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James says his estranged wife, Jennifer, is being controlled by a religious group that he calls a cult, and he fears his four children may be in danger. He says that after moving their family to Missouri two years ago to join The Fellowship of the Martyrs (FOTM), Jennifer developed an attachment to the ministry’s leader, Doug Perry -- who claims to hear the voice of God -- and their marriage fell apart. James says he soon came to believe that the growing FOTM community was unsafe for his family. He says when Jennifer refused to leave with him, he took their children and left in the middle of the night -- a decision that landed him in jail on kidnapping charges, and the kids back with his wife. Now, out of jail and no longer a member of FOTM, James says he’s fighting for custody of his kids -- and hoping to save his marriage. Jennifer insists that FOTM is not a cult, and she believes that Doug is a prophet of God. Is she interested in reconciling with James? And, does she feel their children are in harm’s way? Then, Dr. Phil talks to Doug. Did he convince Jennifer to leave her husband? How does he respond to allegations that FOTM is a cult? Plus, cult expert Rick Ross weighs in.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mg12345 on Jan 9, 2016, 11:39PM
This man, took advantage of my mentally ill sibling.  He was experiencing his first psychotic break and his bipolar issues had just been manifesting.  He stayed in this cult for almost a month and was brainwashed that this con artist could speak directly with God and my brother could too and he was being attacked by demons. My brother came home after his month of brain washing to give away his possessions and "donate" to this Liberty disaster relief fellowship of the martyrs... He cleaned out an IRA account set up from the inheritance of his recently deceased father, Which was over $50,000 and sent it to this manipulating theif. It was every penny to his name... The time spent under the influence of this person cost a very good but sick person so much, and due to the significant mental illness almost cost my brother his life. He was taken advantage of by someone who he thought was helping him, and instead of getting help, he was stolen from and taken advantage of. The family was too late to intervene to save my brothers life savings, and even after intervening to keep him from moving permanently to this cult, my brother narrowly escaped death from a suicide attempt. Had my brother left to go back I would have probably never seen him again.
Replied By: colonyrhame on Sep 12, 2014, 12:32AM
Wow, after watching the Dr. Phil show , I have to say his mind was made up from the beginning and just waiting for tthe end of the show to put his two cents about Doug Perry.   It was sad how he doesn't understand or wanted to know God ways through Doug.  Dr. Phil took everything out of context for his own glory.

But the glory belongs to God the Father through Jesus Christ and guess what Dr. Phil  Doug knew that with all heart body, soul, and spirit.

Praise The Lord!

Replied By: blueyedangel80 on Oct 10, 2013, 4:53PM
That mother... please, shut your mouth so the educated attorney can speak! Regardless of whether it's a "cult" (which I don't like as a side note), leaving your husband, not getting a proper divorce, having another child with another man, placing your children in the midst of those issues, how dare you AND Lord have mercy! Those poor kids!

To the wife/mother- And the Lord is the only one who has gotten you into submission...? Sounded to me like you lacked respect (talking over people), lacked the ability to keep your anger under submission...

AND nowhere, in the King James Bible that I've read or been taught does God say it's okay to leave your family, stay married, sleep with another man, bring another child into the world, and continue on that path. When Doug said that was for her to deal with with God, that was short for, IT AIN'T RIGHT. It doesn't matter that in this day in age, people shop around for spouses, make babies out of wedlock left and right. BE DIFFERENT! STOP THE CYCLE!
Replied By: strine on Jul 31, 2013, 9:26PM
When he admitted that he studied psychology I knew that he was a manipulator. He knows what to say and how to say it. He yells and instills a sense of urgency like manipulators who try to con people out of their money do. He also does not admit he makes mistakes, because that would imply he can't be a prophet since ideology says prophets are all knowing and don't make human mistakes. However he is very much a human using religion like other's have before to get himself a labour force earning him assets and submissive women to pander to his "needs" (really his human wants- which he is manipulating out of them). This is a major problem with being a needy person i.e. needing other people to validate you- scum like Doug are waiting to talk the talk. I hope the kids are removed back to their father and no longer brainwashed like their mother who has problems of her own (nothing wrong with feeling like you need a purpose- but she is attaching herself and her kids to an abuser). This is also a major problem in our countries where people can get away with almost anything if they claim to be in a religion. Doug is your standard pan handler who will escalate when people will do anything for him because he gets a kick out of that too.
Replied By: winnerszs on Jun 10, 2013, 6:26AM
A person that makes videos of his self destructive behavior as pulling his own beard out should give people any kind of advice?Instead of being defensive he could have used his time on the show by asking DR.Phil for advice.
Replied By: jmethomas on Jun 6, 2013, 8:27AM
How can a father who is not  separated or divorced be arrested for kidnapping?
Secondly, why is there not a social worker in charge of the children case between the parents?

Personal this sound like the Jonestown story all over again.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jun 4, 2013, 11:01AM - In reply to skipoldnavy
God spoke to me in a dream once. my church visitation partner and I were planning to visit a woman, who daughter belonged to our AWANA club. .And I dreamed that I should ask this woman if she could read, instead of asking her to follow along as I read some Bible verses to her. So, when it wheras time to share the verses with her, I asked her if she could read. Turned out she couldn't.
Replied By: psdunne on May 30, 2013, 10:18PM
One might easily argue that nearly ALL forms of Christianity are cults because each veers off in some way from the original Orthodox or Coptic framework, teachings, traditions and translations.
Replied By: justlovejesus on May 30, 2013, 9:51PM
It's interesting how Doug repeatedly saying he wants everyone  to die to their flesh and yet in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS VIDEO, including what appears on Dr. Phil's show are full of rebuttal and arguments. Not, only that, every commentary section of his youtube is being disabled. Afraid of rebuttal from others so he is 'obliged' to engage in fleshly rebuttal?

It's ironic Jennifer repeatedly said she only listens to the LORD and  to no one else's. Yet, she would commit the very detestable thing the LORD commended us not to commit -- thou shall not commit adultery. She obviously doesn't hear the voice of GOD because if  she does, she wouldn't do what she did or say what she said. Any dedicated mature Christian can testify the voice of the LORD is the hardest thing to listen to because it invariably involves in dying to our own flesh! 

I just don't believe GOD calls us to criticize others, but instead to build each other up in the love of Christ.
Replied By: sirrahbed on May 26, 2013, 2:49PM
Dr Phil suggested this was an affair? This relationship is sick and sinful but it is not an affair. It is clergy sexual abuse because of the imbalance of power. Doug is Jennifer's pastor and is using her. Some states consider this a criminal offense.
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