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Leah says her mother, Dora, may appear to be sweet, but she’s actually a narcissist, hypochondriac, drama queen and a liar. She says Dora is always claiming to be sick -- including lying about having cancer -- to elicit sympathy from others, and she's tired of the chaos it creates. Dora denies Leah’s accusations and says she has medical records to prove her illnesses are real. She says her daughter has rejected her and refuses to let her see her grandchildren -- and the depression she feels as a result makes her ailments worse. Is Dora embellishing her illnesses? And, can Dr. Phil and Troy Dunn, star of The Locator, help this mother and daughter find a common ground to rebuild their relationship? Then, Carrie says her 61-year-old mother, Paula, has been meeting strangers online and having sex with them. She says she's embarrassed and disgusted, but also worried for Paula's safety. Paula says she's not doing anything wrong -- but is her behavior cause for concern? Dr. Phil weighs in.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: anyakarenin on Jul 6, 2014, 4:23PM
Such a brave soul.

Watching this woman's face & her glare was so disheartening. The hair flip, I have rights, I am the victim, my symptoms, droning, whining on fb. "I Never took her identity. I used her name & S.S." HELLO?!? That's FRAUD, that's identity THEFT! "That's a choice I HAD to make".......ahhh forever the martyr, what a champ.

Cancer Survivor? Don't make me pity you even more, for if you, madam, really ever knew a Cancer victim, you would KNOW, NONE of them are exhibitionists.They carry on in Grace. That is what REAL illness does to the human spirit. Where were all of those miraculous medical records? Dr. Phil has never an issue to take ACTUAL records & confirm them. Oh wait, YOURS DON'T EXIST! "Dr.said I don't know what happened". We know, you MAY have had some precancerous cells, as every human does. The Dr.covered his a$$ from a lawsuit from a hypochondriac with a blanket explanation. 

"Because the kids wanted their father in their lives."  20 to 50 times she took him back. Complete validation, as if her God given brain wasn't able to inform her but yet, her God is to blame? No personal accountability, it's all up to God. A shameful excuse."I'm sick because I am rejected by my own children". No accountability . "Oh, I did have a broken ankle once" as if everyone needs to know every complaint & infirmity. Attention seeking,nothing else to show for sucking up oxygen. She regrets moving times "@ this point". Not when it was actually happening???? Maybe if she had actually stuck around to PAY for a medical bill & not FLED from the payment, to be absorbed by the taxpayer, she will eventually understand what it means to be ill.

She will eventually need someone due to an incapacity & yet the girl who cried wolf will have done so too many times & she will be alone.
Replied By: kiki2323 on Apr 16, 2013, 9:39PM - In reply to caliruth
judging by how old they are i doubt that they had a prepaid phone when Leah was a child...anyway yes maybe having a phone isnt a necessity for most but having 2 young kids you should prob have one especially since they lived out where they werent near much so if there was an emergency of some sort it wouldve been a problem. do i agree w what the mother did no but at the same time i see that she was trying her best to provide for the children...no one on here is saying anything about the father, ya she couldve left, sometimes easier said than done. its not like the mother was out gambling, clubbing, and doing drugs she got a phone, theres much worse things she couldve done. i think leah is a spoiled rotten brat, and if the mother wanted attention she would have yelled about her sexual abuse from the rooftops but no she protected her children from it and dealt w it, the daughter upon learning about this didnt even care. in my opinion shes just a brat w no remorse. either way if the mother has the problems she claims or is infact what dr phil and the daughter say she is, she is sick and she is her mother and she should be there for her no matter what.
Replied By: kiki2323 on Apr 16, 2013, 9:26PM - In reply to tyler1
ummm no the poor mother...wrong doing? i doubt she was perfect but she was proven right by her ex of why she had to do the things she did because her husband was blowing money on porn. hellloooo the mother was trying to care for her kids and when the father admitted that he abused her mother the daughter didnt even bat an eyelash she didnt care her first responce was "thats not why" not im sorry you went thru that i had no idea...because the mother endured it and kept it to herself to protect her children just as any mother should...if the mother was seeking "attention" well then she wouldve been broadcasting that thru the roof tops.
Replied By: kiki2323 on Apr 16, 2013, 9:14PM
also Dr. Phil another thing I didnt agree with was you kept asking Dora over and over if it was "unusual" for her to tell you about her medical problems even though you didnt ask. I dont find that "unusual" at all being that it was totally on topic to almost the first thing she was accused of was being a hypo. I wouldve done the same thing. If you had asked her about the weather and she said ya I have this this and that well that would've been unusual. Also the facebook issue, is irrelevant. Whether its right or wrong I see it on a daily basis about ppls medical stuff. Its called updating your friends and family and keeping in touch right? I actually like it much better when people are honest on fb about their lives as opposed to making it look perfect and all happy then later seeing the person and you find out instead of a perfect happy marriage someones actually going thru a divorce. whats the point of being on there if you arent going to be real?
Replied By: kiki2323 on Apr 16, 2013, 9:09PM - In reply to johelenc1
actually even if it wasnt cancerous they will still remove a tumor. My mom had one on her cheek that was benine and they still removed it and sometimes it has to be removed in order to even test it. But i def get what you are saying with everything else...
Replied By: kiki2323 on Apr 16, 2013, 9:07PM
Dr Phil,

I have watched your show ever since I can remember. When I was younger EVERYTHING you said I agreed with. As I'm now older I dont always necessairly agree with everything that is said. With that I still admire and look up to you. But this show I was just blown away with. First of all either way if she had cancer or didnt, If the test was false, if it was a miraculous healing, So what? that is a very very scary thing to deal with and her daughter should have some compassion,hope she never has to deal with anything like that, karma is all i can say...and just because she has more than 1 thing wrong with her doesnt mean shes a hypo...ESPECIALLY if she was offering the documentation from the drs. Also as a single mom where my son goes to my mothers house and visits her. I'm sorry but I would rather have some bill handed to me than the chance of something being wrong with my child and the necessary percausions weren't taken...She sounded so ignorant, oh you cant see my child because you got him medical attention. Oooh I PRAY that if she has the heart for the child and the grandmother to let them see eachother again, because God knows i could not and would not do that to my mother or son. Anyways I pray that if she does and something happens that that child does NOT need real medical attention because the grandmother will def be reluctant to take the child and then what if something happens? Wow just wow. Anyway the other problem I saw with this show was the fact that the daughter learned about the abuse her mother endured while with the daughters father and she didnt even bat an eyelash she did not care at all what so ever that her mother went thru that. I bet her thought was omg she did go thru that now i look like a jerk. guess what YOU DID look like a jerk. The mother showed emotion the daughter didnt. If anyone was looking to be "right" in this case it was the daughter. And maybe the mother,Dora didnt do everything perfect but she def did TRY to take care of her kids while the father was spending money on other things like porn.  Especially finding this out of why I would not hold it over my mothers head. Its not like the mom stole her name and social to go clubbing and shopping and spending the money on unnecessary things. I def felt bad for Dora and that she was belittled and the audience laughing while she sat there and cried. And you dont have time for your mother because she needs medical care? Shame on you, who was there for you when you needed that care and had to go to the drs. your MOTHER just as she should have been and just like you should be shes the one who gave you life the one who took care of you. And im sorry get over the fact she criticizes you, my mother does it alllll the time that is what mothers do. you will find when your kids are older and they do things just as they do now as a child that you dont agree with your gonna tell them about it. thats what you do when you "care" about someone. your mother has been there done that she knows a little bit. if she didnt care she wouldnt say a word. And my god as much as it annoys me when she does it I would much rather have my mom critizing me than sick or not a part of my life. I have had to let things go from my childhood that has affected me emotionally and with relationships in my life and it def hasnt been easy but due to my father having a terminal illness and will most likely take his life way sooner than it should and he wasnt always perfect but I love him and I would take his unperfectness for the next 50 years over him dieing anyday. And guess what? I go to all of his appointments even if he tells me I dont have too. Leah you need to grow up and realise your mother loves you and your kids, show some compassion, im 28 years old and I have things wrong w me not because im a hypo but because they are real and they are there and without medicine from my dr and before i found out what was wrong i was in pain every single day and was always tired and never had energy to go out and do things with my son or family, your mom is no spring chicken, shes not old either, but theres probably stuff wrong there, be there for your mom...before its too late, and Dr. Phil I'm sorry but I totally agree with the other posts that you should def apologize to Dora, the one thing I have noticed you have done is put people down for how they deal with things because their family isnt perfect. I'm not saying you never had any trials or tribulations but theres been times I've seen you put someone down who was really trying the best that they can with what they have.  Not everyone has a degree in psychology, the money or means to do certain things, and perfect children to deal with. That is all I could keep going but i wont I still  love the show and def value your opinion just now that im older I can kinda see things in a diff light and can go off my own life experiences.
Replied By: johelenc1 on Apr 16, 2013, 8:20PM
Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the biopsy of her throat tumor was a false positive in the first place?  Obviously, the biopsy showed something or the doctors wouldn't have performed the surgery.  It's not at all uncommon for a biopsy to lead to a surgery but then a full examination of what is removed does not show cancer.  Could it have been a miraculous healing?  Sure.  But, what that means is Dora escaped cancer - not that she experienced it and has gone into remission.
Replied By: nevenka58 on Apr 10, 2013, 2:32PM
Hi Dr. Phil,

I respect your opinion a lot, and watch your show, but I think you were wrong not believing Dora about her conditions, and blaming her for imagining that she have had cancer.  She is one sick lady and needs help.

I have had the same problems with "inapropriate behavior" with my daughter until I found out what was wrong with me.
The reason it is better now is that I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease (finaly)and when I finally have something she can understand and read about, she stopped being hostile toward me and blaming me for everything.
My brain was screwed up, and still is, and so is Dora's. She needs help, not to be criticized.

I believe that Dora might have Lyme with co-infections but our medical community labels it with Fibromyalgia and all other syndromes that they can think off. I have had lime for 46 years, and I have to find out on my own what was wrong, have not had any help from MDs. Now I am on therapy which  is very difficult, but helped me to be different and not complain so much anymore.

Dora is complaining because she is sick and does not get help or even understanding from her own family. Her daughter is hurt in her mind, but in my opinion she is very rude and selfish. She will understand her mom when she gets the same treatment from her own children. I believe Dora when she stated that she had had cancer and after the surgery she had not. You should know how many times doctors make mistakes, especially labs when examining the tissues, i have deep distrust toward MDs because of my bad experiences .  They told her that she has cancer, and then they said ooops, mistake. How about that.
I ended up almost paralyzed because of doctors not believing me.

Dora will end up the same way unles she gets proper diagnosys, and they(her family) will just kick her in her gut and let her die.
Please help her and make her go to Lyme Literate Doctor to make the proper diagnosis. Sorry for mu harsh words and inability to write properly. I am from Bosnia Sarajevo and my English knowledge is somewhat limited. But I hope you get what I am saying and being smart as you are think about it.

(About me now: It is very hard to have Lyme and the worst thing is that I know I had given it to my daughter who is OCD  now and sick, and has a huge problems in her life and her marriage. She is a great mother but has a lot of fights in her marriage. I blame myself for it since I have not give her good childhood. Her father was abuser and I let him do it to us  for many years. 
I wish you can help my daughter to get better, but she does not want even to talk about it. I know she has some serious medical issues, but when I mentioned your show to her,  she does not want to go on national television.

I wish I can help her but I do my best now when we are close again. I had to apollogize for whatever she blamed me for, even if I wanted to womit after that, but it worked and help our relationship. I hope it will last. We all walk on egg shells around my daughter. In some way she abuses us all. She is always stressed out and always has someone to blame for her hurt feelings. Frankly I am tired of it and if not for grandchildren i will not go so often to visit. It is horrible to say that but that is the realty of my life. I wish you can help, but obviously my daughter does not want any and I cannot make her. Without help i know she will divorce soon  and my grandbabies will be without father, and she will live with me. If you want to see how we look go to my facebook.)
Replied By: grandma_b on Apr 8, 2013, 4:41PM
I lived this. I know how Leah feels and I am sorry. I am thankful that my mom didn't have a computer! That would have been awful!

The funny thing is, after all the years of rushing to the ER or doctor only to find nothing wrong, in the end she really did have a blood clot in her leg and she died suddenly of either an aneurysm or the blood clot broke loose. Blood clots are very painful and when she had her blood clot, she complained the least that she ever did my whole life. 

If you haven't lived with someone like this, you have no idea how devastating it is and how much it hurts.  I had a surgery (she did not come to the hospital during the surgery) and she visited me every day after the surgical day and told all of my visitors about her aches, pains, and problems. I never got to say a word to any of them. 

Hang in there Leah. Forgive her. She can't help it. It in itself is a very bad disease. 
Replied By: ecowom on Apr 4, 2013, 11:23PM
and who the hell is Tony Dunn???  is he a psychiatrist???  or is he just there to promote his show and YOUR Book?  (soooo sick of that!!!).  The Woman had a Cancer Diagnosis .. Damn it!  and now it is gone!  Don't get mad at her!  Get mad at the people who named it cancer!  .... your daughter has nothing to do with this!  God Bless her, but the woman had a cancer diagnosis...  Dr. Phil you're smart, but now you're just testing our intelligence!  You really need to apologize to this woman!!!
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