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Farrah Abraham gained instant fame while starring in the MTV reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Television cameras no longer follow the 21-year-old’s every move, but her antics are keeping her in the tabloids. Most recently, a sex tape surfaced featuring Farrah and porn star James Deen -- a tape she says was made for her own personal use and documentation of how great she looks. But Deen tells a different story -- Did Farrah plan to leak the tape in an attempt to stay in the spotlight? Dr. Phil confronts Farrah about the X-rated video and other reckless behavior being reported. How does she explain her actions? And, is she ready to make a change? Then, Farrah’s mom, Debra speaks out about her turbulent relationship with her daughter. And, Farrah’s dad, Michael, weighs in on his daughter’s controversial behavior. What he says may surprise you. Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice every parent needs to hear.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: insecurious on Sep 13, 2013, 8:42PM - In reply to brookster
Replied By: insecurious on Sep 13, 2013, 8:41PM - In reply to vanda_p
I thought Dr.Phil did a great job as well. I just don't know how he kept his cool while she kept snickering at him and rolling her eyes when he tried to explain things to her! Grrr.....Holy Disrespectful !!!!!  (look how she acts toward her parents and how she talks to them!)
Replied By: insecurious on Sep 13, 2013, 8:38PM - In reply to commonsense123
I was never so stunned as to watch Alice
Laviolette on the stand in the jodi arias trial. She considered herself to be a foremost expert on women's issues, etc...by the time Mr. Martinez was done with her and she admitted all the crap, I couldnt believe a woman with such obvious ego issues would lie or "plump up" her credentials. that was humiliating as a woman to watch!.....then came the "
snow white was a battered woman"...oh sweet Lord! grasping at straws much????
Replied By: dannilj on May 21, 2013, 12:05PM
I watched watched this show and I doubted literally everything that she said, does anyone in this world celebrate their feminine side by making a video of themselves having intercourse with a man who's in the pornographic industry? I think Dr. Phil really did a good job, I'm really tired of teenagers about my age who just give the WRONG influence to others, and after all, if somebody spread it, why would she take such a high pay for it? I cannot imagine anyone walking up towards her on the streets going like "Hey, I'll give you about seven million for a tape that's not going to be released" It's just a desperate attempt to clear her name I assume.
Replied By: vanda_p on May 16, 2013, 11:56AM - In reply to linda1629
Dr. Phil was very fair and overly respectful to this girl. He never once bullied her but was clearly frustrated by her silliness at times. I admire his self control in not berating and mocking her; I couldn't have done it.
Replied By: commonsense123 on May 10, 2013, 8:45AM - In reply to ferdworthi
I forgot to close my recent reply with a "Thank You". As a parent, I have emphasized the importance of putting yourself in the other person's shoes - empathy is often lost in the "it's all about me" world.

However, I appreciate your consideration in taking the time to comment on my earleir posting and providing me with a perspective on "how it was perceived". I read it - I'll read it again and see what I can learn about me, from the vantage of "the other person's shoes" .... Thanks, again
Replied By: commonsense123 on May 10, 2013, 8:36AM - In reply to ferdworthi
In reviewing the postings, I agree that it was a tenuous association between:

  (1) Farrah's claim of being VICTIMIZED BY THE LYING MALE porn star, who outed her cinematic
       creation as a commercial venture for financial gain.
       ... and ...
  (2) The Feminist Mantra of "It's never the woman's fault". [ i.e. Farrah claiming this whole "dust up" about
        the video is the LYING MALE porn star's fault, since this film was only made for her own personal
        purpose to memorialize her beautiful body. (By the way she recently sold the tape to a porn
        distributor for $1M) ].

However, as said, I do agree that this situation did not serve as a good example of the "It's never the woman's fault" principle and I was making a stretch. 

Perhaps a far better example is Dr. Phil's show of May 9th "The Wife, her ex-cop lover and the husband she tried to kill". Five minutes into the show, when Dr. Phil asks how this all happened, this women goes into a 3 minute diatribe extolling her virtues & victimization ...and... all the faults and abusive behavior of
her husband (It's never the woman's fault). She supposedly "snapped" & shot him when she confirmed
that he had lied to her about sending 2 text messages ... because she abhors lying.

However, in the interview she said, "I gave my husband my UNCONDITIONAL LOVE through all the years ( of our marriage)". Ooops, after the commercial, Dr. Phil revealed that she cheated on him (4) times, including a 14 month affair early in their marriage. For someone who can't stand lying, she does a pretty good job of it. 

...and finally, if you need any further proof of the Feminist Mantra - "It's never a woman's fault" review the transcripts of the Jody Arias trial. How believable was she as a defendant, or her feminist "expert",  Alice
in her testimony of the abusive male that drove Jodi to commit murder - it wasn't her fault.

You described the rhetoric of my "Farrah posting" as flaming, at times Once again, I think you are right. It is frustrating to see Farrah, the "5/09 episode wife", Jodi Arias, Alice Laviolette (and various men, as well) ... look the American public in the eye and lie. Integrity, honesty, a sense of responsibility, all seem to be virtues that have been lost over the years. 

Perhaps the downward slope increased 45 dgrees when our president looked into the camers and told the American people, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".
Replied By: brookster on May 9, 2013, 1:18PM
I really don't know why dr Phil would give this spoiled, ungratefl, rude, unappreciated, brat the time of day.
Replied By: zeppelin26 on Apr 30, 2013, 8:19AM
Why is it ok for our society to give money to people like this?  I'm single and have no children and am in great debt from school and am not sure if I'd even be able to persue the nursing career I'd like to do.  Yet here is a girl who basically got famous for getting pregnant.  Which even though having a baby I'm sure is amazing, she's not the first nor the last to do it.  And now she can just get a million dollars for having sex?  Guess I'm just going about this all wrong right?  Degrade yourself and just have as many kids as possible.  Makes sense.
Replied By: gloryjh on Apr 29, 2013, 6:21PM
I watch Dr. Phil almost on a daily basis, and with great interest I might add.  It is a rare occasion that I find a subject matter that I find useless.  This unfortunately is one of those times.  I have never seen such nonsense. 

I have to tell you, I watched Teen Mom when Farrah had her daughter, and the relationship between she and her parents was one that I totally lost patience with. The total lack of respect she shows to her parents is shameful.  She whines, and complains, and is a snot to everyone around her.  She is the most ungrateful self appointed princess I have ever seen.

This show was absolutely unreal.  She lied, she contradicted herself, and was equally disrespectful to Dr. Phil.  In my opinion this show was a waste of time someone else with REAL challenges in life could have used. 

I sincerely hope we don’t see anymore of her and those like her on this show.  Dr. Phil serves a positive purpose, and I sure don’t want to see anymore time wasted on people like this.
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