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(Original air date 05/07/13) Debra says she was horrified when she discovered that for eight months, someone had been secretly videotaping her and taking intimate photos of her inside her home -- some of which ended up on a pornographic website. She says she felt even more shocked and violated when she learned -- through her children -- that her husband, Henry, was the peeping Tom. Henry admits to setting up the hidden cameras and collecting the images but insists that he never intended for those images to end up online -- so how did it happen, and why did he do it? Hear his explanation to Dr. Phil. Plus, with Debra feeling deeply betrayed and threatening divorce, can this marriage be saved? Then, the couple’s children, 18-year-old Michael and 22-year-old Demi, say their relationship with their father has been severely damaged since they made the shocking discovery. Can Dr. Phil help heal this fractured family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rdrdrdrd on Dec 23, 2013, 10:30PM - In reply to duckydes
Dr Phil was right that *almost* no woman would let her husband post pictures of her naked in her sleep on the Internet (especially wihout viewing them first...) Most of the women on the sites have had their pictures stolen, phones hacked, photos taken illegally, etc. Women don't post ugly naked pictures of themselves on the Internet. The sites that you are talking about contain mostly stolen and illegal images, that is why many states are passing laws against revenge porn websites that post illegal images of women, usually stolen from hacked email accounts.,0,4064605.story
Replied By: imamosaic on Aug 13, 2013, 9:03PM - In reply to dgregg
Can you tell us how you are doing now?  What has happened since we last heard from you in May?

I hope things are going better,

Replied By: letmespeak on Aug 9, 2013, 9:13PM - In reply to tbonet
Amen to that!!!  You nailed it on the head.
Replied By: my2centsinca on Aug 9, 2013, 10:43AM
this man is a disguesting pig and a disgrace of a husband. i feel sorry for his family. and to top all of this off he is a manipulator and was trying to manipulate during the whole show. what a low life.
Replied By: merrytimes49 on Aug 9, 2013, 10:35AM
About the "peeping Tom show"  ~ I thought this couple both had alcohol and/or drug problems and to my mind that's the first thing that needs addressing.  As a recovering alcoholic, now 20 years sober, I found that in order to begin one's healing process the substance abuse issues need to be dealt with first.  Hopefully their brief session on the Dr Phil show & follow-up therapy he offered will help all the family.  My heart went out to the son & daughter too & would be great if they could partake of family therapy.  My healing prayers to them all. 
Replied By: letmespeak on Aug 9, 2013, 8:58AM - In reply to lm5373
Did we watch the same episode of Dr Phil, about the Peeping Tom?  This peeper has the utter nerve to say that he wants to save his marriage.  In no way does his wife want a new husband because she's now thin. She may never be able to have a relationship with another man because of what her husband has done.     Also...their.children, who are adults,  have minds of their own, and mom could not have that kind of influence on them as you suggest.They are disgusted all on their own.  I'm sure his daughter is wondering if dad has videos of her too. 
   I guess we saw two different episodes.  The way I see it,  this peeper is as creepy as those landlords we read about who install cameras in their rental units and then sit back hoping for a free "skin show".  This man is as depraved as they come.  Life is way too short to fix him. and anyway he doesn't want fixing.  He thinks he's just fine the way he is. Would you want this guy around your house?
Replied By: letmespeak on Aug 9, 2013, 8:30AM - In reply to dlsims54
Unfortunately, this man doesn't look like he wants help.  After all, in his mind, he's done nothing wrong.   He likes himself this way, and feels that if his family has a problem then "too bad".  She and her children seem like such nice loving people.  They can all do better without this jerk.  I say boot him to the curb.  After his family does a vigorous " Tap Dance" on his little video cam. he should take that with him too.
Replied By: mazophile on Aug 9, 2013, 8:00AM - In reply to gela28
You need to take some responsibility... 100s of pix don't end up on a camera without a reason, do they?
Replied By: letmespeak on Aug 8, 2013, 9:59PM
Why did he actually do this to his wife?  Why did he let the rest of the world see these videos?  It sounds to me like he is humiliating his family on purpose.  I think he has an axe to grind.  He sounds like a passive agressive narcissist.  The fact that he has no empathy for  his family's suffering, shows me that he did all of this because he wanted to. He comes first and foremost in his mind. I agree with Dr Phil, in most cases, about not throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak.  However, in this case, this husband is showing his family nothing to warrant trying to salvage this marriage.  Fortunately, the children  are adults now and will be able to band together with their mother and go on with their lives.  I hope she takes these kids with her and goes  home to New Jersey (?) for a while.  In times like these, she needs to know that someone's watching her back. She needs to feel safe and secure again in her own home. She will never be able to trust her husband again, which is just to much to ask just to save her marriage.  Save it for what? I see nothing worth redeeming here.
Replied By: snooman on Aug 8, 2013, 8:51PM - In reply to jjfair
I absolutely agree.  I was disappointed with Dr. Phil's handling of the husband and condescending replies to the wife.  The husband is just an excuse maker and victim(s) blamer.  And then Dr. Phil responds that the wife is being too dramatic in her assessment of the situation.  This porn is on the internet forever.  Those kids are embarrased and feel betrayed by what their dad did to all of them.  When the husband blamed the wife for not giving him "enough" because she got all depressed about what happened, Dr. Phil chimed in that the wife needed to get ahold of her it was a roll of candy she bought at the gas station...a cheap excuse and a cop out.

What would have been nice is if Dr. Phil had told the husband he needed to get ahold of his problem and do somethng about it, but, of course what we got to hear was the usual stuff about how I know you are really a good guy and you are suffering too and I want to get you some help for that if you'll let me.  Same old, same old.  Yep, the wife is supposed to take care of herself and go "sit on the beach".  And the husband who was practically  laughing at Dr. Phil and lying through his teeth is going to go for group hugs at some porno group meeting.  The one thing he isn't going to do is change.

Honestly, I can't quite figure out why these people were even on the show.  It's so apparent this is a very unhealthy marriage, the husband will never admit fault for anything and the kids are broken hearted over the loss of what they thought was their father.  I'm sorry Phil used these people to boost his ratings.  It's clear this is a very unhealthy, unsafe marriage and could end up causing  all kinds of problems for the innocent family members after this airing of the dirty laundry.
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