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Rabecca claims that three-and-a-half years ago, her mother, Debra, tricked her into signing over legal guardianship of her now 4-year-old daughter, Dezira, while she was suffering from postpartum depression. She says that since then, Debra has developed an intense attachment to Dezira and has gone to great lengths to keep her daughter from her, including taking Dezira for the night -- and then hiding her for three months. Debra says she believes the child belongs in her care, claiming Rabecca never bonded with Dezira as an infant and willingly signed over guardianship. She also alleges that Rabecca, who has two other daughters, is an unfit and neglectful mother -- so why isn’t Debra fighting to take the other children? Hear the shocking reason why Debra says she's contacted Child Protective Services -- and Rabecca’s response to the allegations. Plus, could something from Debra’s past be motivating her desire to parent Dezira? And, what does Dr. Phil think is the best outcome for the child? Can this mother and daughter find common ground before the courts make their decisions for them? (OAD: 12-12-13)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sweetsunray on Dec 3, 2014, 10:37AM
Debra was always wording her opinion to an audience: she constantly used the words "she" and "her" in combination with statements without backing it up with facts. She rarely ever addressed Rabecca herself in words and eyecontact.So, she was playing a role.

Meanwhile Rabecca was not talking to Dr. Phil, but directly adressing Debra with questions and reminders of facts.  Rabecca was confronting her biological mother, and not playing a role for the audience.
Replied By: sweetsunray on Dec 3, 2014, 10:08AM
As for the show itself, which was just aired in Belgium: some people wondered why more wasn't dug up of Rabecca's past, or why the ungrandmother's lies weren't proven, and why Dr. Phil was so reserved. I think it was because he was given the ungrandmother the metaphorical rope to hang herself.

A smug smile, evasion, the "you haven't lived my life" excuse, the victim-play, the projections, the allegations for which no proof was found, and never ending explanations, without ever answering the question, without ever giving a short and direct answer or admittance, without ever an anouce of empathy or feeling... Debra was spouting nothing but word-salad.

If Dr. Phil had grilled her, Debra would have just had the perfect excuse to play the misunderstood victim who was trying to do good. But by treating her with velvet gloves, he gave her all the rope she wanted to put herself on display and make her expose herself. Well done, imo, Dr. Phil.

Rabecca had said mean things, and yes she had been too trusting, and yes she was defending her reputation and she was angry and emotional and accusative. At least she was real, and her accusations were based on facts, and she had the absolute right to be upset and angry! I don't think Rabecca has any bonding issues at all, and though she might have made wrong and irresponsible choices in the past, she could answer a question directly and admit to things.

Replied By: lizzyfm on Sep 7, 2014, 8:50PM
This show makes me so sad for this child. No one, except Dr. Phil, is talking about what is best for her. The grandmother is clearly delusional, since she did, in fact, give one child back. She is trying to replace her children with this little girl. She missed out on her own children's lives, and thinks this can make up for it? Where was she when her own children needed their mom. The mom clearly loves her daughter, and is providing a stable home for her other children, so why keep this one from her. The whole scenario is ridiculous. These two clearly need to grow up and do what's best for the child.
Replied By: prayersinneed on Jun 20, 2014, 9:55AM - In reply to aprilk77
You took the words right out of my mouth.  I don't see how Rebecca's Mom was ever allowed back into the role of Mom or Grandmother.  She gave those rights away and has no regrets what so ever.  She is shady and very manipulative.  Rebecca everything that comes out of your Mom mouth is a reflection of her own life. She has learned to flip lives on you, but will never cover up her own.  You now know ur mom for who she really is.  When you are more stable and able to, walk away from her.  She didn't want you when you were born and she has no remorse to still let you down now. She is only a title holder, and will never be the Mom u seek.

It is very clear she has a mental condition that she tries to hide.  I pray that by her being on the show it serves as a trail for others who comes into contact with her once she uses her Degree in Child Psycology.  She's an educated nut and she does have the right degree. Because she's clearly a Phyco.
Replied By: aprilk77 on Jun 19, 2014, 12:36PM
i too believe that debra tricked rebecca, i do believe her motive was good at first but itg ot out of hand and become what we saw on the show. my heart goes out to rebecca i know how she feels 11 years ago i was acused of something i did not do and was not proven. because of my daughter's grandma and for the fact that the judge should have steped down knowing he had a case with my daughter's dad when he was a minor. what is wrong with people just because you made mistakes with your kids does not mean you have the right to take your grandchil/children and come up things that are not true. course i live in the state of nv so its a screwed up state as is. i also think this thing with being able to automatically take parental rights away from people needs to be reloo-ked at. to this day my daughter does not who i am or who her dad is just know that we are her aunt and uncle. so she is living in lies.
Replied By: rnsr4u on Jun 11, 2014, 7:06PM - In reply to cheriebengal
I am shocked by the agenda of the grandmother.  I hope it is clear to the daughter on the show that we all see how crazy her biological mother is and her motive to steal a child that isn't hers.  What is wrong with the courts to allow someone with such a history to be given any rights to that child.  They should be helping the biological mom heal the wounds inflicted by the years in foster care.  That grandmother came across as a monstor with viscious mean intentions towards a child she rejected.  Hiding behind education doesn't change who you are!  I sincerely doubt most everything the crazy lady said.  She dripped of sarcasm and evil.  Dr. Phil should be offering help to the mother to re-gain her child and then provide supervised visitation to the grandmother who is clearly trying to alienate the siblings and mother from the child.  The crazy grandmother couldn't even say sorry to her daughter-just that she understood-there was zero accountability for her own actions.  This one made me cringe.  I hope the court sees through this and re-unites the child to her own mother!
Replied By: kmvillanueva on Jun 8, 2014, 1:03PM
Well today I'm feeling the greatest after my father passed away I may or may not have lost my baby to heaven loss of husband my mother has custody of boy that may not be mine and I need to eat and take my medicine today it is not working for me dr phil and robin have a nice day
Replied By: trashtalker2 on Jun 7, 2014, 4:39PM - In reply to loyalalways
You must be related to Rabecca.  I'm related to Debra.  It's because of knowing from where she came that I can see where she is trying to go for the best interest of her grandchild.   We need to learn to walk in another's shoes before we push them off cliffs.
Replied By: cheriebengal on Jun 7, 2014, 3:07PM
It doesn't matter what the grandmother says. Her whole motive, her whole incentive is to keep her grandchild, no matter the cost, and saying whatever she needs to, and doing whatever she needs to to reach her objective.

The child should be removed from the grandmother immediately. I have no doubt that the grandmother did in fact deceive her daughter into signing papers. Not so much with the black and white print, but with her motives. She probably verbally said lots of things like, we know this is temprary, I'm only doing it to make it easier to take Desiree to the doctor, etc. The daughter believed her and signed the papers fully believing that at the given time, she would return Desiree to her.
Replied By: jaredforrest on Jun 7, 2014, 2:31PM
As I watched this show, it became more apparent to me that Debra is the one with the issues, not Rabecca.

First, she gives up 3 children for adoption, she can't give a straight answer on how many kids she gave birth to, she is in a Social Work Master's degree program to strengthen her position and so on.

She is all over the place.  The fact that she lost a daugher and now has a  replacement with the same name, shows me she clearly is entrenched in her own denial and issues. 

GIve this child back to her mother!  She deserves that chance to parent her, not Debra.  This child is a not an object or possession of Debra's! 
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