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(Original Air Date: 04/26/13) For nearly two years, Clint and Tracy say they’ve been living in constant fear of their 17-year-old daughter, Callie. They say that when she snaps, she becomes verbally and physically abusive -- and they have the shocking video to prove it. The concerned parents say the teen is also abusing drugs and sneaking out of the house at all hours to meet up with older men. Callie denies her parents’ accusations and tells a different story: She claims she’s happy and if there are problems, they’re caused because her parents are overprotective, overbearing and controlling. What does Dr. Phil think? Can he help broker an agreement to bring peace back into this hostile home? Plus, when the show ends, sparks fly backstage between Callie and her parents. Don't miss the dramatic outcome of this Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: zuzana on Aug 30, 2013, 4:59PM - In reply to zuzana
Another reason why I think Callie has a personality disorder is the way she tries to remove her father from the family unit, claiming he makes her mother craze.  My sister tried to accomplish this for decades. Climed my dad was a villain who made mom crazy. Moms are always more giving and forgiving, but dad doesn't buy the nonsense. Threrefore, he has to be alienated and removed so that the child can have a free hand at manipulating the weaker parent.
Replied By: zuzana on Aug 30, 2013, 4:36PM
I don't agree with dr. Phil in that he doesn't think this girl is a BAITER. I think she IS, and big time. I would go as far as to say, she has severe narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder. I have a sister with this PD and I have witnessed her outbrakes with my parents and myself for well over 35 years. Sadly, no matter what we tried, no matter how far we went to help, nothing worked. She's now astranged from the whole family and it's really, really sad for everyone. I have read countless books and articles on this issue. Unfortunately, I have learned there's no cure, no magic drug for this problem. These people are just "highly functoning" members of society who cause a lot of problems and heartbrake to pople in their circles.

I'm no doctor, but Callie displayed a lot of the signs of a BAITER. At 17 years of age, she's too old and her behavior is too extreme to just be your typical teenage rebellion.
Replied By: mrst479 on Aug 30, 2013, 4:32PM - In reply to dgierach1951
OMG - I wanted to know what happened to Callie also!! Otherwise this was just a big exploit and serves of no value or lesson. 
Replied By: mrst479 on Aug 30, 2013, 4:31PM
I just recently went through the exact same thing with my girlfriend and her son.  I flew to Texas for a "visit".  I was really there to hold her hand when we hired a 3-man transport team to take away her 6' 5" son who had been abusing pot, alcohol and stealing.  My friends husband committed suicide 4 1/2 years ago and everyone took the news very hard but no one harder than her son. It was obvious his emotional problems escalated after the death of his dad but it was even sadder to find out that all the kids he has been getting loaded with are close family friends of hers.  Her son is now at a ranch in Texas where kids go to take a break from the normal distractions of healing. His behavior was not only self-destructing but carried consequences with it that his sister and mother should not have been subjected to.  He became violent several times, injuring my friend.  Physical violence is never okay.  When I turned this show on today my mouth hit the floor. I watched intently hoping to walk away with something good I could share with my girlfriend. There was nothing except the comparison of behaviors and a camp named "Camp Turnaround" in Idaho.  Rather than exploit the problems this family is facing, lets get a follow up show and find out what was learned from this experience please.  I can tell my friend to watch this show on line but that would be like ripping the band aid off her own wound. I want her to find some information on healing and moving forward and what to do if he returns and starts the same behaviors again.   Hopefully you can do a followup show and enlighten all of us. 
Replied By: jadetree2013 on Aug 30, 2013, 3:42PM
I really was shocked to read all of the posts defending Callie's attitude and behavior.  I work with teens like this all the time in a residential program.  I cant believe anyone would think this behavior is warrented due to her parents actions.  They may be guilty of not providing appropriate discipline from a young age but they have every right to expect that she refrain from drugs and not talk to them like she does.  If you all think that is acceptable behavior I would love to see how your children behave.  Apparently you have fallen for Callie's manipulation skills yourselves. Poor poor Callie.......yeah right.  She is not entitled to a phone or a car those are priveleges provided by her parents and it is completely understandable that they would take them away if she is using drugs or acting out.  If you spent as much time as I did as a substance abuse counselor you would do anything in your power to keep your kids away from drugs and alcohol.
Replied By: jadetree2013 on Aug 30, 2013, 1:56PM
I just want this family to know that they are not alone.  There are a lot of families out there that struggle with these same issues.  Be strong, follow what your counselors teach you, don't enable her, it could mean her life in the end.  However things turn out for her know that you did the best that you could and she is ultimately responsible for her own actions. She is acting very immaturely and you are trying to protect her.  Some day her actions will lead to consequences and all you can do is pray for her safety.  I hope that she turns her life around and realizes that she is on a very dangerous path.  I hope that all of her potential is realized.  I hope that she learns how to stop bullying people with her anger because some day she will do what she is doing to her parents to her husband and children if she does not get help.  Right now she has no respect for her family but I hope that she learns that her parents deserve honor and respect.  I pray that you learn the parenting skills you will need because parenting is a life long job.  This job can make so much difference in your daughters life.  I wish you all the best.
Replied By: jadetree2013 on Aug 30, 2013, 1:42PM - In reply to connieocean
1. The disrespect to her parents is simply WRONG......if she expects to act as an adult then she should also take care of herself, provide her own place to live, food and clothing and then she can do whatever she wants (that is until she starts getting in trouble with the law)

2.  She has no regard for the authority of her parents, no regard for the authority of the law, so my guess is there is a lot going on in school and work that no one knows about.  I would never want her as an employee.  If she disregards those laws she will disregard others.

3.  There was a lot more than "just a little weed"......and FYI weed does hurt people. Any mind altering substance has the potential for harm.  Abusing a substance makes it even more probable.

4.  She is out of control and I hope she gets help. Any person over the age of about 5 that throws a fit like that when they don't get what they want has some problems. I work with  so many teens that would love to have two parents that actually cared about them.  Hopefully some day she will see that she is very lucky to have them.
Replied By: lonpari on Aug 30, 2013, 12:22PM - In reply to sandralm33
Itawu, they indulged her and this is what a 3yr old tantrum and perspective left unchecked looks like at 18. It would have been done and dusted when she called me & my spouse out of our names. She called her mum the b-word several times and the dad didn't protest whatever.

She's violent and threatening one second & I do meant seconds (I rewound)  a petal the next, pleading for her mum. She's a nightmare, letting guys into the house after her parents are asleep, wth?! he could have killed them all, then this would be First 48, instead of the Dr. Phil Show.

They failed to prepare her for life so now she wants to go off to college totally unprepared for the real world and they know it, that's why they blocked it. They gotta grow a big hairy pair and get firm, as it stands they are way too passive, although I wish them all the best

Replied By: connieocean on Aug 30, 2013, 10:26AM - In reply to tedibare
just wanted to say that you sound like a very thoughtful and intelligent person and i'm with you 100%.
Replied By: connieocean on Aug 30, 2013, 10:23AM - In reply to nrsnan
hi, i wrote a long message late last night not favoring dr phil and it is not here either...i'm with you 100%. this girl seemed to be doing very well in school and i think had a job also.....but omg she smokes some pot...i hope a lot of people realize how lucky they would be that they had this problem..i do think they for sure needed help as a family and that she may have needed anger counseling, etc..but i feel also that her "expletive deleted" parents were driving her nuts...i do wonder also why she had such distaste for her dad..was that investigated....why was he going around the house taking pics while she was dressing? sounds a little strange to me...and they were drug testing her at home..50 times.....there is something wrong at this house and i don't think it was all the daughter. i hope that she is ok and in a better situation somehow because when i had the chance to cut ties with them i would have. WONDER IF THERE WILL EVER BE AN UPDATE ON HOW SHE IS NOW?. just wondering..i think dr phil made a mistake here and i will be reluctant to watch his program in the future...p.s. gotcha with the boone's farm..
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