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(Original Air Date: 10/03/13) Robbie and Jessica have been engaged for more than seven years, but he says he can’t commit to a wedding date unless she can curb her anger and drinking. Robbie claims that Jessica falls asleep with a can of beer in bed every night, has hit him with an umbrella and constantly undermines him in front of their three children. Jessica admits to drinking a couple of beers at night to “tune everything out,” and says she sometimes loses her temper due to the stress and chaos in their blended household. She claims that Robbie only accepts the son they share -- and not her two older children. Jessica’s mother weighs in -- does she think the couple should get married? Then, hear from Jessica’s older children. How do they describe their mother’s behavior? How do they feel about Robbie? And, exactly what did Jessica’s teen daughter catch on videotape and send to Dr. Phil? Can this family get back on track? Plus, Jessica says she lost 100 pounds in an attempt to get healthy but claims her husband, Brendan, doesn’t support her transformation. Brendan admits that he worries about other men hitting on Jessica -- but is she giving him cause for concern? Jessica shares what happened during the couple’s recent two-month separation that is now threatening to destroy their marriage. Can Jessica and Brendan save their relationship?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: banksoftheohio on Dec 24, 2013, 4:47PM
Story 1:  What a disaster!  I think both Jessica and Robbie can improve with rehab and therapy, but I do not think they should remain together even with "help."  So much damage has been done to those kids; they will be reliving the past and feeling terrible about themselves when they do not deserve it!  I do not feel sorry for Jessica or Robbie because they are grown ups making stupid decisions, I feel sorry for their kids a thousand times.  Like Dr. Phil said the household is contaminated.  By the way, so many are attacking the mother of Jessica, including Robbie's stupid comments on stage (which Dr. Phil totally called him out on), but her mother knows exactly what is going on: she's a part of their family, AND she probably sees herself in Jessica now.  It is not right to ignore her concerns.

Story 2:  I think there is more to this story than what was told.  I would be a fool to believe Jessica lost all that weight just to be "healthy."  Kept going on and on about how she envied the women who could "get any guy they want" just by dressing slutty.  She cheated in the past and she probably has her own agenda now--if she really felt sorry about cheating before, then why would she do it again?  She will probably continue to cheat and keep blaming Brendan.  She has no one to blame but herself.  Like another one of my daytime TV favorites says, "if someone kept accusing you of being a crackhead, would you go out and use crack?"  Jessica claimed she went "Girls Gone Wild" only because of Brendans accusations and insecurities.  I can tell she still wants to be that party girl, she hasn't changed and she won't.  As for Brendan I think he has reason to be suspicious of her, but he has a totally unacceptable way of expressing it.  I understand that he might have said dramatic things to try to get her to listen and pay attention to him, but that does not make it ok.  I think this couple should seek therapy separately and get a divorce.  The cycle will probably continue and with each offense the relationship will worsen. 
Replied By: cupid2011 on Dec 24, 2013, 5:14AM - In reply to dogluver1970
You can get your B.S or your Masters!    I'm positive you can do it.   Othere people have done it and so you can you.  You cannot let fear hold you back.  College is difficult and challenging that's why it is admirable to have a college education.  Learn some memorization methods or some study methods so you can pass your exams. Make some new friends at school to study with. You can do it!!!  I'M POSITIVE!!!!!
Replied By: tom041652 on Dec 23, 2013, 10:26PM - In reply to fastgirl55
I lost weight back in 2003, 220 pounds in 18 months due to Gastric Bypass surgery.  Now my then Girlfriend  was overweight also it didn't change the way I felt about her, never made me feel better than her.  We later married in April 2006 and stayed married till her death.  Of course I was 52 and she was 59 so maybe we were just a bit more mature.
Replied By: cheriebengal on Dec 23, 2013, 9:24PM
This show was a rerun, but I thought the same thing as last time. The guy is definitely from a different upbringing, where there are rules, order and responsibility. He doesn't know how to deal with someone who doesn't follow rules or responsible behavior. He can't walk away, because he would see it as a failure or disloyal (he said his parents were married for 43 years).
Replied By: dogluver1970 on Dec 23, 2013, 9:14PM - In reply to cupid2011
That's nice of you to say...esp since I'm just  a 'lowly' MSW, instead of having a doctorate in psychology, lol (though  I was surprised at how difficult a few of the courses were, in order to earn an MA in psych - ESP applied statistics - yikes!! :)
Replied By: cupid2011 on Dec 23, 2013, 5:30PM - In reply to dogluver1970
Replied By: duckydes on Dec 23, 2013, 5:29PM
I know this show was on before.  Did the first Jessica go in for rehab, stop drinking and raging uncontrollably?  Did she and Robbi get married?  Most importantly, how are the kids?
Replied By: duckydes on Dec 23, 2013, 5:22PM - In reply to fenwaypark9
You are right.  If she thinks men want her now, what if she gets a disease or is in a car accident or something, woulld those guys still want her?  No way; they wouldn't even look at her.  Working on her marriage seems lots more important.
Replied By: fastgirl55 on Dec 23, 2013, 4:57PM
she may look great on the outside but on the inside...and its showing!...she is a selfish immature mess

Replied By: coolduck on Dec 23, 2013, 4:48PM
When this woman, Jessica, tells how she doesn't like her mother for whatever reasons, blah, blah, blah..I can't dismiss that she may have valid reasons for it.  Her mother, her facial expressions, tells me she may not be an easy person to deal with.  Maybe she grew up yelling with her mother in order to release her anger.  So, now she is yelling at her kids the same way.  It seems that shouting is the only way she knows how to deal with rage.  my own mother is self absorbed, selfish, a big bully and she is nasty with many bad behaviour.  My children, now grown, have always said it is like walking on eggshells whenever they visit their maternal family.  My children have never liked going out with their grandmother because sometime, they had to be mediators.  For example, calming their grandmother down when she berates the waiters and/ or diffuse whatever the conflict maybe.My brothers and I have learned from an early age to stay quiet and turn our cheeks to avoid creating a scene with our mother.  We don't like the way our mother behaves.  that is THE REASON my brothers and I try very hard not to yell at our children and not engage in shouting matches with our spouses.  Jessica needs to work on not being the same as her mother.  Whatever she doesn't like about her mother, she should work on not repeating history.   Jessica needs to be aware that her children may ( one day ) say they didn't like her being their mother .  Somebody has to break the vicious circle here.  
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