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Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend, Gary, has been charged with the first-degree murder of 20-year-old Heather, and Charlotte says she blames herself. She accuses Gary of victimizing her physically and sexually for years and claims she failed to tell the whole truth to prosecutors when Gary was charged with first-degree assault with a deadly weapon against her, thereby allowing him to serve minimal jail time. Now, hear from a lead investigator in Heather’s case -- can Charlotte help prosecutors -- and will she? Then, Charlotte’s former live-in nanny makes another allegation against Gary that she says happened when she was just a teen. What did Charlotte know? And, Charlotte’s husband, Race, says his wife is hung up on her abusive past and their marriage is suffering. Can Dr. Phil help save this union? If you are the victim of domestic violence, tune in to find out what you must do to protect yourself.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 16, 2013, 10:50PM - In reply to username17816
Don't judge someone unless you've walked in their shoes. It's a known fact that women being abused are truly afraid to leave. They're either threatened that they'll be killed or they've been warned that a family member will be killed.  It's easier said than done to just up and leave. If you were in the same situation, you would be no different. Abusers are experts at manipulation. People need to be more compassionate toward abused women. They aren't staying in the situation because they enjoy it.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 16, 2013, 10:45PM - In reply to mharris732
I'm very sorry about what your grandfather did to your family. I hope that Dr. Phil reads your message and can get you the help yor family needs. Nobody should have to live in fear of ANYBODY.

As for the couple in the story, I thought Dr. Phil handled the whole thing with a lot of compassion. I'm glad he was able to convince the husband that he wasn't being fair to his wife. PTSD isn't something that just goes away because someone else says 'get over it'.

Too many people are very quick to judge before they know or understand the full story. I'm sure that this husband thought he was doing what he was supposed to do. However, he was just making things worse for her. I'm hope he'll be much more considerate of her feelings from here on.
Replied By: sharonhead on Jul 15, 2013, 11:09PM
Dr. Phil, I am so glad you have decided that she has PTSD.    I went through the PTSD but it took me 10 years when I met my new husband in 1981.  I started being a "crazy" woman to my husband and treating him really badly.  We finally went to therapy (thanks to the Houston Police Dept. Psych. Services).  The Dr. t here said I was doing to him before he did to me because I had PTSD.  I had been in a bad abusive marriage years earlier.  So we both began to go to therapy and I learned to th ink before I acted and really treat h im like the wonderful man he was.  We now have been married 31 years and have a wonderful  marriage.  Her husband just need to be patient and go to the therapy that she and he need and they might be fine,.
Replied By: mharris732 on Jul 15, 2013, 7:46PM
My children's maternal grandfather is a ku klux klansman, and a governent informant. The Justice Department has targeted both me and my children for years. Most recently I have been unable to work in my profession as a pilot as my FAA records have been tampered with. I have been targeted by the IRS, DOJ, and FAA with crimes against my family putting our family in crisis. Both of my sons suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being victims to and witness to brutal crimes including kidnapping, human trafficking, and witness to murder. I need to get my story out for the safety of my family as the stalking has resumed by this serial killer even after we moved to another state.
Replied By: username17816 on Jul 15, 2013, 7:37PM
I don't want to sound cruel, but if a man was so abusive to me, beating me, leaving me naked and chained out side, there is no way I would not call the police and leave him. She told Dr phil she had no where to go, but when the boyfriend became abusive toward their son, she went to her parent's home. She is weak and without much backbone...she needs help. Plus she foolishly gave money to his mother to help bail him out?!! Unreal!
Replied By: ordinaryhuman on Jul 15, 2013, 6:35PM - In reply to jenkeelty
One of the saddest things about humans is that people who hurt others rarely change.  The reason for this is that they have to endure some psychological pain in order to accept responsibility for what they have done.  It is easier to dump the hurt on the other.
Replied By: alih5308 on Jul 15, 2013, 4:39PM
I came in on the last part of the show but in listening to the woman for only a short time I knew she had PTSD. I am glad Dr. Phil said there was specialized treatment and that she would get it. As for the rest of us, I wish we with PTSD could get the same kind of help that alchollics get with AA.  It would be nice to have a group and a sponsor or mentor to help us get through the day. He said this woman couldn't find the off ramp. I can't find the on ramp. I wish I could afford that specialized help.
Replied By: joebaxter on Jul 15, 2013, 4:36PM - In reply to sspankss
Dr Phil was trying to explain. What this woman is experencing is like P.T.S.D.. The trauma's feels as fresh now as it did when it happened. You don't "just get over it" . I haunts you, over and over again. She is not a drama queen. Believe me, she would like the hurt to go away but  doesn't. It makes you scared and hurt all over again. She needs therapy to "get over it". It shows a certain amount of insensitivity on your part by your comments. The abuse she suffered will affect her until she gets the therapy to get past it.
Replied By: joebaxter on Jul 15, 2013, 4:21PM
I was married for 27 years to an abusive man. He was psychological /mental./and physical abusive. He was controlling but I always thought that I could handle it. I did not realize the toll it was taking on me and our children. that became apparent  after I left him. I was aware that he was hard on me but I really was not aware of how my son and daughter paid the price for me staying so long. I joined an abused woman's support group and learned of  how his treatment  of me was affecting me and my children. To this day, my son especially, suffer from mental abuse from their father. I am afraid to start a new relationship with any man because I don't want to be controlled again. I value the idea of making my own decisions and being able to do what I want when I want. I am afraid of what is in store for my son and daughter in the future. Are they doomed to have similar atitudes like their father. My son says he doesn't want to be like their father. I see, in his actions and words, alot of his father's ways. That in itself is distressing. Both of my children want me to be friends with their father. I have no desire to be friends with him. My daughter is frustrated that he and I are so bitter towards each other.   I really don't know how to get past that feeling.  My question is how do I leave all that behind?  I live in the same city as my exhusband and my children. I can't see me living anywhere else. I would like to have a new realationship with a man who will treat me right but it scares me to dealth to put myself out there. How do I do that?
Replied By: jmyers01 on Jul 15, 2013, 3:43PM - In reply to sspankss
In this day and age where safe houses are talked about why on earth did she not grab her son and run not walk to the nearest police dept  her story is a little bit too hard to believe
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