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(Original Air Date: 10/10/13) At just 11 years old, Hope became pregnant with her then 13-year-old boyfriend, Bailey’s, child -- Ashlynn, now 7 months old. Hope’s mother, Lisa, says she was shocked to learn about her daughter’s pregnancy -- when Hope was six months along. But Hope’s father, Matt, his fianceé, Kayla, and Bailey’s parents all say that Lisa is largely to blame for Hope’s decisions, and claim she continued to enable her daughter by concealing her pregnancy for months. How does Lisa respond to their allegations? And where were all the other parents? Can Dr. Phil get them to stop pointing fingers at each other, and start focusing on what’s best for their children and grandchild? Plus, hear from Hope and Bailey. Do they want custody of Ashlynn, who is currently being cared for by Hope’s aunt? What is their relationship now? And, are they still having unprotected sex? Then, Dr. Phil weighs in. What does he think is best for Ashlynn? And, what advice does he have for these families moving forward? The following program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: icigloo on Jan 1, 2015, 11:47PM
How is Hope and the 2 families doing????
Replied By: icigloo on Jan 1, 2015, 11:39PM
i am curious how they all are doing now, specially Hope????....THANKS
Replied By: KateBauer on Jan 13, 2014, 11:06PM
I believe all the parents should be in jail.  An 11 year old pregnant, her childhood is gone forever, she should have been playing "Barbies" not having sex!! I hope the baby is put up for adoption away from both families to have a chance.


Replied By: cadescove99 on Jan 9, 2014, 1:36PM - In reply to cupid2011
I agree with you. Sometimes, those kids with the greatest need for supervision are given the least. And, are two incomes always necessary? Maybe those mothers who are working just to provide their kids with discretionary extras are depriving them of something far more essential, quality time and supervision.
Replied By: cephar on Dec 30, 2013, 7:46PM
I know it was stated the young boy has a learning disability. But that is not reason enough for him to also be sent to a special school with strict discipline & high expectations. Not one adult on the show seemed to care alot about the young boy & girl or the baby. This baby would be so much better off in a closed adoption & with a family that would care & teach the child.  These two famalies will never quit arguing over this baby. And she will grow up in an unhealthy enviorment. I believe in second chances but not invloving a child's future. God bless all the children involved in this siuation
Replied By: cupid2011 on Dec 30, 2013, 2:27PM - In reply to tradermexico
My mother knew too well what the risks were if she let us out of her sight.  When she was away from us, she always had the neighbors or someone keep an eye on us.  I only remember spending the night at someone's house  with some girls my own age one time and that was because she was at the hospital.   Parents are too laxed if they are allowing their teenagers to go to parties or visiting friends.  If you must have a party, have it at your house and invite the parents to come too.  Keep a close eye on what they are drinking. Teens are kids not adults and they need to be supervised as much as possible.  Grandparents or retired neighbors need to be allowed to be more involved in keeping an eye on teens.   We need the extended families of friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Teens with their dangeros raging hormones should not be left alone to fend for themselves.  It's a critical time for parents to keep a close eye on them.  And allowing them to leave the house on their own is too risky.  Earning two incomes is putting families at risk. 

Replied By: upsydasy on Dec 30, 2013, 10:46AM - In reply to housewife52
I guess neither one of us can avoid writing from the point of view of what we know.  I agree with you that it is a lot easier for a dedicated stay at home mom to keep an eye on what their children are up to, but not every family can afford to do that these days.  For me, I suppose that what it all comes down to is just because your kid can now mix his or her own batch of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese doesn’t mean that your job as a parent, teacher and role model is over.
Replied By: tradermexico on Dec 30, 2013, 9:51AM
I  think this is terrible but its not always the parents fault ! i have 2 daughters who are adults now but when they were preteens they stayed at plenty of there friends houses and as a parent you want to know what they are always doing but in reality can u really know? hope is the one who decided to have sex not her parents people are all to quick to put the blame on the parents how about we make kids own up to there own mistakes ! i agree these parents do have issues but its not all there fault , thses two kids need to be held up to there own mistake.
Replied By: susielyn on Dec 30, 2013, 7:17AM - In reply to housewife52
What wouldnt he be angry? The parents, especially the mother of the girl, unemotional, don't give a damn attitudes all around the table. Fingerpointing was all they wanted to do. It was the girl's stepmom that contacted the show!
Replied By: susielyn on Dec 30, 2013, 7:11AM
I dont think I have ever seen a more detached, unemotional, dont give a damn mother in my life. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.
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