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Sherrie Daly, former wife of pro golfer John Daly, and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, open up to Dr. Phil about their highly-publicized divorces and custody battles -- and why they believe they lost custody of their children. First, Sherrie says her 9-year marriage to the so-called bad boy of golf was “either heaven or hell,” and that John’s heavy drinking and infidelity contributed to the demise of their relationship in 2010. Why, despite John’s alleged bad behavior, did Sherrie lose custody of their 9-year-old son? And, how does she explain her criminal past? Sherrie attempts to clear up the misconceptions that she says continue to haunt her in the headlines. Does she have any regrets? Then, Siohvaughn says she has been unfairly labeled as “crazy” and “violent,” after her contentious divorce and custody battle with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade played out in the media. Why does she believe her ex-husband won primary custody of their two children? Plus, tune in to find out the top five questions you should ask yourself during a custody battle.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: blueyed on Mar 13, 2013, 8:40PM
In my opinion, these women ARE victims of people with money. I have seen such injustices as these today in a court system, all based on the power of the other person In our community. The extensions, the motions, the delays, the change from dependency court back to family court has been nothing but a nightmare for our family and more importantly, for three innocent children caught in the crossfire. PTSD is something they will hopefully one day get the opportunity to deal with. Our family even thought of writing to Dr. Phil about 2 years ago when the nightmare started, and continues to this day. The difference is that in this sitation, the woman is the quote famous one. This ex wife is a chief of a major civil service department in a major west coast metropolitan city with many political connections And buckets of unlimited funds. Her children are being used as pawns to hurt and destroy their father, who loves them more than life itself. I have seen first hand the lies and the manipulation of both her children and her power in this tragedy she continues to orchestrate. Her husband has had several strokes from the stress. Narcissism, hatred, power is just the tip of the iceberg for this woman.
Replied By: nvrhrn1234 on Mar 13, 2013, 8:23PM
I have viewed your program for many years and was totally in shock at your attitude toward these woman. It  was all about..."why were your kids taken away?" Does anyone remember the OJ Simpson case? How this man was able to manipulate, lie, cheat, and continue to manipulate his wife and the system? Think about it people.

Replied By: homeimps on Mar 13, 2013, 7:34PM - In reply to erin62
To Erin62: You are so right! Sherrie Daly did everything in her power to make herself look sweet and comical, and Dr. Phil helped her to do it...shame on both of them!
Replied By: homeimps on Mar 13, 2013, 7:20PM - In reply to mattsue77
To Mattsue:  The only example I noticed of Dr. Phil not siding with the women was when he pointed out to Siohvaugn Wade that her approach is not working, and that her alienation of affection will come back to haunt her in the end. As for Sherrie Daly, I was actually appalled at the way Dr. Phil made her look "cute" and "funny", the closest I've ever seen to him almost flirting with a female guest. The hard truth is that she went into this with her eyes wide open and already knew from the start that John Daly is a complete jerk, but she still elected to have a child with him and then to subject all her children to the ensuing misery. I'm so sick of seeing stories like this and feel it should be pinted out EVERY time that they should never be so blind and stupid as to bring children into the messes they've helped to create. Period!
Replied By: homeimps on Mar 13, 2013, 7:10PM
I was very disappointed to note that Dr. Phil never pointed out that when women hook up with jerks like these two, they should at least be wise enough to refrain from having children with them. Bringing children into these sick relationships is tantamount to child abuse and I, for one, am sick to death of hearing women lamenting the situations they willingly entered into and far too seldom is it mentioned that it is always the children who bear the brunt of the fallout.
Replied By: skeeton41 on Mar 13, 2013, 7:09PM
I have three children two boys and a girl my youngest her father died what i would give if she could talk to him be able to see him he died when she was 10 she is 13 now he has three sons and my daughter is the baby he payed child support she gets his ssi but no amount of money will replace him i did not let her see him like she needed to not because i was mad that we were not together but i did not want her to get hurt a lot of people think that it is baby mommy drama but its us looking out for the best intrest of our children i will act a fool if someone hurt my children that goes for their fathers my oldest son father fought me tooth and nail to see him and believe it or not he won but now i see that it was not about him winning my son needed his father my middle son has not seen his father since he was 10 he is 16 now he lives in another state thats no  excuse because he wants to come see him and am making it about me and its not its about my son i have learned the era of my ways i will tell anybody as long as the father is no physically and not hurting the child mentally let them see the child i known children 1to 9 need protecting but 10 to 18 their are able to deal with things and situation different all children need protecting until their are adults but us being adults have to be that postive role model no matter what i dont let my children know that i have a problem with their father because my problem with their fathers is mind not theirs and in the long run we think we are helping our children when we do not let them see their father but in the long run their miss out of the love that their father can give them when he can get past the mother bull shit and i know some women might not want the children around another woman  thats another blog
Replied By: truthurtz on Mar 13, 2013, 6:53PM - In reply to clchever
I am not sure if we were watching the same show? Apparently we have preconceived ideas that cloud our rationality sometimes...why would you say Ms. Wade is dangerous...the other lady had the criminal history....what about the pictures....she obviously was insinuating that Mr. Wade was either abusive or neglectful...her explanation, even when challenged by Dr. Phil, was sensible.

We should not be too quick to judge anyone involved.  I have a very similar experience as Ms. Wade but I do not know enough about the situation to conclude anything...do you?  I did notice that Dr. Phil was not as quick to challenge Ms. Wade as he was the other guest though.
Replied By: truthurtz on Mar 13, 2013, 6:40PM - In reply to foxface616
Was it court ordered that you send them for summer visits initially? Did you not have physical evidence to prove that his drinking was a danger to the kids?

Imagine the healing process for the kids...adults can't heal in 13 years...I can't heal because it's ongoing...I can't heal because my children are suffering and they don't even know it.

Dr. Phil and others need to acknowledge the fact that judges are humans...capable of mistakes...capable of abuse...and capable of purposely causing harm to others.  Everything is not always black and white and everything is not easily proven....that's why I get my occasional comforts when I remember that the omniscient Judge will have the final say over all involved parties...guilty, innocent, liars, truth seekers, cowards, and heroes....I have chosen a side regardless of how popular it will make me...the side that is in the best interest of the children.
Replied By: foxface616 on Mar 13, 2013, 5:24PM
I'd love to share the horror story I lived in a custody battle before a 76 year old doddering judge; I lost custody to a dad who had no lawyer, showed up at the best interest of the child interview so drunk he couldn't stand. The issue was I sent my kids to spend summer with thier dad and this judge Stated "these kids aren't ping   pong balls an will stay put!"  At another trial although my son was 5&9 years younger then his sisters and we all feared for my sons life while in this alcoholics care, the judge promised to get him in AA. Never happened. Thier was so much deceit with fake time cards ect.  My only crime was sending them for vacation and the judges did not want to split up the siblings. In time my ex stated he knew Id be a better parent but it was his pride that kept them away from me.  I had a physical and mental breakdown due to worry and losing them.  It's been 13 years now, and I still haven't healed.  Dr Phil, you may be involved in court cases, but not everyone gets the correct decisions.  Judges get old , tired and fed up.  How can a judge ever give custody of a six year old to a drunk??  Yu could write so muchore but I'd need a book.
Replied By: tech213 on Mar 13, 2013, 4:25PM
I feel for these women - until you have been in their shoes you will never understand the frustration and hurt the courts cause to everyone involved. I agree everyone has to own their part in their situation. I would not have filed with the court system if I had know that the court system could not be trusted to do the legal thing focusing on the needs of the children. Courts are not about the truth and justice, it is about perception.

My ex is not famous but he is part of male group that one of the judges happen to belong to also. The court system for custody is beyond the most non-legal process and is intentionally dragged out. The courts and the attorney's love the drama it creates. The GAL, the therapist, the school and the school district did nothing to protect the children in my case. In fact the GAL only spoke to my ex-husband and they sat together in court yet my ex never pays the court ordered share of the bill. Yes, you have no choice on who the GAL is and you have to pay half the bill. The children were beaten into submission to what they were suppose to say and no one would stand up for the children and say it. It cost thousands for nothing. The children have gone through more than any adult should have to go through and are showing major signs their fathers emotional abuse yet the school, child services, the GAL and the only therapist their father will allow them to see refuse to acknowledge it. I was verbally abused by the courts everytime I was in there without cause - one judge actually said "you are from _____ you can afford it" - does that sound legal to you? Another time a judge said "Just because their father hasn't been there for the children in the past doesn't mean he cannot do it now and be the primary parent" - so history doesn't predict future behavior? 
No I haven't done anything crazy - I have never been arrested, never been done anything illegal or harassing to my ex or anyone. I had a good 10 parent references from neighbors and friends that knew both of us and my ex had NONE - I was told that didn't matter. He has been diagnosed with mental disorders but the courts didn't believe it and refused to allow supeana for his medical records but I was in the room with him when he was told. It was proven in court without doubt from the IRS that he lied on the stand but I was told that is just financial. Seem unbelievable? believe it, it is mind-boggling. The children are also being isolated from most of their family, all of their cousins and me when they are with their father - again the GAL doesn't agree.

The court will do nothing to protect children - the extremely few quality judges that follow the law instead of their emotions or what they heard at lunch from the court gossip table but they will not be in Family Court it is too much drama and not enough legal. Family lawyers are also from the bottom of the barrel praying on parents emotional connection to their children and creating more drama to drag it out. Is is not about the children. I am really tired  of hearing that it is both of our faults that we can't "co-parent" - when one parent decides to not co-parent the other can't co-parent or communicate by themselves.
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