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Karlyn says her family was close, until her mother, Jodi, divorced her father, and kicked her and her brothers, Blake and Jordan, out of the house -- after she says they sided with their dad. Although Jodi lives only five miles away, Karlyn says she has not seen her mother in more than 12 years. Karlyn’s younger sister, Elyssia, tells a different story -- she says that Karlyn is evil and manipulative and is responsible for brainwashing the rest of their family and tearing them apart. Jodi says she’s the real victim and that her children abandoned her. Can they stop pointing fingers, put the past behind them and rebuild their fractured family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Jul 2, 2013, 9:20PM
That mother kicked her kids out because she resented them defending their father. Why should they not defend their father if their mother took out an AVO against him and they never saw violence. She is a bad mother and Dr Phil should have agreed with them. She also obviously lied about them taking a TV from her house because it was so coincidental that her kicking them out coincided with the trial where they defended their father. Seems she also was influencing the youngest daughter into taking her side- is the mother paying her way? Does the youngest hope to get her house? Hopefully they all get away from her because she's sick and will never stop being self-centred (like Alissa). "Alissa is my shining star" says it all really. Manipulator.
Replied By: andersont on Apr 15, 2013, 11:01PM - In reply to notoldinspirit
I feel your pain. I posted about this show yesterday. You can read it. Same situation here except my daughter stood me she wants no contact from me. It's been almost a tear now. The first time she said "no contact" was in September 2012. At the advise of my counselor, I sent her a few emails just saying "im thinking of you. Love u". Got her a Christmas gift also which my sister had to give to her. I was chastised by my daughter for this And was told not to contact her until I get help. Help on what I don't know. Then you have Dr. Phil saying "you're the mom. Be the hero."  I've tried. This has turned my world upside down. She will be graduating college in three weeks and I haven't been invited.
Replied By: givelove2all on Apr 14, 2013, 7:19PM - In reply to firsttimewatch
It seems as thogh there is a lot to go over, I mean, It was 12 years?! This is a long time and I think Dr Phil should've handled this better. He just brushed off the part when Jody said she was married to an abusive alcoholic. This is not an easy topic, but it's serious. I also think that that these 'adult kids' should respect the mothers wish for a divorce.  And it was wrong for Karlin to blame her mom for this, as well as shut out the sister for staying with her mom. Seems like Karlin is holding a huge grudge. Let it go!
Replied By: givelove2all on Apr 14, 2013, 6:30PM
I have watched Dr Phil for years and I must say this story seems like it is missing a lot of information. I agree with the post earilier - why wasnt the fathers alcoholism addressed? If these kid are considered 'adult kids' when this happened, then they should be old enough to respect the mothers wishes on a divorce, especially if alcohol is the main reason. I know how this family feels, my ex husband was an alcoholic. There are a lot of things that happen behind closed doors and it was very wrong for Karlin to say 'I didnt see anything'. I sheltered my two kids from it for years, and I am glad to see that Jody did the same.
I also think it was wrong for the three older kids to leave the youngest behind, it wasnt her fault either- and if you say that you stopped talking to her because she stayed with her mom, then shame on you!
Replied By: auburn2932 on Apr 14, 2013, 4:26PM
Why did the Mother kick the kids out, nothing was said about this?
Replied By: cudee58 on Apr 14, 2013, 3:55PM
Dr Phil, You got this one all wrong.... Lets just move forward.... Are u kidding, they were biting their tongues, not to spit nails at you... there is no way after 12 loooong years any of them can just go forward, they want answers, need answers and deserve answers.. even if its, I dont know why I did this or that, and I am sorry if I hurt you then, I didnt mean it like that, I was sad on your birthdays.. I always wanted to see the kids.. The holidays lost all meaning without my family etc..... They need to know they were right to feel hurt & angry and that it isn't normal behavior.. I was furious with you and so were they. They will never move on and repair the hurt without questions & answers.. You were mean & smug and you humiliated them to many times.. I was very disappointed with you...
Replied By: andersont on Apr 14, 2013, 3:09PM
I just finished watching this episode and am so upset over the fact that the mother is pretty much being blamed for this situation. Where is the adult children's accountability? Did the adult children tell the mother to stay away and she did what they wanted? I am in a situation right now with my 21 year old daughter. She told me she didn't want a relationship with me until I got help and changed. Well, I really don't know what she wants me to change. I haven't seen or talked to my daughter in almost a year. I have reached out to her a few times through email (since she changed her phone number and won't give me the number), only to get an email back telling me she wants no contact. Dr. Phil says "every situation needs a hero". I Well, I have tried and I am sure this mother feels she has tried only to be shut out and shot down by her children over and over again. I only hope our situation doesn't turn out to go on for 12 years.
Replied By: ann30101 on Apr 14, 2013, 8:58AM
I am still thinking about the program on Friday with the mom who sat there on national television and praised one daughter and cut down another one citing something the daughter had done from childhood....my mouth is still hanging open.  Dr. Phil can provide all the counseling in the world but a selfish and cold hearted person will always be that way.  I found the mother to be just that.  She also took a golden opportunity to cut down the children's dad one more time.  What kind of person does that?  I feel for the three children...she had a son who wen to Iraq and she didn't manage to talk to him before he did?  What kind of person does this type thing?  I just can't imagine.  I am divorced and no my children don't have a good relationship with their dad....I encourage it....talk and try to remember nice things about him even though he shows almost no interest in his children....and a mother who puts her own needs ahead of her children...she ain't much in my humble opinion.  Good luck with the counseling.
Replied By: firsttimewatch on Apr 13, 2013, 5:07PM
I'm a first time watcher.  Here's what I saw. . .

Oldest daughter very hurt & angry.  Oldest son hurt and angry.  Youngest son hurt and angry.  Youngest daughter hurt and angry.  Mother hurt and angry. . .

I can understand why the kids are angry and fighting.  I'm having a harder time understanding the mother's inablity to empathize with the estranged children's position, however.  Also not a good move to show favorites. . .that will ruin sibling relations every time.

To the oldest three:  you've got each other!  That's something.  Don't be angry at the youngest sibling. . .not her fault.  Not your fault, either.  Let it go.  Your mother has some hard work ahead of her, pray she does it and give her your blessing.
Replied By: susanbarkerp on Apr 13, 2013, 3:02PM
I was so disappointed with Dr. Phil and most of the people who have posted on this topic.  Apparently most people assume that mothers should be able to solve all problems and lead even their adult children to right thinking.  A mother who has been abandoned by her children has to become emotionally detached from them to continue living.  Adult children have a responsibility to be mature about situations and not always blame the parent.

 It is hard to imagine that this family can be repaired without discussing the past.

I agree with one of the posts about alcoholism being a problem that was overlooked by Dr. Phil.  It was the huge elephant in the room.
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