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Lynn and Paul say their 20-year-old daughter, Loni, went from a straight-A student to a heroin addict, and they’re desperate to get her help. After two felony arrests -- including one for allegedly selling heroin to an undercover officer -- Loni spent 30 days in rehab, but they say it wasn’t long before they discovered she was using heroin again -- and stealing money and jewelry from family members to pay for it. Now, Lynn and Paul say Loni is living in a trailer with strangers, in the middle of nowhere, and they fear for her life. Dr. Phil sends mother-son intervention team Debbie and Brandon to track down Loni and offer her a chance to face her family and make a plan for a healthier future. Will Loni grab onto the lifeline?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: hazeld12 on Nov 9, 2013, 3:49AM - In reply to lchurchill
Thank you!

I was just about to state that I believed everyone in America that watches this show is completely stupid, but your comment stopped me.  At last someone noticed that this brat of a girl, an over-indulged little madam who has had too much of her own way, used a confidence shared by her mother in an attempt to help her daughter, against her.  If I were these parents, I would have said you're on your own, because she will never learn anything while she is having her backside wiped like this.
Replied By: hazeld12 on Nov 9, 2013, 3:44AM - In reply to jenschreiber
I think you do!!
Replied By: humboldt215 on Oct 18, 2013, 9:12AM - In reply to fenwaypark9
I agree just because someone lives in a mobile home doesn't  make them any less of a person or a drug addict shame on you dr.phil
Replied By: mgfan526 on Oct 17, 2013, 7:09PM
I just got thru watching this episode and wanted to tell you a story of a local girl, drug addict and what happened with her....Her name is Jazzmin, about this time last year, a few days after her dad died, she was at a party and OD'd on Heroine!  She was on life support and after awhile taken off, she went a few minutes without oxygen to her spine and is now paralyzed.  What is amazing about this young lady is her outlook on life now, she is awesome!  She is a parapalegic but considers herself VERY lucky and that she is supposed to be where she is now....while watching this show, I thought about her quite a bit.   She is now speaking at schools, local town and city meetings and more.  I think a young lady like her would have been a HUGE wakeup for Loni!  You can follow her story at Jazzmins Journey on facebook.  It is well worth it to read it.  I hope you, Dr Phil or a member of his staff read this and take a look at her story....
Replied By: vmaclow on Oct 17, 2013, 6:08PM - In reply to mommatoad
Thank you!  It is gut wrenching to tell your child (21 yrs) that you cannot send him any money and then listen to the desperate cries and pleading then threatening suicide because their life is so out of control.  God help me if he ever follows through with that and I will help out somewhat which I am sure is enabling but until anyone walks in our shoes please pray for us...don't judge us.
Replied By: grammy462 on Oct 17, 2013, 3:46PM
I would leave Loni in the slum trailer park where she apprently wanted to be.   Someday she will wake up and realize what she has done to her parents.

I believe when a child reaches adult age and goes out on their own.....they make their own bed...if they live a bad life....that is their choice..............or a good life.......that too is their choice.     When I grew up and went out on my own.........I was on my own!   No coming back to Mommy and financial help, no bailing me out.  I was an adult and I had to make it or break it.   That is what parents should do.
Replied By: kjs215 on Oct 17, 2013, 10:45AM - In reply to DrPhilBoard1
Thank you thank you!
Replied By: wawwiz on Oct 17, 2013, 9:53AM
Yes the girl has problems, but what was lost in the program was the advise to the father, I know he (they say) didn't know a lot of things. But a chance to set him right as well as most of the people watching the show was missed (shame on you Dr Phil) the father puts down the daughter for her drug use, but seems to dismiss the use of 30 norco tabs by the wife as ok afterall it is a prescription. A lot of people have this misconception about pharma drugs. Norco (hydrocodone) is in fact probably worst than herion in ways. At 300 mg a day she was hooked period, just the same as herion, Doc you should have let the father (and everyone else) how dangerous prescription drugs can be. 30 tabs a day thats a bunch. Whether Norco or Oxy they are just another form of a opiate. I tend to think Norco is harder to shake than herion.
Replied By: casper4334 on Oct 17, 2013, 9:24AM
Did anyone else notice the two times the camera focused on the mom with her eyes rolling like she was zoning or dozing off.  Is she still on suboxin for her addiction.  She clearly looked like she was on something and when she was confronted by her daugter to confess with her own addiction; she looked like a deer captured in a vehicle's headlights.  She didn't know what to say.  How would the husband not know that she was addicted to Norco while raising their children.  Something's not right with him.  You cannot hide addiction.  Or did he know?
Replied By: queeenrit on Oct 17, 2013, 8:47AM
Hi Dr.Phil,

Why did'nt you correct loni when she asked her mom to come clean about her mom's pill addiction,and when her mom denied it, Loni replied, You're a f***ing liar! I thought that was totally disrespectful even if Loni is an adult. Why did'nt you correct Loni! Where's the respect, not taking sides or taking the spotlight off mom.
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