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(Original Air Date: 04/29/13) In 1992, 17-year-old Shawna was working as a grocery store cashier when she found herself in the middle of a robbery. She says Jerrie, 14, held her at gunpoint and demanded the money from her register when the gun went off, destroying her lower jaw. Now 39, Shawna says she’s had more than 100 surgeries, suffered 21 years of public ridicule and haunting nightmares, and is still struggling to move forward. For the first time since the shooting, Shawna and Jerrie come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. Released from prison as an adult -- is Jerrie remorseful? Why did she do it? And, can Shawna find forgiveness and get the closure she’s seeking? Don’t miss this powerful all-new Dr. Phil.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jennifr1966 on Dec 22, 2016, 12:38PM - In reply to activista
Robert did not neglect his child, regardless what people think. There is a part of our brain that keeps things normal and routine. Because this was not normal for him to take the baby, but Was normal to go to work, his brain kicked into Overdrive and he lead his normal day. 

What bothers me is that Jeri said that they were both victims. My daughter at 14 knew better than to rob a place. I'm glad she improved her life and raised four children, but there really is a difference in her demeanor. Main part was defensiveness.

But what if something had gone wrong, and Jeri had gotten shot in the face? Like if they'd had grabbed the fun and it went off but hit her? And then she still had to go to jail for six years? Works she have felt like,  "I served my time in jail, but I am still serving my time! People who don't know me judge me!" Them would she understand? Or just be like Sorry her face got shot,  but mine got shot too?
Replied By: gailfsu on Mar 16, 2014, 1:34PM
Let's keep in mind that Jerrie was 14 when she did this. She voluntarily came on a show knowing she would be ostracized. Yes she could have been more sensitive But I work with perpetrators and most would never come on a talk show to apologize. What I'm wondering is whether or not she changed her life around. Did she stop committing crimes and has she been a law abiding citizen since then? This might have deterred jerrie from a life of crime and if so shawnas shooting wasn't in vain. Her lifestyle is the biggest testament as to whether she is sorry. And she does have the right to forgive herself.  I think she should have been more sensitive but also that she can't take it back. She was a kid and a victim herself. I think the 17 yo boy was the worst- I wonder what he has done with his life.
Replied By: renate1984 on Nov 19, 2013, 11:04AM
I only just saw the episode about Shawna and Jerrie 'cause I'm Dutch and we are behind. What an attitude in the beginning did Jerrie had! But it's about Shawna and I think she was very, very brave to just come to the show! I also think she was very strong to forgive Jerrie. Don't know if I could have done the same!

Replied By: sassy83 on Oct 8, 2013, 6:43AM
Just saw this episode and was dumbfounded at jeri jones attitude!!She was so aggresive ,rude and didnt look at all sorry for her actions!!Disgraceful!
Shawna is a beautiful person with an inspiring and courageous outlook on what she has been through and she should not let anyone and their rude behaviour get to her!!They are just small minded people who dont matter. Well done Shawna for your courage :)
And well done to her husband for standing by her side.There should be more people in the world like him:) x
Replied By: tinawade on Aug 15, 2013, 10:40PM
Shawna, you are BEAUTIFUL!  I think that you are an amazing woman and I feel blessed that you survived.  I do NOT agreee with your perportrator....  She is not the victim....you are....  period!
Replied By: ruthcl on Aug 15, 2013, 10:03PM
Shawna has the face of an angel.  Her sweetness and acceptance shines through the pain she has gone through.  Especially as compared to her assailant whose attitude came through horrible and ugly. However, I even saw a change in attitude, when she encountered Shawna's.  Shawna has a great platform to advise and help others.  I hope she grabs the opportunity in the future.
Replied By: activista on Aug 15, 2013, 12:43PM

   As I watched the broadcast, sometimes gasping in disbelief at what Jerrie was saying, sometimes screaming at the television, I gradually realized that Jerrie was doing something that I call "using the Voice of God."  It became clear to me that "God" must be represented by someone other than Jerrie.  That's when I recognized that I could, just as Jerrie did, "use the Voice of God", but that my use of the "Voice of God" would be an alternative use of the "Voice of God".  I am therefore writing in what I call "An Alternative Voice of God".     My Dearest Child Jerrie:     As am Omniscient Being, I must have realized that no human can completely understand the kind of forgiveness I offer.  I did not choose to alter Godly forgiveness to make it a concept that can be better understood by humans.  I have to accept the consequences of this decision.  If there was a need for a virgin birth, the sacrifice and execution and subsequent resurrection of a Jesus Christ, and if there is a heaven for saved sinners, then people like you are free to misrepresent Godly forgiveness as they attempt to soothe their consciences and escape accountability.     The reason that Godly forgiveness exists for people like you, is because of people like a composite-parent I'll call Robert.  I'm using a composite to stand in for parents who've experienced tragedies like the tragedy Robert experienced.  Robert was an over-scheduled, distracted husband and father.  Robert's daily routine was altered one morning.  Usually, Robert's wife drove the baby to nursery school, but one morning the task fell to Robert.  Robert strapped his baby into the carseat and proceeded to drive, but somewhere along the way, Robert's brain kicked into pre-programmed mode, and Robert drove to work (he had an early meeting - this was another alterration from his typical schedule) instead of stopping first at the nursery school to drop off his baby.  The baby was quietly sleeping, so there were no sounds coming from the back seat to jar Robert out of pre-programmed mode.  At some point in Robert's work day, the police came to his office to tell him that his baby had literally baked to death in his car.     I created forgiveness for decent people like Robert, who will never forgive themselves for making a mistake that any parent in his situation might have made.     The same defiant sense of entitlement to forgiveness which you displayed, is exactly the defiant sense of entitlement I created so that decent people like Robert (not people like you) would be able to develop a protective shell when faced with something a guilt-ridden human would mistakingly believe is unforgiveable.  Decent people like Robert need a protective shell because other humans who don't understand Godly forgiveness will subject Robert to human judgment and even direct and intended abusive or insensitive comments.  Even well-intentioned comments will unduly devastate people like Robert, not to mention the relentless remarks that Robert's own mind will formulate from time to time when he thinks of the circumstances which resulted in the death of his child.     Dearest Jerrie, I could hear as you spoke, the voices of numerous ministers who were taught to soothe the guilt-ridden, who attempted to give you comfort, and whose words were never intended for someone like you.  Ministers are taught to minister to decent people.  Ministers are not taught to minister to sociopaths.  The message of Godly forgiveness which should be delivered to sociopaths like you, is a different message than the message of Godly forgiveness which should be delivered to decent people like Robert.  I must challenge my ministers to learn the difference between people like you and people like Robert, and to learn the message of Godly forgiveness which should be offered to people like you. 
Replied By: mofire on Aug 15, 2013, 10:46AM
I find it very difficult to watch this show.  They were both so young when this happened.  Why the shooter has to be so defensive I guess I'll never understand.  It almost takes away from the apology and makes it null and void.  I found it heartwarming that she asked her victim for a hug.  However, I still find the shooters behavior offensive, annoying and hurtful.  She would do herself some good by getting into some counseling.  Just my two cents.  God Bless them both.
Replied By: whatcanisay on Aug 15, 2013, 10:10AM - In reply to begemot_geroi
I think you could.
Replied By: whatcanisay on Aug 15, 2013, 9:25AM
It is amazing how some people demand things to go back to being normal when normal will never be again. How much should a shooter be punished? How long should the victim whin over their grief? Life is short enough I would suggest quit wasting time and move on to more postitive things in life.....
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