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(Original Air Date: 05/22/13) Ed says his wife of two years, Johnna, enables her 23-year-old son, Chase, so much that it’s destroying their marriage -- and he’s considering divorce. He says Johnna buys Chase cell phones, applies for jobs for him and even pays his $5,000 annual child support for his 2-year-old son. Johnna admits that she’s easily manipulated by Chase -- so why won’t she put her foot down? Dr. Phil delves into Johnna’s past and discovers a deep source of pain. How may that be affecting her parenting? Chase, who is currently living with his grandmother, says he feels unprepared for the world and blames his mom for his lack of motivation. Can Dr. Phil help him become more independent and start supporting his family? And, can Johnna learn new parenting strategies to stop enabling him? Plus, don’t miss Part 2 tomorrow, when Johnna’s mother, Cindy, reveals some of her own shocking parenting choices. How may she be contributing to this difficult dynamic?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mamakuta on Dec 28, 2014, 2:36AM
Although Johnna's has been has only been in the picture for two years I do not agree that he is to be silent and that this problem is strictly between the mother and the son.  when the son was disrespecting his mother, her husband had every right to stand up for her and let him know that was unacceptable behavior. I think he should've been brought into it a little bit more or maybe asked if he felt he could be supportive of her son it is a family. Even if he is a stepparent.
Replied By: imamosaic on Sep 2, 2013, 3:01PM - In reply to bc1214
It's been a long time since you wrote this so I don't know that you will ever see this but. .. I just wanted you to know I read your story. 

Considering how you were raised, you are well spoken.  You don't sound like you have much in common with your "mother". (Thankfully)  Amazingly. Bravo to you for the insight you have found into your life.

I find it a shame you don't let people get close to you.  So many people are broken and need a kindred spirit that they might feel would relate to them.  They might keep to themselves, because they, like you, don't feel they can relate to "nomal" people. (I find normal people such a joke anyway-we're all broken)  And if we are all  just going along, to get along, what a lonely world this will be.  Thank you for sharing your story, it was touching.

Mosaic- who is one person who finds you have a lot to share.  Good Luck
Replied By: cindy5678 on Aug 27, 2013, 7:13AM
Dr. Phil points out that Johnna obviously loved and nurtured Chase throughout the years, but failed to prepare him for the world. “That was then, and this is now,” he says. “You need to hit the reset button.” 

After all that damage is done, HOW do you set the reset button?  
Replied By: upsydasy on Aug 27, 2013, 6:49AM - In reply to sheena4uk
They walk like drunks on the sidewalk texting or talking on their iphones about the most inane subjects imaginable completely oblivious to their surroundings as well as us old folk who are trying to pass them just so that we can get to our jobs on time.  They’re also oblivious to what’s really going on in the world and what's coming up – their future.  If our parents took the time to teach us that you have to work for the things you want, why did our generation get it so wrong when it came time to teaching the same values to our own kids.
Replied By: darlenedaley on Aug 27, 2013, 4:43AM
Replied By: jennita on Aug 26, 2013, 9:26PM - In reply to mebc74
To take in someone elses kid, raise them and feel as though they are your own is a very special thing that many people do not have the heart for. DNA is not what makes love and caring!  He and you would have every right to have a say in the matter.
Replied By: kimmy197042 on Aug 26, 2013, 6:37PM
I cant believe that the mother has no clue. for one I would not bail him out at all because he is 24 and he should know better not to do anything that hes not suppose to. He has to many excusses and he needs to grow up the one I feel sorry for is the little boy and they should not be fighting around him at all. kids are smart they feel when there is something wrong and for the girlfriend she should leave him how dear he do the stuff that he is doing to her and to spit in her face there is no way i would put up with that at all. I know the step father is trying to help, but he should stay out of it and just be there for his wife and give her the support that she needs and advice. I feel like the son is spoiled and when his son came along then he got jelious. I hope that he gets the help he needs to be a better parent and a better person period.
Replied By: maurboo on Aug 26, 2013, 6:36PM
This "boy", is now a father and it is likely that his son is going go grow up and say "Why was my Dad such a horrible parent." Grow up . Your issues don't matter anymore. YOU are a father. It is time to be the father you never had. YOU do not matter anymore. Your child does. Do you not get this? GROW UP!!! You are a baby in a Mans body-except you have a baby and are an abusive partner.That no matter what you have said is obvious.  GROW UP. And to the mother. Stop it-stop helping your son be a horrible human being. Stop it.You are not only not helping him, you are hurting your GRANDCHILD. STOP IT.!!!!
Replied By: nancydl1 on Aug 26, 2013, 5:15PM
...but when you think about it, it's pretty simple. The son needs a thorough medical examination to make sure there's no physical damage (i.e. concussion) and to assess his mental abilities. The episodes of rage and violence that he doesn't remember are worrisome. If his health and his abilities are normal, the mom and stepdad need to help him make the transition to self-supporting, and they need to do it fast. This won't be easy and it will probably reach the point where he has to be shown the door. But when they do show him the door, he WILL get a job. He knows how to do that. His life is his responsibility. He can sink or swim on his own.

I raised three kids on my own, and I know from experience that it's easy to teach them to work and to enjoy working when they're young. When they're older, they may never enjoy working, but they will work if they need to do so to survive.

It's time for the mom and stepdad to make their own lives, and perhaps their grandson's life, their priority. They can do it. The mom has great inner strength. She has to to have reached adulthood as a normal, functioning human being. I feel good about the future of this family.
Replied By: duckydes on Aug 26, 2013, 3:34PM - In reply to show_fan1
Take it from someone who's been there:  An addict will say and do anything to get their fix, of drugs, alcohol, whatever.  Don't believe them
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