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(Original Air Date: 04/25/13) Twenty-one-year-old Kourtney says she met and fell in love with Dylan online and that they had a four-month relationship, despite never meeting in person. She admits to being so head over heels that she was planning to move to Los Angeles to be with him -- until she received a Facebook message from a woman named Victoria, claiming Dylan was a fake. Victoria says she was also under Dylan’s spell, until she discovered a man named Daniel, who featured the same photos as Dylan on his profile. Victoria says she and her friend Ron began investigating to find out who was really behind Dylan’s profile. That’s when Kourtney says her life turned upside down. She says “Dylan” started harassing her, stalking and threatening her -- and posted intimate photos of her online. Dr. Phil brings the players together in this modern day “whodunit.” Find out why Victoria and Ron think that Daniel and Dylan are the same person. And, find out why Daniel says Victoria and Ron crossed a line in their investigation. Is Daniel the catfish? Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of this compelling mystery.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: auscritnurse on Jul 24, 2016, 1:15PM
Peoples taste in features don't change and his real girlfriend and the one he catfished look too alike and coincidental to be contacted by two different men. This is a poor story by Dr PHIL. He has the re and it is not hard to trace emails etc... Was really a waste of my time watching this episode but I did enjoy looking at Both Dylan/Daniel ;)
Replied By: aeb24034 on Jul 23, 2014, 4:54PM - In reply to kriskov
I agree whole heartedly. If Daniel had in fact been the one behind the catfish, why would he have not gone to see Victoria or Kourtney? They know what he looks like now, so there's no need to make excuse after excuse. And didn't he make this excuse that his sister had supposedly gotten cancer? All it would take for Victoria to do is call the hospital she thought his sister would most likely be at to receive treatment for the cancer and try to confirm it seeing as how she already committed fraud by claiming she was a nurse (which I find astonishing that she doesn't seem to be brought up on charges for). And again, Daniel just wouldn't need to put off seeing Kourtney or Victoria if he really had put the fake profiles up because like you pointed out 'Dylan' also refused to talk on the phone, why? Why would he refuse to talk on the phone, unless the person really behind the catfishing thought their voice would be recognized.
Replied By: gigicats6 on Mar 11, 2014, 7:55AM
Why didn't Dr Phil offer polygraphs to Daniel and Ron?  He's famous for solving things with poilygraph.  If Dr Phil reads his mesage boards as he says he does, I wish he'd answer that question.  At the least he could have had Jack Trimarco, in a discrete way, offer an opinion and not be totally accusatory,  A lot of people are unsatisfied with no conclusion at the end of the show about what really went on here.  I personally think Dylan and Daniel is the same person, and that he was lying all through the show.
Replied By: the_realgirl on Aug 14, 2013, 7:20AM
Poor Kourtney... only thing I will say in regards to her... I bet she learned A LOT of valuable lessons, and will NOT repeat ALL those mistakes again..... 'nuf said.

Dylan/Daniel.... who knows...

Victoria... SHE is the prime example of why I do NOT have girls as friends, and why I do NOT like girls (although I am one :) and their drama. So what if you got hurt Victoria... So flippin' what if someone wronged you... what right does that give YOU to sabotage someone's life? Vengeful and Vindictive! You gotta pray for ppl like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron... it DOES NOT surprise me that Victoria attracted someone as sick as herself to team up with against Daniel/Dylan and Kourtney.

I only have 1 thing to say to people that take matters into their own hands, for what they believe is 'justice' in their sick, twisted minds, instead of taking the appropriate route by letting the Authorities handle it; Karma WILL bite you in the @ss... and thank God for Judgement Day!

I TOTALLY despise ppl that F*** with other ppl and/or their lives!!!
Replied By: doublemajor on Aug 13, 2013, 2:59PM
I couldn't believe it when this show ended and left it all unresolved for us...it was left to our imagination to figure out who was the stinker in this sickening plot..My gut was that Daniel/Dylan was aboveboard, and that Ron was CREEPY and dishonest with "too much time on his hands" and perhaps a little bit of voyeurism with his fantasy social world and false identities. YUCK. What a shame a senior should engage in such sick, juvenile behavior. He needs help. Victoria, not sure, sees like a bit of a mess with no impulse control and trying to justify borderline creepy behavior. Kourtney is a victim who was too trusting so she got what she bargained for. My point overall is that I dislike INTENSELY when the show leaves us unsatisfied for the "verdict"...such as when the polygraph man is on there and proves who is lying. Dr Phil your commercial breaks are making me CRAZY..........I love your show but it seems there are more commercial breaks than there are show. TV never used to be ALL about commercials! Istn' there anything you can do to stop this constant obnoxious interruption of a good, educational, worthwhile tv experience? Do you want us to be annoyed every time we watch your show? I hold the remote in my hand the whole time, knowing I'll soon be fast forwarding through 7-8 commercials. Times sure have changed!
Replied By: cmm7783 on Aug 13, 2013, 7:09AM
Hey Dr. Phil! lost my my job in December (two months after I got married, by the way) due to state funding cuts. Being in the nonprofit sector and in this awful job market, I can't find decent paying work. I find it HIGHLY insulting that some former pagent girl who takes naked selfies in the mirror and sends them to a stranger gets rewarded with a meeting with ESPN. When does someone like me who doesn't get by in life by her looks, but rather her education and passion to help people get a break??? I love your show but as you say, "this was insulting to my sensabilities".
Replied By: smacg76 on Aug 13, 2013, 6:18AM

I feel the same way I felt when the show first aired.

1.  Kourtney never should have sent racy photos of herself to anyone.  Even a trusted person can have an account or computer hacked.  Not every woman has a Dr. Phil in her life to have racy photos removed and to give her a second chance at a career.  This part of the show is incongruent with reality.  Wasn't there anyone in her life to dissuade her from leaving home for LA to meet someone she's met on-line?  Victoria, a stranger, intervened in the nick of time -- another break for her.     

2.  Why didn't Daniel and his girlfriend ever report Ron to the police?  The police have little to no influence over social media, versus physical invasiveness, but a telephone number elicited from Ron would have enabled them to call him, advise him to stop, identify him, and fuel a restraining order, if need be.  A police report is good to have on record, should the situation morph into a physical encounter.  Had Daniel filed a police report, he would have proven his conviction and enhanced his credibility.

3.  Ron and Victoria have too much time on their hands.  They don't seem to "get it", as they continued to be self-righteous.  More so Ron's outrageous behavior/conduct has overshadowed any possible underhandedness by Daniel, which is unfortunate.  I’m not a lawyer, so I can only wonder whether laws were broken. 

4.  I'd never contact any stranger because s/he says so.  Their reasoning (Ron's and Victoria's) is faulty.  It's simply not prudent to respond or engage, and even less prudent when the stranger oversteps his bounds -- stalking, harassing, tormenting and threatening as if owed, and entitled to, a response.  Add impersonation to the list of tactics.  The conduct is unjustifiable.      

Replied By: verany on Aug 12, 2013, 8:07PM
Victoria impersonated a nurse to get private medical information, that is a serious offence and she should be arrested and prosecuted. Both Victoria and Ron are disturbed. I think Ron created the false profile and all this drama so he could "save" girls and be a hero.
Replied By: ajtoday on Aug 12, 2013, 4:52PM - In reply to cmm7783
I so get what (Victoria1994? forgot to write down your ID sorry) what you are saying and alot of sense to what you say also...when i was young we wouldnt even consider mailing a photo let alone puttig our nakedness out in the air for billions to view!  i also wonder if she did learn a big lesson...someone reached out a hand and saved her and dont we all wish sometimes someone would extend a hand after we have done something really dumb that has devestated us?  I wonder if the devestation of it is the consequence this time...Did she deserve to have her entire career go down the tube for the rest of her life?  When ESPN cancelled her she prob learned her lesson, but i wonder if she should continue to be punished for such a really dumb thing with the loss of her career forever...sometimes the consequences are the humiliation of 'realizing' you did something really stupid and now helpless to change the circumstances yourself!  Dr Phil gave her a hand and i'm thinkin she prob will never do such a dumb thing again or she would deserve to lose her career for the rest of her life!  When the rubber hits the road dont be shadin' yourself under the same vehicle twice, the second time you might not get away with just bruises!  *smile*
Replied By: ajtoday on Aug 12, 2013, 4:21PM
perhaps the show had to go the way it did instead of hunting down Daniel's IP, texts etc...he prob would not have come on the show.  If he was innocent tho i would have thought he would have given Dr Phil Cart Blanche' to track who did do it if he didnt...The old guy went too far and needed to learn that, but he does offer help where help is needed, police cant spend time on cons online when pedophiles and sick creeps are rampent.  Anyway, i think Dr Phil knew Daniel was prob guilty, but that isnt the directions the show had to go...just sayin'
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