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Michele says she despises her 26-year-old daughter, Malinda’s, boyfriend, Jack, and can’t even refer to him by name -- because he’s a registered sex offender. Michele says she doesn’t believe Jack, 26, is fully reformed after he was convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl more than 10 years ago, and she thinks Malinda’s 4-year-old daughter is in danger. Are Michele’s concerns valid? Malinda says her mother needs to stop trying to control her life and realize that she’s not leaving the man she loves. Then, hear from Jack, who says he is now a changed man who is struggling to move past his sex offender label. How does he explain what happened in the past? Dr. Phil weighs in and offers Malinda advice for moving forward. Will she decide to stay with Jack?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: carmen88nl on Oct 6, 2014, 10:56AM
I am really shocked about Dr Phil reaction . How can a boy of thirteen years think like an adult ? He should know that the brains of a puberal boy arrent developt !! They were kids...just kids ! You threat him like he's Marc Dutroux!
The american law about sex abuse is a  DISGRACE ! Stop thinking like hill billy's !

And that mother omg!! she should be happy that I wassnt in the show
Replied By: ludivin on May 5, 2014, 7:13PM

I do agree that as a 13 year old you are to young to be called a sex offender, but not if you do it for 3 years until you're 17. Most pedofiles start at an early age. 

The grandmother wasn''t really my problem, although she is probably totally deranged as well.

My main problem who the stupid ass mother who is abusing her child and who probably lets the Jack person abuse her as well. 


I was totally disgusted when I heard this. 

It was glad Dr Phil told the mother the truth at the end of the show. I just wish he could have been harsher on the mother and Jack. Dr. Phil said at the end he decided to not talk about examples whey the mother was a bad mother. I wish he did, so everybody could she is also a molestor. 

Whether the mother does or doesn't intentionally abuse her child, isn't the problem. Because she does it, so it is child abuse. Calling your daughter a little bitch and spaking=child abuse. 

The main problem in the picture is the mother. If she was more responsible, not in denial and being a kind mother, the Jack person woudn't even be in the picture. Her stupid lame comment at the end of the show only showed how she really is. 

Typical scenario where there is a insecure mother looking for validation from a lover, resentng her child for being born and for not having the live she wanted. Mother wants to escape her bad live and blaming it on the child and sees the lover as a way out. No mather if the man she dates is a sex offender, or alcoholic. 
Replied By: ludivin on May 5, 2014, 7:08PM - In reply to terri3327
I totally agree with you. I was totally disgusted by the mother who is calling her child names. IMO she is definately abusing her child as well. Not only is the Jack person in question a big threat, but also the mother. The mother makes 2 mistakes:

1. spanking her small girl.

2. calling her girl names and degrading her= total distruction of a small inocent child

3 dating a person who has sexually abused a child much younger than himself. To all the people saying he was 'only'13. As an 13 year old boy you are looking at the girls in your one grade or higher who are getting breasts etc. Only the age gapp between 8 and 13 is huge. It''s like 30 years in adult live, like 21 year old woman and a 51 year old man. Also the Jack person showed no real remorse at all. He also said he was sorry because it was expected of him to say it. 

Replied By: ebrissy on Mar 28, 2014, 12:29AM
Even though the grandmother (Michele) came across as manipulative and unbearable, however, she has found the right situation to exercise her controlling behaviour. The granddaughter is in extremely high risk of being harm by the sex offender (Jack). Sadly, the mother (Malinda) demonstrated limited insight and interest into the wellbeing and safety of her own 4 year old daughter!!

It makes me mad to see that Jack needed to be prompted to display remorse. It was painful to watch him justifying his actions by saying he was only 13 when he first started molesting the 8 year old girl. Has he still not figured out that there is a HUGE power difference/imbalance between an 8 year old and a 13 year old! Imagine asking a grade 3 elementary school girl to defend herself from a year 7 or year 8 male!

The bottom line is, Jack at age 13 – 16 took advantage of a young vulnerable girl! Not only that, he admitted there is a part in him that knows what he was doing was wrong. But he CHOSE to keep going with his deviant behavior for 4 long years. There is something really wrong when a 13 year old does not know how to navigate the right and wrong behaviors! And it does not look great when, now in his mid 20’s, Jack is still displaying limited insight into his sickening behavior! I have serious concerns about Jack's mental capacity!! 

On a side note, I really enjoyed watching Dr Phil putting Malinda in her place. Malinda needs to get her priority right!!  

Replied By: jeffnhollie on Mar 22, 2014, 7:37PM
I am dealing with a issue myself. I am in court process now with my ex-wife she married a sexoffender 2 years go and i have been fighting this ever since. The GAL in this case just think it is ok he is supposed to be the attorney for the children he thinks this guy did this 18 years ago and he has not done it again. (that we know of) This man was 22 year old and offended a 12 yearold. The thing that really gets me is that he as well as my ex were ordered not to have my kids around him PERIOD. and when i report it to probatation officer or police they dont do nothing so i have to take it to court to try to get results without any help other than my attorney.
Replied By: exliberal04 on Mar 22, 2014, 3:10PM - In reply to leogorky
I was thinking the same thing but it seems this person may be a little slow.
Replied By: exliberal04 on Mar 19, 2014, 11:49AM
Dr. Phil

I am a 41 year old woman who has recently found in her voice in therapy, to stand up to my father who sexually molested me when I was a child.  I started a letter to him and haulted for several weeks for many different reasons.  But, after watching this show and then re-playing the video of what you thought the molestor should have said, (which would have indicated he has owned his crime) I am inspired to finish the letter. 

I have not read all of the comments by other viewers, however, I skimmed through quickly and see that your advice and your show affects everyone differently.  For me, even though it is very clear that the molestor has not taken responsibility for his crime (just in how he is whining when he "defends" his actions alone, indicates he knows he is guilty) and the woman who is clearly not looking out for her own child's best interest; I am able to move forward with confirmation that I recieved from this episode with an absolute clear conscience that I am making an informed correct decision. 

Thank you for your wit, your courage and your heart.

Replied By: sagechild on Mar 17, 2014, 4:47PM - In reply to kriscerone
I like the advice, but if you're dealing with a parent who doesn't have self-confidence or love for the child, or worse resents the child, it falls on deaf ears because the person showing them attention or romatic interest is the source of the parent's self-esteem and validation.  Often that parent, despite the responsiblity to the child, will do backflips to please and elicit the approval of that validating source.  I've never understood absent mental illness why being a good, caring, kind and nurturing parent isn't a source of self-esteem or confidence for some women and men, and sometimes I think it's because the individual in question will not allow it to be.
Replied By: sagechild on Mar 17, 2014, 4:36PM - In reply to leogorky
Agreed.  It's hard to argue that sexual contact between an 8 and 13 year old is "curiosity"  when by Jack's own admission he hid the contact and also by his own admission eased the 8 year old into the molestation by seeing how much he could get away with on each visit when left alone with the 8, 9, 10 and 11 year old girl.  (Plus curious children tend to be more similar in age and in the same developmental stage.)  What Jack admitted to is predatory behavior and prolonged because it seems to have occurred on multiple occasions over several years.  If I read the blurb on this website, his conviction was for sexual assault (not statutory rape or molestation) between him at 16 or 17 and the same girl at 11 (not for what he admitted to doing with the same girl at 8).   Just my opinion, and not forgetting his claims of ineffective counsel, I'm also thinking his police interview did not go well and that maybe some additional admissions were made that were not addressed on this show.  The show was actually about Malinda's decision making, not rearguing Jack's situation or the propriety of him being on a sex offender registry.  Neither Jack nor Malinda seems to be possessed of much in the way of perspective.  Jack showed no insight as a 26 year old as to how his 8 year or 11 year old victim felt or processed the situation.  Malinda showed no insight into the concerns expressed for her child first and foremost.  That he committed these acts should have been a major red flag for a mother and really should have been reason to run not walk when you have a small child.  That Jack continues to be toxic with alcohol and cannot admit or address what he did do except to minimize his culpability and  to say that the abuse started and stopped when he was 13 (and that the 12 year old  complaining victim was actually lying about any additional abuse other than molestation at 8)  ought to stop any continuing relationship with Malinda.  Surely Malinda  realizes that her 4 year old would probably not be able to verbalize if Jack transgressed against her.  If in one sentence he admits to testing boundaries with an 8 year old and then he says nothing happened for years  despite numerous visits over several years but then he is convicted for sexual assault with an 11 year old, then I don't get her supportiveness as a reasonable choice.  I've never been sexually abused but I have little doubt that it rarely starts and stops in one or even a few visits because the boundary-tester's curiosity was sated when the young 8 year old did not resist enough.  An 8 or 11 year old is no less a victim or psychologically affected because a chronological child is the perp, and based on the interview, he's low insight on this in addition to the other implications of his admitted acts.  Had Malinda been a bit more wise, she might have realized  the show was offering help to her and her family and that maybe she's in a situation where that help could be a valuable resource for her and her daughter.
Replied By: leogorky on Mar 17, 2014, 1:49PM - In reply to cummter
Gee, when I was 13, I KNEW it would be wrong to have sex with an 8 year old school child. He knew too, as he took pains to hide his actions.
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