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Kathie claims that her ex-husband, Gary, promised their son Jesse, 16, that they were moving to Florida together on Father’s Day -- but then left him sitting on the front porch alone and disappointed. She says that Gary is a liar and a manipulator -- and she doesn’t want him in Jesse’s life anymore. Gary insists that he never abandoned Jesse. He claims that Kathie is alienating him from their son and filling his head with lies. He also accuses Kathie of being a party animal and a bad parent -- and claims that she plans to kick Jesse to the curb when he turns 18. Can Dr. Phil get these parents to stop pointing fingers at each other -- and start focusing on what’s best for their son? Plus, whom does Jesse say he wants to live with? Then, Alysia says her mother, Jennifer, robbed her of her childhood by neglecting her and her three siblings -- making men a priority over them -- and leaving her with the responsibilities of being a mother figure and housekeeper. Alysia says she has so much resentment and anger toward her mother, she can’t move on until Jennifer acknowledges her mistakes. Jennifer disputes Alysia’s allegations and says she was a good mother who never denied her children anything. How can this mother-daughter relationship be healed?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: knchavis on Dec 11, 2013, 1:56PM - In reply to leannejt777
Look, no one had a perfect childhood. I too had a mother that I did not feel was there for me at the time I was growing up (my peception), but if you were to ask her she would state the opposite. We just have to grow up, and leave the past in the past...life goes on beyond our childhood.
Replied By: knchavis on Dec 11, 2013, 1:53PM - In reply to leannejt777
Look, no one had a perfect childhood. I too had a mother that I did not feel was there for me at the time I was growing up (my peception), but if you were to ask her she would state the opposite. We just have to grow up, and leave the past in the past...life goes on beyond our childhood.
Replied By: catekatt on Nov 3, 2013, 1:00AM - In reply to roxxanne
THank you,sometimes I think I am A chourus of one
Replied By: cupid2011 on Oct 21, 2013, 5:55PM - In reply to canadianlaurel
Guess some people don't watch the show and just come here to give opinions without ever watching the show.  "Jack" was  25/26 years old when he was on Dr. Phil show.  At this age,  he blames his victim for what he did to her.  That is not showing remourse.  All he had  was a frozen expression with a frown on his forehead.  .  Faking something.  Or as if to say, I didn't do anything wrong.  What are you talking about? He didn't deviate from this frown on his forehead each time he spoke.

He was sexually molesting and raping this girl behind closed doors.  He was not dating her or considered her his girlfriend.   16 (sixteen) year old boys have sex with their girlfriends who they hold hands with and spend time together in front of other people like watching t.v. and going to parties with their parent's permission..  They do things together outside the bedroom  Not just in the bedroom. Everyone knows they are a couple.   But "Jack" had a secret life of raping this little girl.

Does anyone really believe that this sixteeen year old told everyone he had a little girlfriend who he was having sex with?   He knew exactly what he was doing.  And he clearly knew it was wrong.
Replied By: canadianlaurel on Oct 21, 2013, 4:09PM - In reply to praewv
I see this all the time on the show - why isn't it being addressed?

It seems like kids can say whatever they want these days and their "perception" is treated like reality.  Why not just get the facts straight and deal from there?  There is alot of power in the "accusation" which immediately puts the other person into the position of defending themselves.   We all have a right to offer an explanation when we are being accused of something.

When a single mother works to provide a living for her children, she is bone tired.  When I was growing up, my mother was a stay at home mom -yet each and every one of us had chores around the house.  It was hard work - yet we embraced it with a sense of pride. 

I don't know why the word Narcissism is being used to describe the mother.  She acted with dignity and composure.  This show is teaching children that they can become narcissists, accuse their mothers of anything and then be rewarded for it.  Shame on them!  Shame on Dr. Phil.   And shame on the grandmother.

Replied By: dfwsteph on Oct 21, 2013, 10:49AM - In reply to cupid2011
This story was so like my own, it took my breath away, and then when I came to this site I saw there are many others who felt the same. I'm oldest of 4 and was made responsible for a lot. 

After many years of banging my head against the wall to try to get my "pseudomother" to understand me and trying everything to fix myself, I finally learned she was the problem...narcissistic personality disorder; not just traits, but the full blown disorder as pronounced by my psychiatrist. Supposedly they are raised by narcissists...my beloved grandmother was more of a controlling overwhelming person, but there was no doubt she loved me.

I've had to go completely "no contact" with the pseudomother since she refuses to respect any boundaries. From what I've read, there is very little chance of recovery for these people (of course, I also "fell in love" with one as well). 

Now, I'm 58 and live happily alone with my little dog. I can truly say I've learned to love myself. I think maturity is when we no longer need our parents to be on a pedestal and can see them as impertect people...some worse than others. I see the pseudomother as a very small person inside real thick brick walls with no desire to get out.

I'm very impressed that Alysea sees the truth and has faith in herself at a much younger age than I did.
Replied By: cupid2011 on Oct 20, 2013, 9:48PM - In reply to sfogrrl

Thank you for your post.  It is so well written too.  You write very well.  So well that I clearly see my mother as you describe.  I also read a bit on the internet and it certainly describes her to a Tee.  Like you and your siblings, I too was put in a position to have to "fire" her as my mother.  Very well chosen words.  Not so much my own doing, but because I was sick and could no longer take care of her.  She defineltly has very serious issues with abondment that resulted from the death of her mother at a very young each that she never over came.  Appears  that some people never out grow their traumas to any degrees.  It's like their growth gets stunted for some reason--possibly alcholol, etc.   She puts up such a good front that no one sees her as she really is.  She can do no wrong in the eyes of a lot of people.

Since I saw Alysia on Dr. Phil, I have not stopped thinking about her.  

Alysia may you find a therapist to help you find peace and understanding. 

Replied By: roxxanne on Oct 19, 2013, 12:14AM - In reply to catekatt
Couldn't agree more! My earlier comment explains my similar feelings. Just wanted you to know you weren't the only one with these thoughts and feelings!
Replied By: sfogrrl on Oct 18, 2013, 9:49PM - In reply to sagechild
@Sagechild -- terrific reading list!  Thanks so much!  I trust others suffering out there will find these books and websites helpful too.--J
Replied By: bloo45 on Oct 18, 2013, 9:42PM
I feel bad for the mom and her son.  My ex abandoned our son as well and he is 15.  He hasn't seen his dad since he was 8 or 9.  His dad is definitely missing out.  Our son is a wonderful kid who deserves a better dad than he has.  His step-dad is amazing and they have a great relationship, but I think he needs his dad too. His dad told me during a phone call shortly before he stopped seeing him that he felt he had to choose between his wife and his son.  He can do what the jerk on tv did and deflect and say it's my fault but he CHOSE to stop seeing his son.  I hate when they lie and say their ex is lying about the situation or deflect and it's everyone's fault but theirs.  Fact is that it's the parent who left their kids fault.  No one elses.  When you choose to stop seeing your child the blame lies at your doorstep.
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