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(Original Air Date: 05/02/13) Alicia Guastaferro first made headlines at 16, when her family was featured in a 2008 episode of Wife Swap, where the then-teen pageant princess was shown being spoiled by her parents, including getting spray tanned by her dad. In August 2012, just shy of her 21st birthday, Alicia was back in the news, when state troopers found her at a highway rest stop, passed out in a running car with a 54-year-old man, whom she told police paid her for sex -- a claim she now completely denies. She was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation, possession of a controlled substance and prostitution. The prostitution charge was later dropped, but the media still dubbed her the “Wife Swap Hooker.” Speaking out for the first time, Alicia says she’s not a spoiled brat -- or a prostitute -- and she wants people to give her a second chance. How does she explain her recent behavior? And why does the former beauty queen say she’s turned to self-medicating with prescription pills? Can Dr. Phil help this young woman get her life back on track? Then, meet Alicia’s mom, Karen, who says she’s desperate to help her daughter -- but is she still enabling Alicia?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: timetoski on Aug 20, 2013, 2:24PM - In reply to gwr7456
She desperately wants someone to care. And she deserves it!!  Too bad her parents don't know how. They might be too busy licking their own wounds....
Replied By: timetoski on Aug 20, 2013, 2:20PM
I'm sure you've heard of sanctioned incompetence.  By this mother not objecting to her daughter's reckless choices, she was effectively giving the go-ahead.  Covert pimping is still pimping. The sad mom's priority is thinly veiled,  I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she does not know any better,   Still, sad situation..
Replied By: louiedouie2002 on Aug 15, 2013, 1:37PM
Neither the mother nor the daughter showed any kind of remorse or true emotions. This was a setup to get her face on national t.v. Neither of them were sincere. "Exotic dancer" in a gentlemen's club? Give me a break. A stripper in a strip club, and she damn well knew what she was doing, and she knew what she was doing on your show, and it wasn't to get help.
Replied By: balanced77 on Aug 15, 2013, 7:17AM
First of all a twenty year old is basically a child. Looking back, I can relate  to this girl. My parents hooked me up with an oler man, and I felt really dirty. My mind got warped on sexual issues, and really messed me up for life.I was 15 at the time. I know they were doing their best, but I wasn't ready, and I don't think this girl was either. It almost feels like sex equals love. I think he just got confused, and made some mistakes. It is clear her parents had control over her, even if she was 19.
Replied By: orionredstar on Aug 14, 2013, 5:13PM
I will add this strictly for the sake of argument, so please remember it is an expression of opinion for debate.

Although many women rail against the sexist venues women get themselves enslaved into.....most times these avenues of 'advantageous sin' are created by a man ruled world out of simple 'supply and demand.' Prostitution is the world's oldest profession for a reason. I say this not to condone sexually based jobs, but because in spite of the attached vices of these particular roles, sex for hire work usually pay well. Tax free, work your own hours, usually cash up front, and the service is always in demand. But there is another kind of price tag that weighs heavily in the ballast. Prison, abuse, murder, and health risks to name a few.

Think on this, if there wasn't a single woman out there, willing to put their bodies and emotional and physical welfare out on a line, allowing themselves to be exploited for whatever reason, then this sordid profession would be a moot. Unfortunately, many a desperate female finds this work either out of financial necessity, laziness to find something else better, or has such low self esteem they are on a destructive path already. If every single woman would resist the temptation to sell their bodies for easy cash and refused to enlist themselves into these venues of sex for sale, there would be an end to one aspect of sexual lewdness. Disease would drop, homes might not be destroyed, less crime, and more self respect for both sexes. However, due to the nature of our corrupt society, the hapless manipulation of unfortunate women, and the desire of most men who crave this service, I suspect something else would soon take its place fast - and I shudder to think what that alternative course of substitution would be!

I am not in favor of prostitution, merely trying to stretch open the the realm of rationalization from a male point of view. Men are not being held accountable and women misconstrue how they operate. Too often women think with female brains in relation to how men operate and don't understand how men crave sex outside of a marital-love bond. Women believe Sex= Love. Men believe Sex = Sex (and sometimes Love.) Most men cheat and nearly every man at one time or another has paid for sexual services. They rarely have a conscience when it comes to genital contact. If they did, our children would be safe from their own fathers who often molest.

If women really are the Gatekeepers of sexual morality, then by the sheer volume of sexual promiscuity going on in this world today, they have done a poor job on the watch. Because of fractured morals more children are being raised in fatherless homes. Women are too eager to give away their precious honor and dignity because of emotional dependency, a desperation to be loved, and looking for fulfillment short cuts to satisfy their needs. Men of this age have it easy when it comes to obtaining sex. Teenagers are sexually active even at the tender age of ten! Most boys skip out and leave the pregnant young girl on her own because they don't want to ruin their lives or take responsibility. Over and over again we read about the massive scale of teenage, unwanted pregnancies. I cannot fathom how these young girls sit back and resume such a sanctimonious stance and take such offense when it is their fault for not protecting themselves! This same principle carries over with many who land in striper jobs or prostitution. They are not taking care of themselves and become enslaved to the lucrative amount of money they earn! Why are women settling for this???? Are we that dumb not to see the forest for the trees? Are we too caught up in the media, game shows, numbing propaganda that's feeding females into the abyss?

I suggest another factor might be into play. Age old matter of supply and demand, as I am trying to explain. For instance, if there wasn't a demand for drugs, the pushers would dissolve from the streets, and the drug cartel would eventually be out of millions of dollars and out of business. My choice of lexis seems harsh and rather jaded, I do that to drive a point. When women truly give up their power and allow themselves to be used or exploited in any manner, we shall reap the dire consequences of our poor decisions. Honor, integrity, and a sense of self pride goes out the window when we lower our standards of self respect and our self worth. Perhaps it sounds old school or old fashioned, but it is an opinion I feel strong about as I see young ladies struggle through this dilemma. People need to risk political correctness and think outside of the box these days to survive our decaying morals and to nurture the next generation with a better set of horse sense.
Replied By: luciferian on Aug 14, 2013, 2:58PM
I gotta say. Though I agreed with Phil on many of the things he said to this young woman and to ehr mother on the show. He was totally off base in condemning the mother for driving her adult daughter to work, just because she works as a exotic dancer/stripper. How is it objectively andmore exploitive to work on the adult sex industry than toy work at the local Mcdonalds for crine out loud? In both cases you're wage slaving for greedy, corrupt corporate scum, both can be objectifying and dehumanizing jobs, at leats an exotic dancer gets paid better.

Also, Dr.Phil you've gotta stop referring to teenagers[and even 20 somethings} as 'children", it's condesending and objectively inocrrect. 10-under= child. 11-14= tween{or kid}, 15-19= teen/younf adult/or "youth" -get it right Doc.
Replied By: gwr7456 on Aug 14, 2013, 8:42AM
From listening to "Princess", it sounds like a lifetime of bullying: from her parents  who made her feel responsible for their lack of financial responsibility, from peers who called her fat, etc, from employees.  She was always looking for that one person to say she was pretty, or loved, or needed.  Her parents used her to gain status and money and made her feel guilty about their failures.  It is common for abused and bullied girlls to subject themselves to humiliation to "buy" friends or happiness.  She sounded like she was asking for Dr Phil to save her from the heavy burden of making everyone around her happy except herself.  I hope she gets help.
Replied By: parrallax10 on Aug 14, 2013, 4:51AM
Funniest moment on the show......Phil tells the "little princess" not to be victimized but to be "victimwise".

She  nodded knowingly as if to say "great idea, from now on I'll be....like....victimwise."

Why am I reminded of the old Steve Martin movie, The Jerk?
Replied By: parrallax10 on Aug 14, 2013, 4:31AM
Phil always says.....and wrote in his book......that we must deal in facts and the truth.

On this show he panders to this "celebrity"  and basically lets her ridiculous, convoluted story go largely unchallenged.

Here are the facts, Phil. This girl is a drug addict, a stripper, a prostitute and possibly alcoholic.

Letting her pretend to be a celebrity does nothing to help or enlighten her.  It just insults the intelligence of your audience.

Read your book, Phil.
Replied By: jabmason on Aug 13, 2013, 2:39PM
I agree that the family is dysfunctional. It appears that the theme of this family is... It's not my fault.  I will do what I want and blame someone else. I'm innocent. I didn't know any better. It is someone else's fault. I am a victim. This girl is one of the most superficial people I have seen on this show. 

Yes, Alicia, you are going to experience anxiety when your plans don't work out and you have to actually suffer the consequences of your own actions. Get off the drugs and find a therapist. Or, you can just continue your career as a exotic dancer and hooker. Seems to be working for you. 

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