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(Original Air Date: 03/26/13) Twenty-three-year-old Amber made headlines when she posted a photo of her bruised face and neck brace on Facebook and publicly accused her ex-boyfriend, Austin, of attacking her with a baseball bat -- an attack Austin denies. The incident landed him in jail for assault and her in intensive care -- but despite the assault, Amber admits that she still loves Austin. Amber’s mom, Joyce, fears her daughter will take Austin back when he’s released from jail -- and that doing so could have deadly consequences. Why does he have such a hold on Amber? And, can Dr. Phil help Amber find the courage to move on without Austin? Then, George says his ex-wife, Dorothy, is “evil” and “diabolical” and even tried to have him killed three years ago. Dorothy pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and is currently serving five years in prison. Why does George believe she wanted him dead? And, how was the alleged plot revealed? Dorothy speaks out in an exclusive interview from behind bars -- why does she say she was framed? And, how does she explain an incriminating audio recording with a confidential informant?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: housewife52 on Jul 8, 2013, 3:06PM - In reply to survivorinpdx
As have I, many times over the years discussed Dr P and his advice on many things. I am saddened to say that I no longer do that, because , the truth is, it's not only men, it is pretty much everyone, my family, friends, whoever I happened to  "Dr Phil", does not like Dr P. It's very possible that I "Dr Phil" ed,   too much. In fact, I'm sure of that.  But I only did it in a situation where I could quote Dr P, and share his advice. My late father, who has been gone now for 7 years, could not STAND Dr Phil. I'm pretty sure it was because so many things hit home for him, and he didn't want to hear it.  Other people say, it's common sense, people already know better.He's just gettin' up there and sayin' what we already know. Well, excuse me, but that's not true! Oh well, Dr P does not need anyone to defend him.
Replied By: survivorinpdx on Jul 3, 2013, 9:41PM - In reply to strine
Unless you are a victim who is in denial, it is extremely challenging to judge this situation. However, with that being said, I do not know all of the facts about this case, just what I heard Dr. Phil telling her - and IT WAS SCARY. Whether she was culpable or not, she could have been KILLED!!
Replied By: survivorinpdx on Jul 3, 2013, 9:39PM
I wrote an entire post and may have lost it. I am testing the system to see if this is posted. Thank you, Crystal
Replied By: survivorinpdx on Jul 3, 2013, 7:44PM
I would like to specifically comment on the show that aired yesterday (July 2nd) about domestic violence and highlighted a young lady named Amber.

Many times over the years I have discussed Dr. Phil and tthe topics of his shows with many of my friends and colleagues. What I have found is that there are MANY men out there who dislike or even say they despise Dr. Phil. I thought about it in-depth and do you know the conclusion I came to? That it is because, many men (NOTE - not ALL men) tend not to like Dr. Phil because he is very straight-forward and does not tolerate issues such as domestic violence and violence in general. He is able to call people on their bullsh**, whereas many people (even victims!) have the ability to either place themselves in denial or the perpetrator, who does not like the fact that Dr. Phil is speaking the truth.

I am here to tell you, Amber, that as a 49-year-old marketing and advertising professional, I never imagined that I would have not only placed my life in danger, I placed the life of my 18-year-old son in danger by being with a convicted felon who had a rap sheet a mile long. At first, I came into the situation as the classic 'rescuer' and 'careftaker.' I would have done anything for my husband because I loved him SO much. Looking back, I am not quite sure WHAT exactly I loved about him because he was a convict, glorified the fact that he was a methamphetamine manufacturer and loved the fact that he was a gangster. I THOUGHT I was going to make him see the light and that I was NOT going to judge him as a Christian/Catholic woman. It was surreal - here's a college educated person who has worked all her life and almost threw it away on someone who could have cared less, with the exception of money for his alcohol and his drugs!!

All it took for me to say 'NO' one time to his drinking and meth usage (after a hellish year of keeping my mouth shut in absolute fear looking back) and he came up behind me and suckered me to the hardwood floor on my back, choking me and hurting me. Coward? CHECK. Vile? CHECK. He also choked and threatened the life of my son. It is a downright MIRACLE that I am still alive. All it would have taken was for him to slam my head onto the hardwood floor as he did my body. And he felt absolutely NO remorse when 9-1-1 was called - he tried to PIN the entire situation on me and that I "attacked" him (!!)

What I am trying to say here is - think about yourself! Think about your life! Is this what you want for your life? Is this what you think you deserve? There is NO man out there who is so incredibly attractive, charming, sexy or anything like that in which you could justify or rationalize this type of behavior. It is just completely unacceptable! Even if he is not your husband, as YOUR partner, it it HIS duty and HONOR to protect you, not to beat you! Think through these things every day and if you must write down Dr. Phil's lists that he showed yesterday and post them to your bathroom mirror - then do so. It MAY save your life. Good Luck and God Bless You My Child - You are So Young and Beautiful. You DO NOT deserve this treatment, nor should you ever put up with it. Not for one second. And Dr. Phil - YOU ROCK!!
Replied By: nbryan on Jul 2, 2013, 4:46PM
1st of all thank you for your courage and sharing with us Amber. Thank God you are alive!! I hope my 24 yr. old daughter watches this show & learns from it. When Dr. Phil described your ex it is a perfect description of her baby's daddy...who emotionally, mentally and I am sure she doesn't tell me physically abuses her. I have had him arrested once & he too ignores all restraining orders, as well as contacts her on a "no contact" order and goes back. I am not sure she will relate also with what you shared about wanting to help him and that you are caring and compassionate. He is not! My daughter says those same words to me and won't listen to me regarding getting help. I know if she watchees this show it will help her and that she will relate well to your story.
You are a beautiful young woman and I hope you stay away from your Ex. No excuse for what he did to you! None!! Deal Breaker all the way!! Never let anyone hurt you, put you down and treat you wtih disrespect...You ARE a beautiul, worthy young woman and I am sure you will someday have a wonderful man who loves you in your life and treats you with respect and love!!. Thanks again for sharing your story. God's blessings!!
Replied By: blesslady83 on Jul 2, 2013, 3:12PM
You are in danger. Please don't go back to him. You gotta thank about your life. If he love you he wouldn't have done this to you nor blame you for what he done. Listen to Dr. Phil he know's best.
Replied By: ariwangs on Jul 2, 2013, 2:10PM
I have been through this before for four years. I met a guy that I thought was my highschool sweetheart fell In love. And I was 16 yrs old and then found out I was pregnant decided to keep my baby my sons father was in and out of jail most our times together for little things. I was with him for four and a half years throughout all those years he had beat me almost evrynight if not it would atleast be every week. He never had a reason and afterword he would always apologize and show sympathy so i thought he cared. All those years in front of my son till last year he had beaten me to the point where I was hospitalized for 2days he is doing 4 years in prison for what he has done to me over the years and my son at 3 years old has been taken from me I fought for the past year to get him back but I didnt do what the state needed me to do in time so they had my son adopted . I learned from my past mistakes and one thing I wish is that I took my son away from that life sooner then I did cause now I dont have my son in my life. Its hard this life we D.V women choose but its somthing inside of us I believe that make us want to stay to fix our guys to make them change they will never change ever dont ever beleive them if they say that. It will only lead for u to get hurt more in the future.
Replied By: here2opine on Jul 2, 2013, 1:41PM
But just before McCauley's hearing was set to begin, Clay County prosecutors received a call from police in Blue Springs, who said they responded to a call from Taylor in the early morning hours of April 24, 2013. 

When police arrived on the scene, Taylor told them she had been out with McCauley when the two began arguing in her parked car. At that time, Taylor told police, McCauley choked her until she lost consciousness, then slapped her to wake her back up, accusing her of faking.

Replied By: clschmutz on Jul 2, 2013, 1:33PM
It breaks my heart to see Amber in this situation.  She is clearly a sweet and caring person who has been taken advantage of by her abusive boyfriend.  This is a HUGE problem in our society and I think Dr. Phil did an excellent job of counseling Amber.  Loved his lists!!  I, as well as many other women, have been in this exact situation.  The tough love stance her mother took is normal...many of my friends and parents did the same to me.  I know now that it was the very best thing they could've done for me.  Thankfully, though, my parents put their foot down and demanded I leave my husand with  my kids and move in with them.  It was very difficult because I was living an upscale lifestyle and was afraid to leave that behind.  Anyone who has never been in a situation like this, can't begin to understand.  Just saying it now, 4 years later, it sounds crazy....but back then, I was scared as hell to leave.  I tried several times to talk my parents into letting me "go home".  Thankfully, they wouldn't let me.  If anyone has a friend or family member in this situation, be strong for them.  Be there for them and be persistent on getting them out of the abusive situation.  I am so thankful that my parents and friends took the tough-love stance with me....it saved me and my children.  If anyone who reads this is in an abusive situation, please speak with a therapist or counselor...they will help you with an exit plan and help you with the emotional weaknesses that come with leaving an abuser (someone you probably "love").  Catholic Family Services and other family agencies actually have financial plans for individuals who don't have insurance or the money to hire a therapist.
Replied By: strine on Jun 13, 2013, 10:07PM
George should be in jail if a heart attack is "taking a hit out" on someone. He is obviously killing himself by the looks of his body. Why would she even get insurance money if they are divorced? 
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