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(Original Air Date: 05/24/13) Darcy says that her sister, Jennifer’s, home is in a state of complete chaos. She says Jennifer and her husband, Ralph, have no rules, their kitchen is bare, the electricity is often shut off, and they put their needs ahead of those of their four children -- who are acting out as a result. Darcy says her nephews, 8 and 10, smoke marijuana, play with weapons and recently started a local forest fire -- and that the 10-year-old once wrote a note asking for someone to kill him in his sleep. She says her 12-year-old niece was recently called to truancy court, and her 16-year-old niece is having unprotected sex in the home with her older, live-in boyfriend. Ralph concedes that he’s struggling to provide for his family financially and has made mistakes as a parent but says Jennifer is to blame, claiming she’s checked out as a mother. Jennifer admits she’s detached from her family, struggles with depression and has trouble maintaining the household. With this family in dire need of a resolution, Dr. Phil stages a no-nonsense intervention. Are Jennifer and Ralph willing to take the necessary steps to save their family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: deballen15 on Apr 19, 2017, 2:15PM - In reply to skbruning
No, Dr. Phil is probably reading the same Bible, but doesn't interpret it to the extreme that you ultra-conservative Christians do.  He's probably also taking into account that the entire country is not Christian per se.  I do not believe anyone has any right to push their religious agenda on the rest of the country.  And HOMOSEXUALTY?  Dr. Phil has probably already learned  from scientific studies that homosexuality is innate; you are born either gay or straight.  Every gay person I have ever known talked about knowing they were gay as young as six or eight years old!

Please, Dr, Phil, keep on keeping on!

Replied By: lambiesmammie on Aug 24, 2013, 1:09PM
i had to hit rewind several times and then i hit closed caption because i could NOT belive it  when dr phil said a lot of 5 year old had pocket knives? What parent in there right mind would allow that .
Replied By: theotherguy on Aug 24, 2013, 11:33AM
This show and others during this past week ( 08/19/13 to 08/23/13) brought up some painfull memories during my infancy, through childhood and adulthood. I admire Dr. Phil PhD and his staff for the continuous presentations of the American family and the difficulties some create and are willing to deal with on the international stage. The stop, take a look at and how we (they) go from here is impressive and heart warming. Structural reconstruction offers hope for them and provides options for the rest of us. Further, offering assistance for the perpetrator(s) is amazing and beyond my skill set currently. Most of the people in the group I grew up with (not by choice) abhor and fear any change to their continuing evil ways. Every year, especially in August they amass in California for their acts of hate, theft and destruction. When I was very young I provided support and guidence and empathy. Grounded in the Catholic upbringing and direction I received from significant others and from the "village" I experienced as I grew and matured. Therfore, thank you Dr. Phil and your staff and your sponsors for all you do for the American family. Bill


Replied By: once4sure on Aug 23, 2013, 11:12PM
Hi all!  I am a new Registrant.  You show this week was so amazing.  I am a survivor of childhood molest-and rape in my home by an (still to this day???) admired "so-called" family member in the foster home I grew up in.  I, for the life of me cannot understand/much less figure out why I could, to this day keep having intruding fantasies of those mentioned on your show by victim Tonya.  I do not recall those particular incidents to a childhood molester in my life @ that time, nor can remember to this day!? I"m speaking of the "whip-cream & chocolate, water-molest" remembrance by Tonya.  I still am very grieved to this day, even though--I, by societies terms am/have become successful/functional?  It is still so emotionally painful.  The show with Jennifer was also very well done.  I know how a VICTIM feels, when your own mother will not! protect. I cannot relate to that person at all.  He is still her # 1. You can't even believe what I went through my whole life in her house. I also was "sadistcally", first offended by the teenager that lived next-door to us; I still clearly remember that day (I was six yrs old), my 
"foster-mom" just shoved it "under the rug", had me take a bath. I still think I have to be forgiven. 
Replied By: cheriag on Aug 23, 2013, 7:41PM
I was thankful to hear that the children will be able to have a break AWAY from the chaos that includes getting top of the line counseling--what an amazing opportunity for them! The parents can be helped if they are both willing--it sounds like they are. Sure, they have messed up big time, but it says a lot that they came on the show and are willing to take the help. Like Dr. Phil said, they are just doing what they grew up learning and need to learn how to be good parents, etc.If they don't follow through, THEN it's time for child services to step in, but for now, there is a good plan in place.  I feel like there is lots of hope for this family and wish them all the best and hope to see them back on the show with a positive update. No, I'm not looking at the situation with 'rose colored glasses'...I just think we are too quick to condemn others and give up on people. Thank God for Dr. Phil and his staff--they don't give up and they help to change lives of people willing to work at it. Great show!
Replied By: joetouchet on Aug 23, 2013, 6:55PM
I think the best thing that could've happened did. For him and the kids. The did not need that toxic person in their house or life.
Replied By: joetouchet on Aug 23, 2013, 6:51PM
Doesn't all he have to do is prove her infadellity and he should get the kids and make her pay him spousal support
Replied By: joetouchet on Aug 23, 2013, 6:48PM
Dr. Phil 

the mother is so two faced, I would bet my life she has been cheating the whole marriage. Not just the two she admitted to. I have been through the same thing and I know for a fact she is not going to stop cheating. She is so different on camera or when she is talking to Dr Phil. When she forgets about the cameras she is so cold and un emotional. There will be no change.

the father acts like an insecure teenager. They both do not diserve to have those children.
Replied By: lateharvest on Aug 23, 2013, 4:02PM
Replied By: claracaston on Aug 23, 2013, 6:50AM
good going dr phil these kids need help now and the parents need a swift kick . i have a x daughter inlaw that has ruined her daughters live , by not being her mother , but her friend ,we need dr. phil in canada , can we borrow you..>////? please..
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