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In 2010, the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman grabbed headlines across the nation. Now, more than three years later, the case remains unsolved. Kyron’s divorced parents, Kaine and Desiree, say they have long been suspicious of his stepmother, Terri, who was the last known person to see Kyron alive. But she’s never been named a suspect or a person of interest by police. Shortly after Kyron’s disappearance and new allegations about Terri arose, Kaine and Desiree presented a united front with the goal of finding their son. But just a few months later, the two stopped communicating. In an exclusive interview, the parents reunite for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Hear why Desiree and Kaine say they believe Terri may know more than she’s admitting. What do they think may have happened to Kyron -- and why? And, are the parents willing to put aside past differences and work together again? Plus, Pastor Angel Arroyo assisted in the search for three young women who were found in Ohio nearly a decade after they vanished. He has a message of hope for Kyron’s parents -- and the parents of other missing children.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: puddin2913 on Sep 23, 2016, 1:09PM - In reply to johelpat1
I agree with you . Somthing needs to come of this horrific case. My heart bleeds for this little boy. I do hope he will be found safe. But it is a very slim chance . Dr. Phil should insist that Terri Horman take a lie detector test . Please Please listen
Replied By: puddin2913 on Sep 23, 2016, 1:03PM
Dr. Phil    Please Please , why didn't you insist on Terri Horman taking a lie detector test ? If it was I misses it. I believe that she knows much more than she is saying. I hope with all my heart that he will be found. Dr. Phil please don't let this go. Stay on this case and give us updates .
Replied By: joan9455 on Sep 15, 2016, 7:48AM
The stepmother of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman was called a "prime suspect" in his disappearance by a judge who ruled a $10 million civil suit against the woman could proceed.

The opinion was issued in the civil case filed by Desiree Young, Kyron's birth mother, against his stepmother Terri Horman.

Terri Horman will not be required to answer any questions in the civil suit, since there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the boy's disappearance.

"The defendant is a prime suspect in the investigation," Circuit Court Judge Henry Kantor wrote, explaining his decision to allow the case to proceed but allowing Terri Horman to avoid a deposition that could potentially incriminate her in the criminal investigation

Replied By: strine on Apr 15, 2014, 11:51PM
As I said in a different post, Kyron looks like his left arm is missing in that picture- I think she killed him in the morning and then went to the school to take a picture to photoshop Kyron into. Why haven't the police noticed that his left arm is completely missing in that picture?
Replied By: kichi_momoko on Dec 9, 2013, 3:36AM
What a pathetic excuse for a father was Kaine!  The mother, whilst she had made her mistakes and was paying the price in guilt, was proactively searching for her son and trying to find out what happened. On the other hand, the father was doing the opposite--nothing, and in fact, seemed to be hindering the process.  I do not believe that he did not see that the stepmother did not like the boy. Of course he saw. It was just inconvenient for him to admit it.  He would have seen the little boy suffering with the stepmother but chose to do nothing. And when he was asked,  instead of admitting he had made mistakes, all he could do was deflect and say that little Kyron didn't want to go to his mother's place either.  I am surprised Dr Phil wasn't tougher on this man, who didn't give a rat's a---e about how Kyron felt.  He wasn't there emotionally for his son.  Dr Phil was wrong to say that the two parents  should get together to talk about Kyron. It was obvious from the father's actions that any attempt would have been fruitless and would have lead to more frustration and anger. Communication with such a twat would be like banging your head against a brick wall. I can totally understand the mother not speaking to him for three years.  The father wasn't going to admit ANYTHING-- either about the boy or about the ex-stepmother . He wouldn;t admit to knowing about her alcoholism, her hatred of the child, her unhappiness in the marriage, her emails, little Kyron's unhappiness. What planet was he living on?.  He was in denial and a complete dickhead. Sorry for the language. I feel sorry for little Kyron having such an absent father and an unloving and stupid stepmother. God bless you Kyron.
Replied By: strine on Dec 8, 2013, 10:26PM
Did Kyron have his left arm missing? Because in that picture his left arm isn't there (and it would be impossible to bend your arm above the elbow joint and have your arm behind your back. I think she killed him in the morning and then panicked knowing she needed to find an alibi.

I bet she went in there taking pictures until she got one she could photoshop him into (she's not very good at it if you enlarge the picture). My sympathies to Kyron's Mum because it must be hard living not knowing where your little guy is. I hope this case is solved soon because the police should notice the photoshopping job. I hope Terri gets hers.

He was let down by his playboy father who thought his own wants were more important than looking after his child HIMSELF. Terri was a convenient - resentful- babysitter and that is all.
Replied By: goldenbeach on Dec 8, 2013, 10:24PM - In reply to marn6942
What are you talking about?
Replied By: truth4justice on Sep 30, 2013, 1:16PM
This case is so unbeleivable how 2 people  can sit and convict another through social media. All we have to base ToTerri's so called guilt on is the words of her soon to be ex husband and his ex wife!  Its there way or no way with the media if they arent a teamplayer on their side no story!  Who does that and gets away with it?  There is no evidense she did this Dede been cleared but we don't see that in the media now do we?  I am highly suspicious of people who point fingers and control whats brought out in the media. There is so much more to this case than we know.  I would bet  even the Dr Phil show had stipulations put on them of what couldn't be discussed by both of them. What i cant wrap my head around is these bio parents have had more oppertunitys on national spotlight to talk about KYRON but its always about them. I could care less who slept with who. This is about KYRON not the dirty laundry. This case is riddled with revenge from the past!  I want to hear about KYRON not anyone else. Put up or shut up about Terri unless you can prove real evidense exists and that in my opionion comes from law enforcement not the bio parents! Not once have I heard a plea for Kyron. many missing cases have had the wrong person accussed and has hurt the investigations and ruined their lives.  We have constitutional rights thank God for a reason and in his case I am glad they are there as welll as for all the familys who have missing loved ones and have been wrongfully accussed!
Replied By: talithag on Sep 21, 2013, 6:32PM
I don't believe Kaine. There is no way that he was as oblivious to his former wife's feelings toward his son.

I hope that Kyron is found. It seems that Kaine is more concerned about making himself look better than in being honest. Kaine made me very angry. It was as if he wanted to behave as if he and Kyron's mom are on equal footing. The truth is, he was living with a woman that did not care for his son and had been neglectful of all of the children. She was passed out on the sofa instead of supervising and caring for the children (by his own admission).

I don't believe what he has to say and I am very angry at the way he is trying to share blame with Kyron's mother as opposed to dealing with his own neglect of his son. Shameful

Replied By: alanameza on Sep 19, 2013, 10:07AM - In reply to tbonet
I understand now that if law enforcement arrests Terri without enough evidence, she can be released and they can never try her again in court (I understand now why they haven't already arrested her even though they probably know she did something with Kyron). They don't want to risk her getting by with doing something with Kyron, although I feel they will eventually get enough evidence to bring her to justice at least I pray they will. Also, why didn't the mother have custody of Kyron--why did that  Dad get custody of him when all he wanted to do was work and didn't care how his new wife treated Kyron. The Mom is a loving Mom she she should had Kyron in the first place not the Dad---he acted too irresponsible about his precious son. I pray for Desiree that she gets justice for Kyron very soon.
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