There is absolutely no excuse in 2013 for both parents exhibiting these behaviors towards their children. For more than thirty years, child abuse has been at the forefront of media attention in this country. If these parents are unaware that their behaviors are child abuse to the extreme, could it be that they have never viewed or read any media accounts of abused victims as well as perpetrators? Are they each even capable of opening up a newspaper, or turning to a news channel? One night of Nancy Grace would tell you all you would need to know. This show goes way beyond abuse of the children. My best guess is that there are multigeneration deficits that must be investigated, considered, diagnosed and treated, before any parental behavioral modification occurs. If it is discovered that the parents have the intellect for this long term treatment, there can be improvement. If it discovered that there is not sufficient intellect, the status quo will remain. If that is the case, the best remedy may be to call Child Protective Services sooner rather than later.
Replied By: juliabelle on Oct 24, 2013, 9:54AM
I am so inspired by how hard you really try to help the people on your show, no matter how difficult, ignorant or crazy they are.  This guy clearly was treated the same way when he was growing up that he is now treating his step-children.  There is no excuse for his behavior, but you gave him credit for being honest and for coming on the show with a real question.  In spite of his despicable behavior, he really did seem to want help.  Maybe the cycle can be broken. 

Your show is so different from other talk shows because you don't exploit your guests.  You offer serious solutions, and you value the family and what's best for any children involved.  This is why I love your show, Dr. Phil.  Drew is unequivocably wrong and is being abusive, but you value everyone (even him) and that is how these problems really get solved.
Replied By: plval99 on Oct 24, 2013, 9:50AM
Home should be a safe place. There is no place in a home for bullies, or for hurtful words to be thrown about casually. The outside world dishes that out to people of all ages in abundance, nobody should have to come home to it. Instead, it is supposed to be safe, a shelter from the outside world of people who don't really know us. Home is where we get the love, support and encouragement we need to go back out into the world and face it every day. If that is not where you live, then a conversation needs to be had, and changes can be made to get there. Love is there at the root of everything, and love is magic that way.  
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