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(Original Air Date: 04/26/13) For nearly two years, Clint and Tracy say they’ve been living in constant fear of their 17-year-old daughter, Callie. They say that when she snaps, she becomes verbally and physically abusive -- and they have the shocking video to prove it. The concerned parents say the teen is also abusing drugs and sneaking out of the house at all hours to meet up with older men. Callie denies her parents’ accusations and tells a different story: She claims she’s happy and if there are problems, they’re caused because her parents are overprotective, overbearing and controlling. What does Dr. Phil think? Can he help broker an agreement to bring peace back into this hostile home? Plus, when the show ends, sparks fly backstage between Callie and her parents. Don't miss the dramatic outcome of this Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: belgianguy on Jul 16, 2014, 11:10AM - In reply to leruiter
Visiting Holland? You mean the country where the marihuana is completely legal, that Holland? Sure that will help here a lot!! And i know what i am talking about, i live right next door in Belgium :-) I guess the treatment didn't was a succes, it's a bit of a shame that they don't show the negative storys. Everybody understands that not 100% of the interventions are gonna be successes.

Ps sorry for my bad english! :-)
Replied By: okiedokyks on Apr 22, 2014, 3:43PM
Please update us on Callie and what happened to her. I really want to know.
Replied By: happysenior on Apr 12, 2014, 12:11AM
On your 2000th show near the end, you showed Kelly (dau. of Tracy) but did not provide an update which I was anxious to know. I tape your shows and kept the show about Kelly and a couple of others as I wanted to know how the guests were getting along.

It may be that Kelly is still at the Discovery Ranch and an update is not available but I sure would like to know how she is doing. So pretty, articulate and smart......please let me know how she is doing.

Replied By: julie17016 on Jan 16, 2014, 12:33PM
Does anyone know if they are going to do a show of how callie responded to her treatment?
Replied By: sophie4444 on Dec 22, 2013, 12:33PM - In reply to leruiter
Callie's parents sent her away for being a manipulative bully, not for being a pot smoker.

Sure, invite her to Denmark: just, y'know, don't disagree wth her, or anything.....
Replied By: sophie4444 on Dec 22, 2013, 12:16PM
Very seriously, this young person, Callie,  is a nasty bully. She didn't get sent away because she is a pot smoker, she got sent away because she was ripping her family to shreds. For me, the most disturbng moment of the show was when they let her mother back in to to say goodbye, and Callie wrenched at her mom's arm, in one last attempt to mainpulate her. That family has been torn apart....

I'm SURE Callie was terrified about being sent away-- how devestating!-- but she wants what she wants, when she wants it. As an experienced mother of a (now grown) son who bullied me, it is so obvious that Dr. Phil-- and Callie's parents-- did the right thing. This girl needs to learn to function and be happy in the world....and without this intervention, she would've gone done a much worse path. I hope Callie has benefitted from her time in Idaho, and has undergone a transformation.
Replied By: sonia94 on Nov 25, 2013, 9:41PM
I can't believed she acted the way she did. I felt so bad for her! She only does pot, please what teenager doesn't, but manages to keep amazing grades and a goals for herself. WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? She is independant because she has the ability to! I was sick to my stomach to see everyone blame her and everything taken away from her, school, friends, job, etc. She's not a moocher but just wants freedom from her over controling parents. She wants to succeed and can but her parents are holding her back. She has every reason why to be pissed at them. If I were her, I would have ran off the stage or lashed out at my parents brutally. They betrayed her and are punishing her by sending her to the wilderness! COME ON! I hope she never goes back to them but instead goes straight to college and succeeds.
Replied By: elvenfairy on Nov 22, 2013, 5:20PM
Given the situation she was in, and her refusal to change, this program is the best choice for her.  If she will not take steps to save her own life, then it is up to her parents to save her, which they have.  In the US, thousands of beautiful girls who use drugs end up pimped out as hookers or sex slaves.  This girl is not capable of understanding the danger to herself, or the illegality of her behaviors.  She deserves a chance to go to a good university.  If she goes to prison, her chances of college are likely ruined.  She can't see this.  So it is in her best interest to intervene for her own sake.  Dr Phil and her parents did the right thing.
Replied By: kimmiebirdy on Nov 19, 2013, 4:19AM - In reply to antoinettesoph
I totally agree. She smokes weed ok maybe not the best thing to do. but how her parents react to her, filming her while she as changing clothes. no respect, how can you expect to get respect if you dont give her respect?  i would totaly lost my temper if someone would film my outburst, if you want to film fight you have to film your own misstaked aswell.

Replied By: leruiter on Nov 19, 2013, 3:45AM
Saw it on Dutch tv today. I feel sick to my stomach. This normal!! teenager was KIDNAPPED on tv by D'r Phil!! A wilderness camp as their last resort??? Come ON!

The parents are crazy! They are ruiming this very bright very normal teenager. 

Cally, email me when you turn 18. You're more them Welcome to visit HollAnd to get away from this insanity.

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