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In 2010, in the midst of a contentious divorce, Leah held her estranged husband and father of her three children, Ed, at gunpoint and fired five shots at close range, leaving bullets lodged in his throat and shoulder. Ed survived the attack, and Leah pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree felonious assault and one count of third-degree felony abduction and is currently serving four years in prison. Dr. Phil visits Leah in prison in search of answers. What does she say led her to shoot Ed? What role does she say her then-boyfriend, retired police officer, Mark, played? And, tune in Friday for part two of this exclusive interview when Dr. Phil speaks exclusively with Ed!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: debbier33 on Nov 18, 2014, 11:38PM
I cant believe she got such a light sentence for what she did. It never ceases to amaze me how we manage to justify brutal acts of violence. Yes, there are woman who are victims of domestic abuse and can find no way out, but that was not this woman. If you have ever been in a relationship and terrified of your partner, the last thing you would do is put yourself alone with that person  willingly. The 'meet up' was her idea. She had several affairs and shot her husband. If she was a black woman from a poor area - they would have locked her up and throw away the key - the 4 year sentence is a disgrace, and she is no better than any other violent criminal.
Replied By: quiet14u on Jul 22, 2013, 9:13PM - In reply to amidsthethorns
I understand completely why she pulled a gun on her husband. I don't believe Dr Phil truly grasps what it is like to be a women who has been stalked by a deranged, controlling man.

To have your life, your children's lives threatened, stealing house keys and breaking into the house and leaving notes to say he had been in. In the middle of the night in the dark standing at the bottom of the bed. Rape, physical. mental abuse, threatening to shoot me and any man if ever I dated. Threatening to drive himself and the children off a cliff. Years and years of it. There were a few times the children were so scared he was going to do something that they begged me to allow our two dogs to sleep inside as they were worried he would come and kill them in the middle of the night because he knew how much they meant to me. As a women in this situation when your own family don't know what is going on and you are too scared to call the police you do feel like your choices are very limited.  Restraining orders are a last resort because all they do is flair up the situation even worse and he gloats that the police would not get to the house quick enough if he chose to do something. He managed to fool psychologists, even my own father and brother for years, even after we separated. It has been 10 years since separation, 5 years since divorce. Our youngest child is 13 so I still have to have regular contact with him.

I may not have got a gun and shot him but many times myself, my mother and her twin wished he would drive himself off that cliff just not with the kids in it. For years we stressed every time he took the kids for the weekends. He used them as weapons, has little feeling for them and fortunately has little to do with them now. 10 years on I am still single and never had another relationship.

As for whether or not she should go back to this man, her husband ? .... she needs to run a mile and never look back. She should focus on building wonderful memories with her children but have minimal contact with her hopefully soon to be ex husband. Then she can sit back and watch him self destruct because he will not cope with her being completely out of his life. Please tell her not to go back to him. She is still under his power and influence. 

Replied By: joannhartley on May 12, 2013, 2:41PM
I know that this sounds crazy, but if I had shot my (now ex-) husband when I had the chancem our whole family would have been better off! If I could have been sure to only spend a couple of years in jail, I surely would have shot him!!  When we were first seperated, he stalked me, harrassed me, physically/verbally/emotionally abused me. He stole my daughters key to my apartment one night and was waiting on me to get home (that night ended very badly). After that, I turned it all inward. Eventually, I discovered drugs......not knowing that it would be more than ten years until I would be able to walk away from them.Ir I had shot him, and gone to jail for a little while, we could have salvaged and repaired our marriage and strengthened our children and our family....and everyone would have known: "dont piss mama off or she will shoot your ass!".....our divorce was so hard!! Everyone in our family was affected by it. He and I both went crazy! ...
Replied By: renagade on May 11, 2013, 5:29PM
As I watched I was hoping that he would treat her with respect at the least - I watched as he put words in her mouth so that she was semi-forced to answer his way - law enforcement knows how to teach people to respond in self-defense, but according to phil - her lover cop was again wrong to teach her that. 
Replied By: tbonet on May 11, 2013, 2:35PM
Only four years for shooting someone in the face.    Yes, Leah got off big time because of Ed.   I look forward to the followup show with Ed and their daughter.   For me, if they want to get back together, it is their choice.  If someone shot me in the face, I would never want them in my life.  These two have children so all the best to them.  The ex Cop Mark, makes me rethink our men in uniform, why would he be pushing her to shoot.   I hope Leah and Ed really think out getting back together.   Staying together just for the kids is not a reason in my opinion.      Found the part with the prisoners interaction  very exciting.
Replied By: amidsthethorns on May 9, 2013, 11:18PM
I could understand what was going on in that marriage. After years of his demeaning, controlling and lying to twist reality to his advantage, Leah felt invalidated and powerless. She used other men to prove her value to Ed. The gun was to make herself appear powerful in the face of his threats to deprive her of her daughter. She was trying to right the gross imbalance in demanding the marriage.  I learned that calling the police on my abuser made me powerful.They believed me, respected me, validated my stance thst his battering was wrong and gave him 'consequences'. I would NEVER have introduced a weapon in negotiations with my abusive husband for fear he would use it on me. She must trust Ed not to be physically violent. He must be more into mind and situational control.  

My husband has 3 Domestic Violence felonies and 4 DV Misdemeanors and is now serving a 6-year sentence in state prison. Although he could fool most of our friends, the police, D.A., and Probation pegged him almost immediately! It took a lot longer for me to realize how dangerous he is. I credit these professionals for saving my life when they arrested him.

Replied By: yeacanada on May 9, 2013, 10:38PM
As an average Canadian who is not from a family with hunters I have never seen a gun outside the holster on an officer’s belt. My uncle used to be a collector but didn't keep ammunition and his guns were locked up somewhere. When we visited family in Brandon he wouldn't ever tell us where they were kept and wouldn't let my brother even see them until he was 13. I have a friend who is an avid hunter and all I know is that the guns and ammunition are both locked up separately in the basement and in the garage. So I don't understand owning a gun for any other reason. Other than for hunting I can only grasp the basic theory behind keeping a gun at home but I see many problems that would come with that. I'm not up to date on the gun laws because I don't care, it doesn't affect me; if I lived in a neighborhood where I needed to worry about my neighbors I would come home early, make sure I had a sturdy door frame, and look into moving as soon as circumstances allowed me to move out of the rough area. I wouldn't want a gun any way because which is harder... having my bluff called and either killing or being killed, or being robbed?
Replied By: nancy71658 on May 9, 2013, 8:37PM - In reply to challenged2
I feel for her too..but she had choices...she could left with her kids and walked away....I know this only too well...I walked away...from an abusive SOB and started my life over....I stayed for 10 yrs too long...and when I felt the moment to shoot his sorry ass...I left...I walked away from my custom home that we built...my grown kids with grandkids..my dog..everything we had built...I walked away...I went from a 2700 sp ft custom home to a 700 sq ft apartment and I am 900 miles away from him....We have choices!!
Replied By: nancy71658 on May 9, 2013, 8:25PM
Dr Phil, I have been there where she was, the gall you interviewed in prison on todays show...feeling like I was trapped and no one was there to help me get out of a horrible life....I did not want to tell anyone what was going happening..I hid the trueth... I was married to a man that over the years continued to drink more and more to the point that he ended up in the ER with BAC of 4.0....his civil rights were taken by the ER Doc then to the judge...I endured many nights of  his drinking abuse...mostly verbal abuse and some times physical abuse...the worst was the mental abuse..hours into the night of my sleep being disturb by him coming into our bedroom and flipping on the light and telling me what a piece of you know what I am and then telling me that kids were ugly....I have 3 wonderful, beautiful children....he has 2 wonderful beautiful  daughters....I raised his daughters, they love me and they call  Mom!.....my point is that I watched your show today with the gal in prison that shot her husband...I know that feeling that a guy can take you too ...to shoot him right between the eyes...my house with David, was teaming with guns and amuntion...we could take on the FBI....but ya know what..we as abused women do have choices...I felt that moment many times to put a bullet right between his eyes...shoot that SOB...you say one more word about my kids and I will blast you...but I did not do it...watching these women today in prison let me know I did the right thing...I finally after all those years of abuse...I walked out and started a new life for my self....we are not divorced...I wish we were...he won't sign the papers...he says he wants the marrage...there is no marrage...I moved from North Idaho to Nevada in 2010...I have a good job and I making a new life for myself...I had many opportunities to blow his head off....common sense always kicked into my head.......Once I got to Nevada , back home where I had lived since high school and around my old friends...I cried for weeks and weeks...and I thanked God I did not shoot his sorry ass...now if I could just afford to divorce him...that is all I want and change my name back to my maiden name..
My next point...these women need to know this....don't kill the asshole that they live with...leave him...find a way to walk away...and start your life over again...I could have been one of those women in prison that killed her husband....and that SOB probably brought it on...I know..I live it!! yes we have choices.
 Nancy Bridge..... 
Replied By: doctorphil1423 on May 9, 2013, 8:15PM
Dr Phil, I recorded your show today and viewed it this evening. I think that you should help this family. This woman is remorseful and strives on honesty. She's a good mother and I believe was a good wife because if she wasn't her husband would have testified against her. Her husband seriously needs help with his lieing and insecurity and any other issues that he may have. I know that you can help him. The children are caught in the middle but I'm sure that they love their parents. The wife made a terrible decision/choice when she fired that gun, and I believe that she was cohearsed by the boyfriend/lover. She wasn't thinking of consequences at the time; I understand the state of mind that she was in, with that being said, I am by no means upholding what she did. I do believe that it was a few minutes on the spot deciscion only because the lover made the gun available to her.She has admitted and owned the bad choice that she made and is and will teach her children the truth and not make excuses for what she did.This family needs a break and you are the one who can provide that to them. We all know that it won't happen overnight.
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