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Twenty-six-year-old Nicole says Mehdi, her boyfriend and father of her 2-year-old son, is verbally, emotionally and physically abusive -- but she’s not ready to leave him. She says Mehdi has thrown her down the stairs and then blamed her for bruising easily -- and even tried to force her to have an abortion. Mehdi admits to calling Nicole names and shoving her twice, but says she is an alcoholic and drug addict who is violent and confrontational. He says she has pulled a knife on him, tried to hit him with a car and kicked holes in walls -- and that he’s the real victim. With a child caught in the middle, can this couple repair their relationship and create a healthier home environment? Then, actor Tom Sizemore rose to fame in films such as Born on the Fourth of July and Saving Private Ryan, but his off-screen antics may have earned him more attention. Now the author of a tell-all memoir, he opens up to Dr. Phil about his wild past -- from drug addiction to jail time and a fiery relationship with infamous Hollywood madam, Heidi Fleiss. What does he say was his lowest point -- and what made him finally decide to get sober? It’s an explosive, don’t-miss Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mrbean5411 on Apr 26, 2013, 11:01AM - In reply to jennef
Have you actually watched the Dr. Phil show with an open mind? I have. I have been watching for over 10 years and it is absolutely true that he is much harder on men than he is on women.  He makes excuses for women, but holds men accountable for everything because of their size advantage.

Please do not come on here and try act like he treats men and women equally on his show because it is quite clear that he does not.
Replied By: homeimps on Apr 23, 2013, 5:19AM
The big question seemed to be whether or not these two people should get married; I was very disappointed that Dr. Phil did not point out that neither one of them is a mature, stable adult and that the real issue is that they have already made the colossal mistake of bringing a child into the world; having done that, whether or not they get married is a very moot point.
Replied By: drphilfancanad on Apr 22, 2013, 5:15AM - In reply to tito2844
I completely agree with you, KARMA it is and he comes on national tv with his poor me attitude! Funny how dr.Phil didn't through him under the bus like he would have done, been mr.anybody..Probably because he was a celebrity and his kind of people .
Replied By: tbonet on Apr 21, 2013, 2:24PM
The first couple, definitely do not marry.    They are a train wreck that has all ready happened.   I could not see one ounce of respect that they showed each other.  

And Tom Sizemore, inspirational story.  Glad you made it out.    Keep on climbing...     Will check out his book.  
Replied By: pacava on Apr 21, 2013, 7:36AM
My question for Vincent is, why woukd you date a woman who you knew had violent tendencies with prior boyfriends??  For Amanda my question is, how do you manage to stab someone if they are holding a gun to your head?  I think they are both at fault and need to move on.

For Mary Kay, i cant imagine the pain and horror she is going through but it is clearly not Match.coms fault. First of all they do have info on their site about being careful and tips for this. But even if they didnt you have to be a complete idiot to think you dont have to be careful and be discerning.  This applies to every dating scenerio.  If she had met this guy in a bar would she now be suing the bar for not telling her to be careful if you go out with a patron??  

Personally, I met my husband on Match.com and we will celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary in 2 weeks.

Replied By: jennef on Apr 20, 2013, 4:44PM - In reply to mikesb
It is just not true that this is a show "only for women" or that Dr. Phil always puts men down.

This is an "Equal Opportunity" show!
Replied By: jennef on Apr 20, 2013, 8:23AM
This man struck me as sensitive, intelligent & humble.

I wish him well.
Replied By: tito2844 on Apr 19, 2013, 6:24PM - In reply to jewlianne51
Alone and miserable..how sad those words you just wrote...I was in a bad realtionship and now free and divorced -single and I am the most happy person in the world ,what is wrong with you? you have such low self steem, you think that  men really  love you? love is" Respect ,kindness,goodness,happiness,giving,concern,"something that yours didn't have ,if you like pain ,sadness,  and maybe someday get killed why do you not comeback with him? when someone disrespect you, hit you or verbally abuse you! DOESN'T  LOVE YOU! I can't believe  I am  hearing this from  another woman ,a man doesn't define me! I define myself is a strong ,unique person  .....seems to me you are not ,without that man! and I only feel sorry for you,you need help!  start loving yourself and when that happen someone who really love you will come to your life I hope so!
Replied By: tito2844 on Apr 19, 2013, 6:10PM - In reply to toby625
Believe me ,Tom don't care about your tears ...the whole thing about the show was t PROMOTE his drug abuse book is all business ,so save your tears he don't give a damn about not one but himself ,he had the chance to be sober ,money ,fame ,women's,  he forgot about his kids and wife now he is broke and not one wants him but his kids , now he is contrite ,Karma Karma !
Replied By: tito2844 on Apr 19, 2013, 6:06PM - In reply to drakcots
Lol Lol I too thought he was gay and was coming out ....is what I said in my coment he looks like gay , acts like gay and to me he is GAY! a nasty  one!
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