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When America’s Next Top Model contestant Jael first appeared on the show, she was addicted to drugs, and her life was spiraling out of control. After one of the most explosive and unpredictable interventions in Dr. Phil history, Jael reluctantly agreed to travel to Los Angeles and see Dr. Phil -- but seconds before appearing onstage, she took off running. For the first time ever, Dr. Phil left the stage to go outside and speak with the 28-year-old behind a dumpster, and convinced her to stop running and seek treatment. It’s been six months -- how is Jael now? Then, 41 years ago, Karin and Tommy placed their child for adoption. Now, they say finding him is a matter of life and death. They contacted professional locator Troy Dunn to help with the search. Is he able to locate him? And, Tony says 15 years ago, his girlfriend left with their 3-year-old son, Mitch, and he’s been searching for him ever since. Seven months ago, Tony was contacted by police and informed that 18-year-old Mitch was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles alone, emaciated and confused, after allegedly being held captive by his mother and stepfather. Where is Mitch now? And, why does Tony say he still hasn’t been able to see his son?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: aldee123 on May 28, 2013, 6:01PM
For the couple that put their son up for adoption 41 years ago. I want you to know ..Karin , don't ever think for one minute that God punished you by not letting you have more children. God is so proud of you! You did the ultimate hard choice, but you choose LIFE! It s the harder road to choose, but you choose it because you wanted a better life for your son. Then you gave another couple the best gift a mom could ever give .... A son. I think y'all r angels. I know God in Heaven will have a special gem in your crown for the selfless act you did for your son. I have a little girl that my husband and i adopted two years ago and she is the best thing I've ever received !! I feel her birthmom is my angel on earth. My husband and I lost 10 babies and wanted another child so bad and this young lady did that for me , I thank God everyday for My daughters birth mom . a thanks for wonderful people like you and your husband! Thank u!
Replied By: ardisrose on May 28, 2013, 3:33PM
It's great that he had a good life and got to meet his bio parents :) But they shouldn't feel guilty because they gave such a great gift to someone else! I myself am waiting for that kind of a gift. Birth parents are angels without wings, and I am glad this turned out so well for all of them.

Love adoption stories!
Replied By: heatherlb26 on May 28, 2013, 2:30PM
I think what Troy Dunn does is amazing! My mom got pregnant with me at 21 yrs old but was not married to my father. Mom said I saw him when I was 4 yrs old, but I don't recall that meeting when he was with a new wife who was pregnant at the time. About 6 mos after I turned 16, my aunt had a friend who was a detective, and because my mom was able to remember my dad's SS#, he located his last known address and gave me the info about 8 pm on a Wed. night. Withing an hour, I packed a bag and my mom and I hit the road from Mount Juliet, TN, to Thomaston, GA. I had all the typical questions a kid would... Why didn't you want me? Why was my mom not good enough to marry but you quickly found someone who was? Why didn't you try to find me? I arrived on his doorstep about 6 am to meet him, his wife, and 2 sisters. As soon as I saw him, it was like looking in a mirror, and all my anger fell away. I finally saw where I got most of my features, my personality traits, and definitely my sense of humor as we spent the day together. Turns out, he DID try to find me, but because my mom had married and moved several times, he didn't know where to begin. While there, I met aunts and uncles and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, both my grandparents had already passed. Sad to say, within 2 yrs, dad's wife left him and took his girls away to be with another man. But good for me, he headed straight for TN. For the last 20 yrs, he has lived only a few short miles from me. He has been here to see my sons born, and we all have a great relationship and spend time together as often as we can. I'm so glad I made that trip, and I wouldn't have done it any other way! So if you have a long lost parent, take the opportunity to find them! The circumstances which kept them away may not be as bad as you think. And it never hurts to try!
Replied By: isaac18 on May 28, 2013, 2:15PM - In reply to deblynch2
Wow what opinions you have! I love how you say young people can have kids and live with mom and dad. People like you with your mindset are a huge problem in this country, I guess they should go on welfare too right?
Replied By: mommyrock on May 28, 2013, 12:54PM
I absolutely love the shows with Troy Dunn on them.  That man does God's work!  Having found out I had an older brother I didn't know about when I was 13 and then meeting him for the first time when I was 18, I guess I am just partial to stories where family members are brought together.
Replied By: deblynch2 on May 28, 2013, 6:47AM - In reply to fenwaypark9
why would anyone think that, if they would have kept their baby and struggled a little while, they wouldn't be in this boat. It is a very selfish act to give up a baby
Replied By: deblynch2 on May 28, 2013, 6:40AM
people that aren't adopted think it is sooo great for people to give up their kids for adoption.WRONG, no one can love you like your own family can. I know all the adoptive parents will boo hoo that they do but it is not true. And it is not a SELFLESS ACT giving up a baby, it is a SELFISH  act. So you have to work an extra job or ask for help or live with your parents for a while to keep the baby. It is but little sacrifice and things will work out in the end. I think more people should try harder to keep their babies instead of giving them to strangers. Boo Hoo, i know all you know it alls will disagree with  me. I am adopted and I wish my parents would have kept me. It is important to belong to your own family. You know your own heritage, your own medical concerns, etc. etc. Adoption sucks. sorry to disagree with you Doctor Phil. Keep making the people giving up these babies feel good about themselves when they are really just being selfish and refusing to struggle for a while. that's what happened here, they gave away their son and can't have more so now it's like oh, we made a mistake, i was disgusted by the whole show.it is time to face the facts people try keeping your babies, they are part of you for God's sake
Replied By: jezziebezzie on May 27, 2013, 10:39PM - In reply to marianparoo
How 'bout ya watch the show? She had a form of cancer with genetic markers & was terminal. She wanted him to know so he (and his child) could be tested for it. His biological father also had diabetes & heart disease.

They were a beautiful couple, and it was a lovely story to watch. I cried for t least 1/2 of it.
Replied By: jezziebezzie on May 27, 2013, 10:35PM
I'm inclined to agree. Jael's words seemed slurred & her affect was very slow and cautious. My hope is that what we're seeing is something mild (and prescribed with her condition considered) combined with her getting used to her new teeth.
Replied By: sherwood26 on May 27, 2013, 6:21PM
I teared up at the end of the first story where it said the lengths that Dave has gone to make a connection with his birth parents since the show.  What an amazing gift he is giving to them.  So nice to hear an uplifting story about such fine people making a connection like that.  Prayers to all of them as they go through the difficult times ahead.
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