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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter joins Dr. Phil with candid confessions from his new book, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It. The pop star opens up about his chaotic childhood and the pitfalls he experienced with young fame -- including drug and alcohol abuse. What does he say finally made him turn his life around? And, Nick opens up about the overdose death of his 25-year-old sister, Leslie, early last year. Hear why he says he feels partly to blame for her downfall -- and why he didn’t attend her funeral. What does he say he wishes he’d done differently? Plus, 16-year-old Valencia is a high school dropout and runaway, who admits to doing drugs, stealing her parents’ car and driving without a license. She’s also dating David, a man who’s nearly 10 years older, and whom her parents say has no business being with their daughter. Dr. Phil and Nick weigh in -- can they help Valencia see the dangerous choices she’s making? And, don’t miss part two tomorrow, when the teen’s parents confront her boyfriend for the first time.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ebonie70 on Oct 5, 2013, 3:42AM
I felt bad for Nick. I can't believe his father took a back seat and gave poor Nick the responsiblity to raise his siblings. It doesn't matter how much money Nick was making. It wasn't Nick responsiblity to raise his siblings. The family had ther nerve to blamed Nick for his sister death. He stated his sister has been sick pretty much all of her life. Nick stated that his sister and himself and a tough relationshiop. He doesn't know what happened to her but its his fault. That is crazy! Nick keep being you and keep getting the help and guidance you need. If you family is still toxic sometimes you have to distance yourself from them. You can love them at a distance. Don't bring your toxic family back in your life.

Valenica has Nick's story. The only difference is she didn't  become a pop-star. I was shocked that Doctor Phil didn't ask Valencia's parents why Valenica is doing her parents jobs in raising her siblings. I can't believe they have all those kids and they want there other children to raise them. Crazy! I wish Doctor Phil would have touched on that subject as well.  I am glad Valencia is getting out of the toxic house and away from her so call boyfriend. She doesn't have to worry about getting beat and taking care of all of those kids. That is crazy.  I am glad she gets to focus on what she wants and she gets another chance at life. Good luck Valencia! Thank you Dr. Phil for giving back and wanting to help people in need on your show.
Replied By: whoszat on Oct 2, 2013, 3:39PM
Loved this show great Job Nick!!!!
Replied By: aintnofoolnomo on Sep 25, 2013, 3:50PM
Thank you for sharing your journey through Hell and back to recovery.  You didn't mention how you got clean, so I hope it's in your book.

The sharing you did with viewers and the young lady named, "Valencia" was inspirational.  Losing a loved one to addiction is a tragedy one never truly recovers from, there is a place in one's heart that cannot be mended.  Inspiring others to live their best lives gives them hope and brings your sister's memory back into awareness.

Bless you on all your endeavors and on your impending marriage.  Never let anything get in the way of your recovery; you have something that is pricelss..............your life.

Replied By: craftycanuck64 on Sep 25, 2013, 1:05PM
I do not care, nor is it my business how many children people have.  Have 1 or have 10, but as parents, you should be able to do two things; support them so the government does not have too, (not saying these parents rely on the government) and be the parents to them, do not expect the eldest children to assume your responsibility!

I am not saying they should not pitch in with chores, babysitting (occasionally) etc, but they should not be taking on the role as, ‘parent‘ at a young age.  It is not healthy for either sibling, and can create life long issues. 

Replied By: agentjjp1 on Sep 25, 2013, 5:11AM
Dr. Phil,

I know Nicky on a personal level since he was playing in the garage of one of the executives from TransCon

records Lou Pearlman"s company and creator of all these boy band monsters..! The boys were all vics of Lou Pearlman and the peer pressures of the music industry. I can tell you the real truth and stories behind the scenes of what went on behind the closed doors of this world with TransCon..Lou Pearlman and the rset of his cronies .I am currently writing a screenplay to possible make the movie of what really happened with the Back Street Boys and the rest of the back room stories of TransCon. Thse boys had no clue or the parents what they were getting into letting them sign on with this monster Louis J. Pearlman. I know all of them personaly from back in the days from when we all lived in Flushing Queens N.Y. and we all went to the same grammer school 1-6th grade and Louis J. Pearlman 's mom was the Lunch time monitor for all of us. I first met Nick Carter when they were touring around the high schools to get known by the younger crowds and they were all so inocent what a shame.
Replied By: stargazer225 on Sep 24, 2013, 8:45AM - In reply to fenwaypark9
I'm offended by the comment that Nick Carter had everything and shouldn't whine.  Nick didn't have what everyone wants:  Unconditional love by his parents. In fact, he was expected to do his parents' job and when the kids didn't turn out right, those who threw off responsibility, blamed him.

I wish him the best of luck in this long road back to recovery.  Once you're missing that childhood love, it is so hard to stop searching and be grateful for all that's in your life.  He seems to be on the right track.
Replied By: rocada50 on Sep 24, 2013, 6:21AM
Nick Carter states on the show that his father has a "domineering" personality. Perhaps that facade has been in place to cover up a "fear driven" personality. Nick, at a very young age, was assigned the role as CARETAKER OF THE FAMILY -- BY his father. It appears that EVERYTHING that has occurred in this family since, the good and the bad, was "Nick's responsibility". My hope for Nick Carter is that he continues in his awareness of what IS (and WAS) truthfully HIS responsibility and what IS (and WAS) NOT.
Replied By: bvdkarols on Sep 24, 2013, 12:05AM
Living in the Tampa Bay area.. I remember you well.. and the other band members.  What came out in Dr Phil's 

interview was good to start with.  Keep going to therapy.  Know that people have to make choices just like you are making your choices now, not other people making it for you.  What you went thru at your age/ growing up.. was way too much to handle. . at your age. NOW, look at it.. sort through it , and make good choices and decisions.

Know that , your world of music and the hangers on.. did influence you.. and you did influence your siblings. Also know, that your sister made choices. . everyone in life has a chance to make their own choices. She made her's.

It is also human nature to want to "blame" / place the blame of a death.  Everyone does it. But they must go to the bottom of the barrel and see / know what really brought on the final decisions.. They made that choice themselves.  Not you.. 

Want to place blame, blame the plants and the people who harvest them.. sell them as drugs.  Blame the dealers who sell the drugs. blame the person / persons who was w/ that person when they died. . because they could have stopped them..  but bottom line, your sister made her choices. 

You are making your choices now.. be strong.   It is not up to you to provide for your siblings, that was your mother / fathers job.  Not yours.   They took from you.. you gave because it was easy to try to give to your family.. 

I hope AJ .. is doing well, and he has gotten his life together.. another very talented guy.. who went wild w/ fame.  

Nick.. create your own world.. your own value system.. and make your own choices. Good decisions. . there is so much more power to be had.. when you toughen up and say.. no way / not me.. be strong and do what is good/ right.  so much power there..then. 

Admit , yeah I did wrong.. but NOW>.. I am doing... RIGHT.. good, and creating only positive.. being influenced only by positive.

You have talent, you have great looks.. and the background to be even more creative.. you can influence others .. 

I have always been a fan.. be true to your self..  give the family / fans / and Nick something to be positive about / for !  Be like one of the people.. that was there all along.. the one's who trieds to stop the bad..  now its your turn to .. stop the bad, and interview like this is a good start. 

I would imagine a book would have to be at least a foot deep, just to get it all into.. because I know you went thru so much.. 
Replied By: shutterbug818 on Sep 23, 2013, 10:25PM
It's great you were able to come out and express everything you've been through.  The more people come out about addicitons, tragedies, depression, etc. the less they're stigmatized.

My condolences for the loss of your sister.

Best wishes to you and your future.

God Bless.

Replied By: tbonet on Sep 23, 2013, 8:33PM
I admire Nick Carter's courage to change his life around and trying to make peace with his sister's passing.  I would not blame myself if I were him about his sister's death, her lifestyle was a choice she made.    Sorry for their loss.    I am definitely going to buy his book.
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