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April says her world came crashing down when she discovered her husband, Jeff, had a secret cell phone with racy photographs and text messages from another woman on it. After 15 years of providing fancy cars, expensive vacations and a beautiful home on the river for her family, she says the betrayal cut deeply. Jeff admits to the affair, but says his infidelity is not what ruined their marriage and that their relationship was rocky long before he cheated. He claims April is verbally and physically abusive and emasculates him for not making enough money. Can -- and should -- this marriage be saved? Then, Charnay says she learned her husband of one month, J-uan, cheated on her with his ex while they were engaged -- and fathered a baby. She says she never would've married him had she known the truth, and that their relationship has been deteriorating ever since. J-uan wants to save their marriage, but Charnay wants to know if she should, "run like hell." Dr. Phil shares his insight and perspective on this marriage. And, can any marriage survive infidelity? Don't miss Dr. Phil's advice.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: realsyd on Apr 9, 2013, 2:07PM - In reply to jbrown6876
It is the other way around.  April should run and get a man that wants a partner not somebody that can only be taken care of and doesn't provide for his family.  AND then cheat and have the other MARRIED women (she is a total loser too) also take care of everything like the secret phone and hotel.  JOKE.  Get out April and find somebody who will appreciate you and will be the faithful partner you deserve.
Replied By: jbrown6876 on Apr 9, 2013, 10:51AM
Jeff should run from April if they don't have kids.  If they do have kids, they need serious counseling to see why she feels so superior to everyone else.  Why treat your spouse like that?   
Replied By: bluebird0247 on Apr 7, 2013, 4:20PM
How does anyone get past something like this? Just the fact alone that the other woman was in her kitchen. How does she ever go into that kitchen again without thinking that?
Replied By: specialm on Apr 7, 2013, 9:33AM
Well Charnay, was not a very smart woman. I don't know how she could have ever thought she would be enough for a man who clearly has no respect for women. I think Charnay needs to be honest with herself, and admit that she knew exactly what she was getting into. With all she did to Juan's ex-wife, how could she have thought their marriage would be okay? Personally Charnay, you are a horrible woman and sounds to me like you just got back what you served. Not liking it so much are you? Now that you are the woman being hurt and humiliated by this man! You didn't think anything of it, when you were helping him to hurt his ex-wife did you? People who mess around with married men are desparate and lost individuals. I think Charnay and Juan need help. Figure out what made you chase down a married man in the first place and correct that. Maybe once Charnay corrects that, she'll find happiness in the right man. Juan was never her's totally. He is too busy sharing himself with other women. Juan needs counseling to get to the root cause of why he seems to need multiple women.
Replied By: treedolphin on Apr 6, 2013, 2:43PM
i have never wanted to throw my tv out as much as i did when watching this episode.
So, we have a man, who has been physcially, verbally and emotionally abused by his wife (which she admits), and the wife is the breadwinner and has a drinking problem, and he got positive reinforecement/support from another lady and ended up having an affair with her, yet dr phil thinks this is more about him, and that he is like a child, versus if this was a woman being abused by her drinking husband. I found dr phil angry in this episode, he was raising his voice and very very condecedning, such as when he kept getting the husband to repeat things and then dr phil started mocking him as they continued. He should have said this was a someone in an abusive relationship and that the wife needs help to get her anger in control, and that the husband needs help with selfesteem and career advice. this type of attitude is why men dont say anything if they have abusive wives, and are more likley to seek out affairs as they feel validated by someone.
Replied By: basil7070 on Apr 5, 2013, 11:02PM
Dr Phil is right that when you get honest and engage in serious counseling, you will know very quickly if there is hope or not.  

I went through several years where my husband wasn't earning any money and I was out trying unsuccessfully to be the breadwinner. We have kids and I just totally lost respect for him.  We couldn't negotiate anything because he wasn't willing to get off of unemployment.  I can see why she was so angry and contempetuous of him. I was mean, nasty and cold for years. But he wouldn't leave and he wouldn't cheat. Go figure.  I thought if he cheated, then I would be justified in seeking divorce.

He started antidepressants which seemed to help. But the real dealbreaker was when he found out that I had registered on a couple of dating websites.  I wasn't planning on finding another lover and never even talked to anyone. But my husband just flipped because he thought I would leave him and bring a stranger, a creep, into our children's lives.  He pushed for counseling even though he thinks psychology is bull. I made the decision to give the relationship 100% effort, honesty, and negotiating through our differences. I threw my weight behind my husband's business venture (even though I am very wary of entreprenuership) because I knew he needed me to support and believe in him.  It was very critical for me because if it works, I know I have given him and the relationship everything it needs to turn it around. If it fails, then I have earned my way out of the relationship.  

Once April gives it 100% either way, whether it's stay or go, she will experience real freedom and a clear path.
Replied By: tbonet on Apr 5, 2013, 8:46PM
If i were married to someone that put me down and then I met someone that made me feel good about myself.   Sign me up for the one who makes me feel good.   Life is too short to be with an abuser.   You reep what you sow.  I would ask Jeff, where do you want to be?.   Is there any love left or did it change with each insult.  Sorry April, you made millions but that only makes you bank account attractive.    I would only want Jeff back if I truly wanted the relationship,not because someone wanted him.  How selfish.      

And the second couple, best wishes and lots of prayers sent you way.  

Replied By: loha41 on Apr 5, 2013, 7:32PM
It can be saved but not too sure if it should. A good indicator of it is working is the child's behavior.they never spoke of the child other than the fact they have one..
Replied By: dianepue on Apr 5, 2013, 5:58PM - In reply to cladett3
You absolutely right that April is an abuser.  She is a bully, and yes, it is also a parent-child relationship....but it is also spousal abuse.  We are quick to label men as abusers or their spouses, but hesitate to label a woman as an abuser.  I hope they both can get the help they need....but I also hope he gets out of this destructive relationship and finds a woman who will show him HEALTHY LOVE.
Replied By: a1flirt on Apr 5, 2013, 5:53PM
If you're so insecure  that you you stoop to the level of spying on your spouse and going through their phone, wallet, email etc, you're a fool. You look pathetic and desperate. If that's your game, you shouldn't be in a relationshiip and you need to take a giid hard look at yourself in the mirror. So childish
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