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Sherrie Daly, former wife of pro golfer John Daly, and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, open up to Dr. Phil about their highly-publicized divorces and custody battles -- and why they believe they lost custody of their children. First, Sherrie says her 9-year marriage to the so-called bad boy of golf was “either heaven or hell,” and that John’s heavy drinking and infidelity contributed to the demise of their relationship in 2010. Why, despite John’s alleged bad behavior, did Sherrie lose custody of their 9-year-old son? And, how does she explain her criminal past? Sherrie attempts to clear up the misconceptions that she says continue to haunt her in the headlines. Does she have any regrets? Then, Siohvaughn says she has been unfairly labeled as “crazy” and “violent,” after her contentious divorce and custody battle with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade played out in the media. Why does she believe her ex-husband won primary custody of their two children? Plus, tune in to find out the top five questions you should ask yourself during a custody battle.

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Replied By: marty685 on Mar 13, 2013, 6:00AM
Is it possible that I am being abused and if so what should I do about it?  I can be very observant when it comes to my friend's or family members' relationship and abuse, but I can be blind to my own.  My kids father and I moved in together after having a relationship for over 20 years.  I never lived with the man before.  I was aware that he can be an arrogant man, but I knew how to tolerate it.  I never argued with him and listened to his sides of stories and so on........ Before moving in together, we had amazing sex; always new, exciting, creative and for the most part satisfying, more on his end.  Once we moved in, it was exactly what we thought, sex everyday, everyday.  UNTIL, I recently lost my job.  Last month I lost my job and since then, he has been even more arrogant, beligerant, rude and critczing of almost everything the kidsand I do.  Complain complain complain.  While I have been paying everything and I mean everything since we moved in and even now with  my unemployment and little money I have saved, he has not  contributed a red cent.  Before being unemployed he paid half of the cable bill, the utiliites and 300 toward a $1850 rent!  Last month I paid the whole rent and the cable bill, and the household expensese.  So with his constant complaint after my loss of job is that he wants me to take him off of child support.  Yes he pays child support and before we moved in together we discussed this and the bottom line was that there was no need to take him off if the child support is being used exactly what it was meant for and that now he would be able to see for himself.  Now this new arguement unfolded  a reason for dropping the child support, no not that we live together, but that he wants to use that money to pay his personal bills and he wants to use my income tax return to pay off his loan.  and that then he can bring in more money and help pay some of the bills and to add to this to change his dependents so that he would have more taxes taken out so that at the end of the year he can get something back and he can use it to pay off his car.  One would think that I was asking him to take over evverything.  Since My unemployment I havent asked him  for anything extra and nothing less. When I refused giving him valid reason....IM UNEMPLOYED and cant pay off my own debts least of all me pay his... he's been very mean, uninterested in me (sexually), unaffectionate, serious and disrespectful.  Two days ago we were sitting on the couch watching television.  He puts the program on hold and begins to tell me of an experience he had at a department store.  Before he began he tells me " I want to tell you something that happend at Home Depot but, but I feel a litlle uncomfortable, (looking up at ceiling and giggling:  Well I dont know how to say this, I mean I know we have it that I can tell you these things, but I dont know if I should.  Well here it goes.  I was on line waiting to exchange something and this guy was in front of me.  Well the girl that works there had a big ass. I mean really big ass and while Im not an "ass" man, she had the biggest ass I've ever seen.  (he continues)  Well dont you know she gave me a full refund on the used box of tiles I brought back?  Could you believe that?"  I respond, okay but what about the girl with the big ass?  He responds, I got my money in full, a full refund."       I stopped and gathered my thoughts for 10 seconds then I asked him "What does the girl with a big ass have anything to do with your story?" and he stammers  and replies "Nothing" and I said "Exactly!" and nod my head.  He then adds. "Ill tell the guys in the office about it tomorrow"  So Im thinking am I one of the guys now sharing an apartment with him while he sits on the couch and I wait on him hand and foot because if I changed I feel that he gets what he wants....getting me angry, jealous, unappreciated...hurt....While I want his affection terribly, I am hoping for sex every night and afraid to initiate it because once I did he asked what was I doing,  THIS WAS NEVER EVER A PROBLEM before.  I feel that when we do I might hurt as bad as I did the last time we had sex, which is now another concern of mine.         Right now anitiating sex from him feels degrading..... Please help.
Replied By: timpleton on Mar 12, 2013, 1:08PM
Shynah Daly Told me about Little Johns mom being on your show i just want to say that John is a great Father and has great kids. His reputation as the Wild thing of golf does not mean he is a bad father. Please dont let a crazy woman tell you otherwise. Im friends with johns brother jamie as well as shy. they are great people just thought it put in my two cents about it. josh loague 

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