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Dr. Phil enlists the help of professional locator Troy Dunn to help find Cindy and her husband, Rick, a homeless couple who have been living in the flood tunnels beneath Las Vegas for two years. Cindy’s four daughters say they desperately want a relationship with their estranged mother -- if she can clean up her life. After finding the couple in their underground home and learning how they survive day to day, Troy offers them a chance at redemption, and Cindy and Rick pack up their belongings and travel to Los Angeles. Will Cindy have the courage to face her four daughters and answer their tough questions? And, Cindy opens up about her past -- learn what happened in her childhood that may play a part in the destructive choices she’s made. Then, Dr. Phil offers Cindy and Rick a plan to get their lives back on track, clean and sober. Will they grab onto the lifeline?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: hedyreed on Aug 3, 2015, 4:31PM
Can someone please tell me how they are doing I am related to Rick and lost contact with them you can send me a email and I will give you my info so you can get a hold of me hedyreed@gmail.com 

                                                                               Thank You  

Replied By: hedyreed on Aug 3, 2015, 4:27PM
Can someone please tell me how they are doing I am related to Rick and lost contact with them I would love to know how they are doing
Replied By: bryanc11 on May 22, 2014, 3:14PM - In reply to kelsov
About 13 months clean so far. Only time will tell.
Replied By: kellierokjer on Jan 28, 2014, 6:44PM
when does the 2 part outcome show come on???
Replied By: goldenbeach on Oct 3, 2013, 12:55AM - In reply to kelsov
I agree with you, but remember the show is edited.  There might have been another hour of talkng which we don't see.  But all of that hate and anger and not much else seems to me to be enough to send her scuttling underground again.  Too much to handle.  Only one daughter's first wish was that her mother get well.  Hopefully if they all get treatment there will be some healing occurring.
Replied By: pspj2008 on Oct 3, 2013, 12:13AM
I have woroed with those who have addictions and know that they can say all the right things when asked and all of the exucses in the world when it comes to taking responsibility for their own actions - so I am curious as to what happened with the mother. Did she stay in rehab? It is such a long and horrible journey and so many new thought patterns have to be made... so I am wondering
Replied By: kelsov on Sep 21, 2013, 9:54AM
I haven't stopped thinking about Cyn and Rick since the show aired. They seem like lovely yet very broken people who desperately need support and help. I was confused by the girl's reaction to their mother. They wanted her out and then they bombarded her with hate and anger. I understand that they have so much pain, but there is a time and place to deal with this. Just getting their mother out of the tunnel is a big deal, so couldn't they wait until she received some therapy and counselling before they berated her? I'm not a professional so I'm sure Dr. Phil knows what he is doing, but I just felt sick after watching this show.

I will be waiting for updates on this situation and really hope for the best possible outcome for this family.
Replied By: coffeegirl64 on Sep 15, 2013, 5:18AM
My long response probably had tons of typos, sorry about that.  Didn't think to proof it till I'd hit submit.
Replied By: coffeegirl64 on Sep 15, 2013, 5:14AM
And this is one of the vew shows that compell me to find the message boards!  It made me so extra sad and heck, I felt hopeless on that mom's behalf.  I can say that I've been a dauter in this situation.  My family could probably qualify for a Dr. Phil episode,..my dad was abusice in every sense, strung out on drugs and has been living on the streets.  Who knows if he is still on the streets now, I can't say for sure.  Mom enabled a lot of bad behavior and chose him over just taking basic care of us soooo much.


The thing is at some point I had to accept that those people can't give me a thing that they don't have and getting revenge on them or making them feel my hurt doesn't solve much I don't think.  I know that's one area that is different...but I've not yet seen how it's useful to tell my mom all about how she failed me.  They didn't "choose" to screw me over and telling myself that in my mind just adds anger.  But knowing that they didn't think they could operate without the drugs, alcohol and crazy.  I was an unfortunate casualty, but they didn't sit down and choose that.  That's too much about me, sorry....just trying to say that I promise I'm aware of the pain, frustration and resentment of living without the basic love, safety and support that you are supposed to get from a parent.  

But watching that family sit there today, I thought...do the motives matter in such a reunion?  I know that the daughters have every right to be angry and none of us know what they went through but does the show make sure that motives are to help the whole group rather than help get some sort of revenge or add more hurt and pain to an already hurtful and painful situation?   I mean I could seriously tell that a couple just wanted thier mom to get help and get safe and that's beyond admirable!...but I did wonder if the staff did talk to them to make sure that they didn't just want a chance to confront her and make her feel more like trash because she made them feel like trash back then. When you are deeling with an evil person, that's fair.  Get revenge, tel'em off and move on.  

But this lady is a sad and terribly broken person (that could be mentally ill underneath it all)  that seems to have been struggling forever just trying to make sense out of the craziness that is her own world that she too didn't ask for.  She did make terribly horrible choices with  her kids and I know they have stories to tell that would make us cry.  But as I watched her sitting there and all of them kind of pounding her with "you did this, that and the other thing..." and of course, she took it and didn't offer any extra because she knows full well how horribly she screwed up....I wondered.  What incentive does that poor soul have for NOT killing herself?   What would make her not walk right out of there and end it al?

She has been medicating to forget all the horribleness that is her past....so if she gets off drugs, she's now stuck with that horribleness in her head plus a life and family that really she can't manage now. She was trying to say that in the tunnell interview...she knows she can't be "a mother" even an adult child mother.  I'm not sure if anybody told those people, but that lady cannot, for any amount of money, be who they think they are missing.  It just made me so sad to watch it all and think if they really are seeking relationship, do they know it's not a mother-daughter relationship that they can possibly have?

But she does seem like beneath it all, her heart wants to do the right thing and she does love them and so wants to makeup for the pain she caused them but as a commenter mentioned earlier, she has a debt that she can't possibly repay.  No amount of years of goodness well make up for that, so then what...does she just stick around and be sober to be an emotional punching bag for them in life as they run into situations where they KNOW that a different past would have them feeling differently today?  I have those days....when I suddenly realize that a peer is doing smething or has some extra foundational thing that I didn't have and is now kind of living a benefit that I'll never get to know. Ex. I'm very, very paronoid and terrified of a lot of things....I know where that came from and I know that others do fun and exciting things because they don't have that little piece of baggage that I'm sitting home "safely" with.  I could call up my mom and yell "look what you people did to me!"  but that would not help anything...I just have to start working on moving myself passed that "thing".  But even if I did do that, she has some support, she has NOT been on drugs all her life so she has friends ot call and who can help her feel better.

And so I just wonder....what does this lady have?  If she gets clean, gets sober, probably won't get back with her husband because he probably won't be able to stay clean.....she'll have 4 very angry daughters that might like having her around for revenge purposes.  She won't be able to be what they want, so she'll just be there to get it wrong and disappoint them again and again by not being the grandma that they want her to be.  They have every right to thier anger, no doubt but really...I just wonder will she kill herself?  She's been in a tunnel for years, she doesn't have any healthy connections or love from other people to lean on?  She certainly can't require or expect love from her kids (and they don't owe it to her) but if she can't expect love from anywhere, i'm thinking....why wouldn't I kill myself if I were her????  Or go back to drugs.  

I think drug addicts have to fill that hole with something and a family that loves them is a good part of that...but if you don't have a something to fill it with, then what?  it just makes me sad.  I hope that someone does have compassion on her enough to do right by her rather than just getting her healthy enough to hear the complaints of what she did wrong.  :(
Replied By: albnoflash on Sep 8, 2013, 8:27PM
Dear Dr . Phil, I know ur the professional but I was very disappointed on how you handled the mother from the tunnel meeting her kids a again. I've been through 2 years of group therapy and the simplist solution to get over parents and what they might have put you through and robbed you or destroyed your childhood is to do the following. Write your anger  down in a letter to the parent and express all the anger that you feel. Myself and all Kids have to realize that they are trapped to thinking that because they are ur parent they are God-like and perfect.  Wrong, you have to accept them for what they are simply "Defective human beings". A woman as fragile emotionally as that mother did not need to hear all that grief of how bad she was to them and she cuased pain in their lives. I offered my parents my compassion for setting me up to see them as Gods but realizing that they were just two defective human beings who knew how to make babies. In all their bad choices and misdirections somehow they instilled in me the skills to become a self-reliant and independant productive human beings, Huigs Philip Chester Greenfield.  And you know "Philip" is a Greek name which means "Lover of horses"
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