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(Original Air Date: 04/26/13) For nearly two years, Clint and Tracy say they’ve been living in constant fear of their 17-year-old daughter, Callie. They say that when she snaps, she becomes verbally and physically abusive -- and they have the shocking video to prove it. The concerned parents say the teen is also abusing drugs and sneaking out of the house at all hours to meet up with older men. Callie denies her parents’ accusations and tells a different story: She claims she’s happy and if there are problems, they’re caused because her parents are overprotective, overbearing and controlling. What does Dr. Phil think? Can he help broker an agreement to bring peace back into this hostile home? Plus, when the show ends, sparks fly backstage between Callie and her parents. Don't miss the dramatic outcome of this Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: vannesm on Sep 2, 2013, 11:12AM - In reply to skinrond44
It's called Turn-About Ranch & it's in Idaho.  DP has worked with distressed parents to send several children there.
There is ANOTHER "Turnabout Ranch" (with no hyphen) in Utah, but this one that DP prefers is near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  It's a part of the well-reputed Aspen Education Group, I think. 
Replied By: msmia22 on Sep 1, 2013, 4:05PM
I want to know how Callie is doing? Did she finish the help she was going to get from the treatment place  Dr. Phil sent her to. . I often wonder what has happened to these kids  after the treatments they get from Dr. phils help.
Replied By: teamcallie on Aug 30, 2013, 9:19PM
I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be hung up on how Callie behaved and the things she said during her backstage meltdown.  I don’t believe that anyone should diagnose or even fault her for freaking out when her personal sovereignty was being threatened. Like she said, she is grown and it is natural for any adult to react irrationally when they are about to be taken against their will.

I used to butt heads with my folks about smoking weed, so I can really empathize with Callie’s situation. However, my parents never went to the extremes that hers did.  We just argued about it and they forbid me to have it in their house. They didn’t harass me 24-7, film arguments, or drug test me.  If I had been in her situation I would have reacted in a similar way to everything… possibly worse.

Before you rush to judge her, think about how you would feel about strangers hauling you away for using a substance that you don’t consider to be harmful, like drinking coffee or a few beers.  
Replied By: andi0727 on Aug 30, 2013, 8:56PM - In reply to tedibare
Sad. Until her parents take responsibilty for what THEY created she needs to be away from them. They are the adults & enabler's. I wish her the best & was also that same girl growing up. Its taken many years for me to accept that mine will never take responsibilty for their parenting or lack of. Being sent away to "Be Fixed" while they waited for that perfect young girl to come home. One day I realized I had to just stop, let it go, quit wondering why. Today, Im there if needed, & take care of things like a grown adult daughter should. My childhood isnt talked about & I know that when its all over I am good with ME and can sleep at night now. I hope that Callie can also one day.
Replied By: g8trzz on Aug 30, 2013, 8:24PM
I was wondering if there was an update as to how this family is doing?
Replied By: lilfurbal on Aug 30, 2013, 8:05PM - In reply to connieocean
She was waaaaaaaaay beyond a little pot, dear. This young woman was self medicating some much bigger problems that only time and therapy will reveal. Her parents were extremely patient with her, and seemed to genuinely want the best for her. She was abusing drugs and alcohol in their home, lying about her whereabouts, and having sex with adult men. But, you feel they should "cut her some slack" because she's getting good grades? They came to the right solution to help save her life. I agree with others who believe that she has something close to borderline personality disorder, or some other mental illness. I just watched in amazement as she smiled coyly and tried to charm her way out of her bad behavior. Without an intervention right now, she faced an uncertain future because she has no idea how to control her emotions and behave in a civilized manner.
Replied By: engineer72 on Aug 30, 2013, 6:51PM
Sending her away and embarrasing her on national television could have just cost them their daughter.

Regardless of how the parents portray it, it was very callous. Shouldnt a flag have been thrown when they said they have tested her roughly 50 times? No wonder she is angry with them...

I can really only trust that the situation is as real as we see in the edited 1 hour show. All I can say is that the exact same thing happened to me.

She needs help and someone (an adult) to talk to that she can trust. That's it. A non-judgemental friend. Although I'm sure she has numerous friends, she needs someone other than a peer to provide her with options and guidance, etc. She is crying out for help. I know all too well. I viewed the entire situation as a one-sided display of authoritative power by Phil and the parents. Your daughter NEEDS you to LOVE her and to SHOW her you LOVE her and trust her. So what do you do? Send her to some ranch?

She is clearly very articulate, intelligent, takes care of herself, gets good grades, and works. Many may disagree but I don't see Pot as a major threat to her future or well being. Should she be doing it? NO, but I wouldnt call her a dope-addict either. And let's be real people, I bet many of you have friends or relatives that smoke pot.

Anyone ever been to Colorado? That's all they do, glorify pot. And it was one of the most clean, beautiful, crime free states Ive ever visited.

Anyway, I had some issues that were very similar to Callie's when I was her age (17). My father whom I LOVED very much, turned his back on me and sent me away. I lost my friends, my social life, my girlfriends, never went to prom, and I was humiliated. I have not spoken to him in over 20 years. I know it's water under the bridge, but I have moved on. He lost a son who eventually went on to become an engineer and became very successful with a beautiful wife and a great life. And I was able to do those things not because I was sent away, but in spite of them.

Hopefully her family can reunite and they all learn to love each other and be happy.

Replied By: reneeh99 on Aug 30, 2013, 6:30PM
WOOOWWW... I just watched this show with my mouth wide open the entire time! This young lady, or should I say, " STUPID BITCH" Like she called her mom at least a dozen times, is TOTALLY out of control, and in need of some serious intervention. I couldn't believe my eyes, seeing her attack her mom like that. Or my ears, tellin her parents to "F off" etc. This vicious girl would NOT have a car, a phone, etc in MY house acting like that! I dont want to lay blame on these parents, they do seem like very loving parents....but I think they pretty much created the monster here. When You totally cater to every little whim for yrs, and deny them nothing, your setting the stage for this behavior to happen. She obviously was able to manipulate the mother, but not the father. Hence the reason she didnt want him in the room at the end. She wanted to EMOTIONALLY BLACKMAIL the poor mom with with comments such as going so far as to threaten suicide, then the mother will never forgive herself. Young lady, it is YOU who will never forgive yourself for saying the most HORRIBLE thing you could ever say to a mother. I hope she will be going to this ranch for a VERY long time! I really feel she needs it, and I hope they dont let her out early just becuz she was able to lie and manipulate the counselors into thinking shes ok. SHES NOT by a long shot! And to the mother.. please know that you have done the right thing. It obviously was a last resort for you I feel. And really what other choice did you have? I hope, and pray, and I believe that she will be ok. And you, and your husband have to believe that too. NO early release ok?????
Replied By: sonataka on Aug 30, 2013, 5:16PM
Callie failed 40 of approximately 50 drug tests – and she admitted on-air that she cheated on the 10 drug tests she supposedly passed! She's at a high risk of becoming an addict – if she isn't one already. She admitted she's using more drugs than weed.

Dr. Phil realized that Callie's illegal-drug use is potentially LIFE-THREATENING and that her parents are not able to help her. Sadly, their over-indulgence ended up hurting their daughter, because now she's rebelling at any form of correction – even when it may save her life. The entire family is paying a high price for their combative relationship, but Callie is going to pay the highest price if she won't let Dr. Phil's professional team help her. I don't think Callie's parents are the only factor in her behavior.

Did anyone else wonder if Callie's risky lifestyle with drugs and men may have been triggered by a deep hurt she experienced a couple of years ago – maybe hurt from an ex-boyfriend or from an experience that her parents may not be aware of? If this is true, I pray that the professional team will be able to cut through all the surface anger and get to the heart of why Callie is hurting so desperately and is lashing out at others.

Thankfully, Dr. Phil's team is willing to provide round-the-clock care and counseling for Callie. Isn't that much better than having her remain in an explosive household or having the authorities thrust her into a detention center – or even into jail when she turns 18 soon? Although the family's separation was gut-wrenching to watch, Callie – and her parents – are getting a second chance before it's too late. Dr. Phil and his team should be commended.
Replied By: velvand1981 on Aug 30, 2013, 5:04PM
Oh my gosh! I have a daughter similar to this but I am a single parent and in desperate need of help!
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