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Tiffany and Richie say they’ve been through more heartbreak in their eight-year marriage than any couple should have to endure, including a miscarriage, a stillbirth and discovering that their 2 1/2-year-old daughter had been molested by a family member. After prosecuting the perpetrator and starting the healing process, the couple’s world was rocked by another tragedy: the death of their 2-month-old son. Struggling to deal with their overwhelming grief and anger, Tiffany and Richie say their marriage is hanging on by a thread. Can Dr. Phil help this couple support each other and stay united as they grieve in different ways? Then, Ashley and Erin say their seven-year marriage has been on the brink of divorce since the beginning, due to infidelity and a failed open marriage. Separated for six months, can their union be repaired for the sake of their 6-year and 6-week-old children? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s tips for maintaining a successful relationship.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ammcabel on Apr 1, 2015, 9:06PM
Please look at our "where are they now video," courtesy of Andrew Ardans of Reno, NV

Replied By: daisymeriadoc on Jun 10, 2013, 7:50PM
Being an adult child of parents who lost two babies, I commend Tiffany and Richie for seeking counselling early on in their marriage. My parents never did. I was the only child in a house filled with unresolved grief, anger, resentment and pain. That turned into emotional neglect towards me and overly critical parents. As Dr Phil said to Tiffany, she is punishing the children who have survived. At the age of 42, I recently found the courage to stand up to my mother and tell her I want nothing to do with her. She has criticised everything I do and have done and spits venom. For the sake of the surviving children - love them, nurture them. Don't let them hate you when they are older.
Replied By: mama4angels on Apr 16, 2013, 12:40AM
I enjoy Dr. Phil, but as a mother who has also lost babies, I saw his flippant platitudes as insulting to the grief that both felt, especially the wife. The husband needs to do what is best for both and talk about it whether he feels like it or not. Otherwise, he alienates her to feel the pain and guilt alone which will deepen her grief and depression. I am speaking from experience. Don't try to minimize her pain with flippant words when you have not travelled her road!!!!  She needs support from other mothers who have been through the same, he does also. You should have advised them to seek support groups, even online has helped me so much. I formed a local Facebook support group MOMS and DADS of ANGELS, exactly because I didn't have any support from my husband. If it weren't for the others in the group, I probably would have succumbed to the depression and committed suicide. Dr Phil, please don't be so flippant on something you haven't experienced and never follows "textbook" psychology!  God bless this couple!!! Your sweet Michael is playing in Heaven with my precious, Zerlyna, but I would give anything to have her with me in my arms and playing with her twin sister.
Replied By: KateBauer on Apr 14, 2013, 11:02AM
I am so sorry for your many tragedies in your lives.  You must not blame yourself.  Nature sometimes has a way of dealing with pregnacies that may not produce healty children.  The miscarriage and stillborn may have been just that.  I recognize it is still a dealth and terrible loss for the both of you and then you lost your third child which is unimaginable grief.   My mother lost 2 of my brothers within 16 months of eachother both at 19.  One from Vietnam and one from an accidental drowning in a boating accident.  She never recovered, but I hope you both do.  They will always be in your hearts and memory, but please live for your living children.  They will bring joy and love to you to help heal the pain.  Also, I am so sorry your daugher's grand-father molested her.  I am glad he is in jail and feel so sorry for your husband having to deal with this in even a different way than you do.  Best of luch for a happy, loving, successful marriage and family.  After all this surely there are just bright happy days to look forward to.
Replied By: gojo19 on Apr 13, 2013, 8:49PM
I absolutely LOVE Dr. Phil and often agree with the advice that he gives.  In the case of Tiffany and Richie I really think he got this one wrong.  It was very frustrating to see him address Tiffany so much about the problems then turn and talk to Richie about his hurt.  Having had a miscarriage as well as holding a baby that I had lost half way through the pregnancy, I understand Tiffany's hurt and guilt.  I also have a husband that shuts down emotionally.  It makes you feel very alone, and if at all possible more guilty.  What Dr. Phil said to Tiffiny was fine, but a long conversation needs to happen with Richie about the way he is behaving and how it is not helpful either.  I feel for both of them and wish them the best of life.
Replied By: imamosaic on Apr 13, 2013, 8:51AM
One of the things I've learned late is- you can't love others if you don't love yourself.  I agree with Dr. Phil that Michael's life should have a legacy of love.  Right now his legacy is pain and I hope that will all change.

  It's amazing that you can put your greatest fears out for all of us to see.  You fear you fell asleep and because of that, your son died.  Every mother out here has the same fear only most of us are blessed with healthy kids.  Just that blessed part, that's the only difference between you and the rest of us.  I am happy to hear that you have been blessed with children to raise.

Your husband's pain is so plain on his face it is hard to watch.  He reaches out to you and his broken heart makes us ache.  I hope you get the help you both deserve.  Happiness is so very close for you two, if you can only connect-up with the  love you both have for each other.

Best of luck,


PS.  If the second couple that was on, do get a divorce, Ashley will do just fine.
Replied By: urology on Apr 12, 2013, 6:49PM
This sorry broke my heart. I can't even begin to understand a loss/losses like they have had to endure.  I wish them all the best and truly hope their marriage can withstand the pain and heartache they have lived through.
Replied By: oldnurse5 on Apr 11, 2013, 9:22PM
This situation with the baby who died and the mother devastated by guilt makes me so angry.  I have seen it often over 40 years of nursing.  I wish so much that CPR not be taught by fresh young know-it-all, you -have- to- do- this- perfectly sort of people.  Under the very best of circumstances only about 2% of people manage to live after even the best out of hospital CPR, but no one tells these conscientious, caring, responsible people who think they can save lives now.  It doesn't work and they think it is because they did something wrong.  it is not.  Over the years the details of how CPR is done change and change, and the 2% stays about the same.  Please make sure that poor mother gets the real information she needs to relieve her guilt.  A baby is seldom among the ones who live, and the reasons are very complex and probably not entirely understood.  Please help them both to know they are not at fault, for good reasons.  People who do live in the hospital have alot more than CPR going for them: lab values that can be treated, medications that change the body functioning, close monitoring and skilled people.  And even then, a great many simply take alot longer to die, but still die within days or weeks.  Please comfort them.
Replied By: rwdilla on Apr 11, 2013, 7:13PM
This show was heartbreaking. I have gone through much of what was talked about. I wish this couple the best.

Dr Phil will never ever  have a Clue what it is like to survive tragedies such as these. You can only know if you've been there, his family is borderline perfect.  Losing children has layers and layers of grief and loss that he can't possible comprehend. It is difficult to survive and come thru to the other side. He counsels these people, but without understanding the depth of the loss, how can he even begin to try and help. The three children at home are suffering which has nothing to do with the loss of the others. Just because you have children that are living, doesnt help with trying to deal with such deep loss Of other children. Phil makes it sound like this is easy. Everyday, I remember my losses and now much I miss them. There will forever be a hole in my heart  and soul, never to be filled.
Replied By: krw333 on Apr 11, 2013, 6:53PM
Dr. Phil,

I have never posted a comment on any message board in my life.  Today I came home and watched your show which I had DVR'd.  I found myself weeping for this amazing couple.  I just had to take a moment to express the hurt, compassion and respect I felt for them.  I am not usually someone who finds myself so compelled to make sure that two strangers knew how truly powerful they really are in this world.  The hurt in the husband's eyes filled me with a physical pain that seemed to resonate from my heart.  I wanted so terribly to take the guilt away from that wonderful mother.  I thought your advice was so kind.  Kind is a word that I believe is the best word you can use to describe how someoone relates to another human being.  I just wanted them to know that both of them have the strength of titanium to endure such pain.  On the other side of that pain I hope they will someday find an equal or even greater amount of happiness and self power in knowing how truly strong they are in the end.  What an incomparable gift they will someday have handed down to their children by surviving this tragedy.  As a beautiful and caring couple I hope that they can realize through overcoming their pain and still giving their children so much love that they have given them the gift of power.  Power to overcome, to live, to endure, to laugh, to respect and to actively love.  I hope they forgive themselves and give themselves permission to simply live again.  Wishing them joy....

Sending only wonderful thoughts to them all,
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