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When Dan and Teresa first appeared on Dr. Phil, they sought help for their 16-year-old identical twins Drew and Dallas, who they said were destructive, dangerous and abusing drugs. The parents admitted they had lost control of their sons. Following the show, the couple agreed to send the boys to separate wilderness camps. Two months later, do Dan and Teresa still stand by their decision? And, watch the boys reunite for the first time since being sent away. Have they made a change for the better? Then, when Lane met with Dr. Phil, she was a single mom struggling with drug addiction. It’s been almost a year -- how is she now? And, New York Times best-selling author of Running with Scissors Augusten Burroughs joins the show to share his journey toward sobriety, and the common triggers for relapse.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: upsydasy on Jul 21, 2013, 7:55AM - In reply to d_julia
Another point that I thought was important to make is that the twins are far from out of the woods yet.  I’m glad Dr. Phil and his team offered them another 90 days of follow-up therapy, but I fear that the mother who appears especially co-dependent will get in the way of their recovery.  She in particular seems to be the most controlling and the least interested in going to therapy.  The extraction itself was total chaos when it shouldn’t have been and almost failed because of her.  Her sons' road to recovery may also be in jeopardy because of her inability or unwillingness to listen to the experts and by the same process, face her own demons.  Dad just seemed lost and unable to stand up to his wife.  One therapy session is hardly enough and is usually aimed at identifying the problem then outlining the steps that must be taken in order to solve it - hardly a good time to stop going.
Replied By: d_julia on Jul 19, 2013, 3:15PM
I congratulate Drew and Dallas for their hard work over the past few months and their hard won changes. I truly hope that you will continue to value yourselves and the clean and positive lives you have created for yourselves!
What saddens me is that the parents did NOT care enough to do the work they needed to do to improve their own parenting, communication, and personal styles. Shame on you both!! You come across as two parents who just wanted the boys "fixed" and weren't willing to face and improve your contributions to their bad behavior and situations.
Shame on you, shame you, shame on you. These boys NEEDED for you to make the effort and you did little of nothing. Disgusting.  
Replied By: blazefaith on Jul 19, 2013, 3:13PM
I just wanted to say...I went to a recovery center in surry B.C. Canada. ?...and I get frustrated when people call it a desiease....I got some great tools  to deal with life....every day I am a better man than I was yesterday....and that is what its about...I am no victim I am in control of my actions anything that happens in my life is because I want it to happen bad enough...
Replied By: marcia414 on Jul 19, 2013, 2:58PM
So glad that I tuned-in today.  I watched the show back in Feb 2012 and I'm glad to hear that the twins are doing well.   This show motivated us to take action with our son.  However, when a child does go to wilderness it is Highly suggested that your child does not return home but go directly to another program such as a boarding school that specializes in the roots of the problems.   Wilderness is not rehab but it is an "X-Ray" as to what is going on in your Childs life.   I was surprised by Dr. Phil's show making it seem as though wilderness  was the answer and will make everything better, not true.  It helps to identify behaviors, triggers, etc... Our son continued on to a therapeutic boarding school that he has been attending since last August.  He is doing well and is getting ready to graduate.  Hopefully, college will be his next step.  We are uncertain of his future as he is still growing-up and maturing.  We have done all that we can as parents and done this with no regrets!  He has  wonderful counseling at his school  as we have as well but all of this has come at a very large price tag.  That being said, this has been a long road and we still have a long way to go.  Its about taking one day at a time and not resorting back to past behaviors that have caused so much distress.  One last thing to mention, get an Educational Consultant to help.
Replied By: photorose on Jul 19, 2013, 2:07PM - In reply to dwrona
Replied By: photorose on Jul 19, 2013, 2:07PM
There has been way too much coverage of the Travon Martin story...shame on you for adding to it.  The jury has spoken....end of story.  If TM had smashed GZ head one more time and he had died there would would be zero coverage. I do not  think TM would have been charged; it would have just been a confrontation gone terribly wrong.   I will not be watching.  People that want to further divide this country are dragging it on and on. 
Replied By: marcia414 on Jul 19, 2013, 2:04PM - In reply to bubbalat
I have a son that went through this last summer, shortly after watching Dr. Phil last February, we decided that this is what we needed to do.  Well, here we are over a year later and our son has gone straight from wilderness to a private theraputic boarding school.  We were told and do believe that your kid cannot come right home, they need to go  directly to the next step.  We have friends that did return home after and it did not last long, they went right back to old ways.  Some students that our son goes to school with had to do Wilderness twice.  Get an educational consultant to help you with the next steps, it really is worth it.

Replied By: dwrona on Jul 19, 2013, 1:40PM
Wow!  I had more respect for you and Robin to even think you would touch this.  But here we are.  TM did not deserve to die, & GZ should not have shot him, but it's OVER!  The family of TM wanted a trial, they got it!  GZ was declared "NOT GUILTY".  Now, the Martin family and their lawyer keep beating a dead dog?  I won't watch this show.
Replied By: jc4bear on Jul 19, 2013, 1:35PM
I have a daughter who sounds similar to Drew and Dallas.  We have tried several things.  She continuously expresses anger, hate and disrepect toward us.  She threatens and intimidates us.  She lies.  She has broken things and taken money from my wallet.  She is a good and kind-hearted girl, but is mixed up with people who only use her for her money and transportation.  She has acknowledged this, but continues to do it.  We question drug use as well. We have looked and asked for lots of help.  I feel we are under the clock, as she turns 18 in October.  Either she will move out, or my husband is ready to kick her out, thought she won't graduate until June 2014.  Added stress is that my husband has been unemployed for over a year, so cost is always a concern...but we need to do whatever we can to change the path she is on.  Where can we go for help?
Replied By: bubbalat on Jul 19, 2013, 12:45PM
My son is currently at a program through Aspen and I was wondering if the twins had to tranisition to private school or did they go back to their prior school?
It's so comforting to see this program works!
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