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Michelle admits that three years ago, she faked a pregnancy and stole a baby in a scheme that landed her in jail, charged with abduction of a child under 14. What drove her to commit such a crime? After serving two-and-a-half years behind bars, the 27-year-old speaks out exclusively to Dr. Phil. Michelle claims that she was just borrowing the baby -- who was not harmed -- and she feels that because she always intended to return the child, her punishment was excessive. Can Dr. Phil help her grasp the gravity of her actions? Then, “M.E.” says she’s proud to be a sociopath and recently wrote a book to give the world a closer look inside the minds of people like her. She says she doesn’t have a conscience, seeks to gain power at any cost and that her favorite pastime is “ruining people.” Does M.E. really display the traits of a sociopath? Hear what Dr. Phil thinks.

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Replied By: fabryka on Oct 11, 2015, 11:50AM
Anyone who's ever experienced sociopathic abuse will benefit from reading Thomas' book. There really is nothing like it. Survivors of this kind of abuse are quite damaged-- internally destroyed and there aren't many resources to help them recover. I think  the major sociopath/empath distinction is emotional intelligence. Empaths in the aftermath need to understnad what happend to them and the nature of the person who manipulated and eventually destroyed them. One of the difficult things victims face in the aftermath of pathological abuse is painful isolation. The sociopath in their life has likely isolated them from everyone they know and spread the worst kind of lies about them that they have no where to go and no one to talk to. The severity of deception and emotional manipulation survivors experience is all they are left with in the end, and the quest to "understand" is really the only tool  they have for recovery. Thomas explains her internal nature, why and how she does the things she does. The "why" and "how" are often left unanswered. Not knowing is what keeps the victim trapped in unbearable anguish. Thomas offer's victims a way out. 

I was dissapointed by this interview. Dr. Phil, sensationalized sociopathology and made a spectical out of Thomas--wasted an opportunity to increase public awareness. 
Replied By: irineo on Aug 15, 2013, 11:04AM
If anyone shows lack of remorse, stunted feelings of guilt, rationalizing away shame and remorse, it's the lady who shot the other lady in the face. She acts like she got in a fender bender with the lady or tried to steal somebody's man. This is someone who is missing part of her brain.
Replied By: irineo on Aug 14, 2013, 11:20PM
There seems to be a lot of, "She aint no sociopath, a sociopath is way more impressive than she is". Not sure I agree with that sentiment. She could very well be a sociopath. Trouble is; the science isn't in on what a sociopath is or if that's a valid diagnosis. That's why psychologists just call it, "anti-social personality disorder". That said, heroic efforts are underway to understand the brains of people who can do things the rest of us cannot, seemingly without conscience. I have my own theory.

I think people with their kind of brain damage are caught up in a perpetual compulsive stream of consciousness lying - that is, every thought they have gets headed off at the pass by a powerful impulse to, well, b.s. They say they're non-plussed; yet try to "shame" her over not taking the elevator and she'll become so hurt and bothered she'll want to kill you. Nothing bothers her? They say they're fearless, but they're too cowardly to own up to what they do. They must constantly make us think they're nonchalant, breezy, cold as ice... not THAT is the act. They're insecure. They're easily hurt. They're persecuted. They're constantly worried about what others think of them. And they are capable of hurting and even killing other people. 

Well, imagine how you feel when a rapist comes into your house and rapes your daughter. Such perps have to wear flak jackets. It takes a dozen cops to hold the father down. Now imagine your brain can go into that mode because someone "shames" you over not noticing a sign. 

They claim to be charming and the life of the party; but have you noticed that this is only the case with shallow people. People of intelligence and maturity find them boring. I've noticed that people who find psychopaths just fascinating tend to be the same girls who read romance novels; not to put too fine a point on it - ditzy girls.

Look at the average IQ of the inmates in a max. security prison. It's somewhere around 86. Those people are very charmed by someone who is cold, confident, smashes your head with a ball peen b/c they were ordered to, or you looked at them the wrong way, and of course what they report is, "I dunno, something just flipped, I didn't feel anything, I just smashed 'em, put them under some blankets and then went to lunch..." Yeah, because we're supposed to be in awe of these fascinating alien beings with powers the rest of us don't have because of our weak emotions. What. Evar. It's called compulsive lying. Compulsive rationalizing. Compulsive bee essing.

They're not interesting. They're not neat. They don't have an advantage except in so far as they're willing to do things the rest of us aren't, like kill to make an escape or get rid of a witness. In business, in politics, in war... there are plenty of folks with the ability to accomplish such tasks dispassionately. They don't have to have the emotional part of their brain turned off. Elite special military forces aren't manned by psycos who fear nothing. If you want find psychos, look at porn. Plenty of dead eyed, consciensless, snarling girls there. Or biker bars. Or watch prison documentaries on msnbc. Those you find in banking don't have an advantage. The win in the short term, and then lose in the long term. Here's another interesting tid bit. Did you know that admissions officers of ivy league schools avoid straight A students, valuing instead the essay you write about what you did with yourself outside of school? One admissions officer said that kids who did nothing but get straight A's are unstable. Imagine! (I believe this was Harvard) Well, as I remember school, I'd have to agree. I remember the kids who got straight A's just because it was a way to win, to be on top. They always struck me as loonies... and the smart kids who always seemd to average C's thought the straight A kids were a crushing bore. 

And there was never an evolutionary advantage. Think of a single human being. Much smarter than all the beasts of the wild. That human walking along in the woods is bear food. Now take a group of humans, all physically inferior to the beasts, but now ruling the land they walk on, because when humans cooperate, they become the Gods of jungle. We are designed, we evolved, to cooperate, to get along. Sociopaths are an aberration. There's nothing neat about them. 

Socio's are just brain damaged people who are filled with anxiety, the hurt feelings of a 2 year old, the inability to check themselves when in a rage, the inability to escape the compulsive bee essing of themselves and others, and a compulsive need to convince everyone that they are in fact not burdened by any of these emotions. Sometimes they'll even hint at this. Remember the serial killer who scrawled on the wall, "Please stop me, I'll kill again"? Have you ever had insomnia and sat in bed unable to stop yourself from thinking, then you stop and think, "Ok, now I'm going to stop thinking. Ok, here I am, not thinking, b/c I really need to sleep. This insomnia is too much. I need to find methods of dealing with it. That song keeps going through my head, the one that reminds me of... oh ****, I'm thinking again..." 

So, it's ok to call her a sociopath. Sociopaths are boring and no one in their right mind would want to be one. Unfortunately, she's attracting a lot of people who are plagued with insecurity who want to believe they are cold, nonplussed, unflappable, unburdened by nervousness and fear... just like her. Sociopaths, like all conartists, never have to fear being short on takers; other weak minded people. 
Replied By: strine on Aug 13, 2013, 9:12PM
What was the point of this show? Didn't inform me about anything. Seemed to be about giving them a platform to make fools of themselves while gaining attention and trying to sell (yet another) book on this show. If you took them and threw them in the middle of Africa to survive a day with real problems I'd have watched the whole thing...
Replied By: suec254 on Aug 13, 2013, 8:21PM
M.E. is nothing like a sociopath.  Her behaviours do not fit the criteria.  She sounds like she just picked up a book and liked the sound of it and wants to be one because it sounds cool and is getting her lots of attention.    It's a case of "Look at me, look at me, I'm one of these terrible people, look at me, me!  "  Sociopaths and psychopaths do not analyse and broadcast who they are and what they are doing.  They do not have the objective sense of themselves and their actions in that way.  It's very different. Sociopaths are very driven and just go ahead and do what they need to do to achieve their aim.  And they never label themselves as disordered, that is in fact one of the hallmarks, they believe everyone else is at fault or doesn't appreciate their talents.   M.E.  is an attention seeker and her attempts to fill a void, and her problems with emotion are closer to borderline personality disorder. The stuff with knives is typical of borderline personality.  Her superficial and laughable attempt, pretending to be in disguise writing a book about her problems, are not what a sociopath would do. Sociopaths don't 'have problems'.  It's everyone else.   ME is like a two year old wanting everyone to look at her dressing up game of pretend. If this tactic didn't get her enough attention she'd be back next week claiming to be something else.   It's obvious  Dr Phil doesn't believe she is a sociopath either.  A good lesson in what a sociopath is NOT.
Replied By: untermensch on Jul 9, 2013, 10:42PM
After reading M.E. Thomas' book and watching her on this video segment, and following some hunches about what I've learned about Mormonism, of which M.E. has stated she grew up under, I've come to discover that the culture of Mormonism itself has been rife with extreme narcissism from its very beginnings, starting with its founder, Joseph Smith, himself.

Do a google search for "narcissism" and "mormonism".  Then try "narcissism" and "joseph smith" and read what comes up for yourself.  And then, while you're at it, go a bit further and read all about a subtype of narcissist called the "covetous psychopath", and see if you don't notice Ms. M.E. in any of that.

Finally, do a google search for the wikipedia entry under "sadistic personality disorder", which was originally proposed in the DSM III-R for consideration as an official psychiatric personality disorder, but which was never adopted, OSTENSIBLY under the excuse that it would give sadistic personalities exoneration for responsibility for their actions.  Look at the wikipedia article and read the listed criteria, and tell me if you don't see M.E. there.

M.E. Thomas is a sadist of the narcissistic variety, much of the narcissism being cultivated by the culture of Mormonism itself.  Finally, read Alexander Lowen's "Narcissism: Denial of the True Self", and you will definitely see M.E. Thomas' childhood "upbringing" -- for lack of a better word -- in that book.
Replied By: sbourdeau on Jul 9, 2013, 12:44PM
The first guest was unbelievebly dense and unremorseful. It's very scary that there are people out there that are that stupid to think that kind of behavior is acceptable and that the only part that upsets her is when she got arrested and thought the sentence was too long.If she thinks what she did was alright then what wouldn't she do to try to prove a lie.  Also her comment about ratings (if all your guests were like that I would stop watching the show).

The second guest I think just watches to much TV and has too much time on her hands and needs attention. Her point for coming on the show was to promote her rediculous book, and that silly so called disguise and aparent accent (which I did not notice) was comical at best. I could research on a certain type of behaviour and act that way and probably be a lot more convincing.

I love your show by the way!
Replied By: jennef on May 24, 2013, 10:02AM - In reply to catitab
What accent?

What disguise? A blond wig's a disguise?

A silly,self-absorbed young woman!

Replied By: whoszat on May 21, 2013, 11:19PM - In reply to achelle39
My sister is a sociopath and this lady so isnt one. I know first hand what they are like...they dont even care about their own children let alone their nieces. She has been married 7 times not and is I think  only 45. Its sad and she needs help. This lady does too but she need to wake up first and realize she is delusional. Im sure Dr Phil did more work with her after the show. I like that he showed that there are people like her in the world to the world. :o)
Replied By: whoszat on May 21, 2013, 11:15PM - In reply to lgoldy
I have to say that I beleieve Dr Phil was using his platform to show the world that she is a con artist trying to make everyone think she is a sociopath to sell her book. She was a bad liar and may have some (few) sociopathic tendencies but she indeed isnt one. Dr. Phil is sly!!!
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