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Sherrie Daly, former wife of pro golfer John Daly, and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, open up to Dr. Phil about their highly-publicized divorces and custody battles -- and why they believe they lost custody of their children. First, Sherrie says her 9-year marriage to the so-called bad boy of golf was “either heaven or hell,” and that John’s heavy drinking and infidelity contributed to the demise of their relationship in 2010. Why, despite John’s alleged bad behavior, did Sherrie lose custody of their 9-year-old son? And, how does she explain her criminal past? Sherrie attempts to clear up the misconceptions that she says continue to haunt her in the headlines. Does she have any regrets? Then, Siohvaughn says she has been unfairly labeled as “crazy” and “violent,” after her contentious divorce and custody battle with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade played out in the media. Why does she believe her ex-husband won primary custody of their two children? Plus, tune in to find out the top five questions you should ask yourself during a custody battle.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Jun 11, 2013, 9:26PM
Seems Sherrie wanted a rich and famous man to be married to (because he was both of those things before she married him). Less than 50 days after meeting she married said rich man . She stuck around after he cheated on her 6 months into their marriage (i.e. before her son was born), she stuck around until she found out he had a replacement for her lined up. What did she get in the divorce settlement? She was playing the cute "dumb blonde"  on the show every time she was caught out e.g. the hateful messages she sent.

The second lady (Ms Wade) is a liar because as someone else said below, she stole that picture of a ringworm from Google Images. 

Please stop putting the gossip surrounding celebrities on your show because it is neither credible nor entertaining.
Replied By: lizzb24 on May 9, 2013, 6:54PM
I have not viewed the episode that i actually am now highly anticipating, but i dont know what is wrong with people geez- i can say this I am a legal associate in MI and i really hope these women do have a better outcome and get some kind of justice. There are cases where the odds are against the mother and it is just not right, if those children are not being sexually or physically abused their mothers who gave birth to them should be their primary parent, have we forgot about womens rights, i have a feeling their ex husbands are far from angels! As far as the legal system i do hope they push for their goal of their families, I would like to know about their case and what so called judge and state made these outcomes- If judges always made the right decisions - THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR SUPREME COURT TO OVER RULE FOR THESE VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: tsterze on Mar 18, 2013, 11:49AM
So I was researching RingWorm for a class and this photo popped up on Mayoclinics website as their example of ringworm...This looks IDENTICAL to the photo Ms. Wade provided Dr. Phil. That is awfully suspicious to me!!! It even says this photo belongs to MayoClinic, all rights reserved under it. LOL
Replied By: loving40s on Mar 16, 2013, 1:49AM
I really lthink that you were way off  with your advice to Mrs. Wade.  I love watching your show, and am usually impressed at the advise that you give people, that is until now.  Mrs. Wade was trying to explain to you that she was not trying to alienate her children from there father as much as she was trying to protect them from him.  Obviously none of us in TV land have any proof that the bruise to her son's eye in that photo, where caused from her ex-husband, nor do we know for a fact that her son "wanted to die after being on the phone with his dad" or that Mr. Wade was on the phone telling his son to "Man the 'f***' up", calling him a (inaudible comment), "men don't 'f***king' cry, so stop your 'f***ing' crying"

I am a single mother with a 9 year old son.  If someone ever, and I mean EVER, spoke to my child like that I would do everything in my power to make sure that that person, even if it were his father,  no longer had phone conversations with my child unless they were supervised by someone else. That being said, someone would need to be listening in without Mr. Wade's knowledge, I don't think you'd ever hear anyone speak to his/her child like that if they thought someone may hear them.   Even if these things are only "alleged", it's totally worth being looked into deeper.  We should NEVER allow our children to be belittled!!  I believe that we need to protect our children and I think that is what Mrs. Wade is trying to do.  I honestly believe that if you listened back to your interview with her and went in without this wall that you seemed to have up, it was like it didn't matter to you what she was saying, it appeared to me that you already had your mind made up as to the advise that you were going to give her, regardless of anything she had to say.  

I believe that someone needs to help Mrs. Wade get back into court and have ALL of the evidence listened to.  I believe her when she says, "I believe what happened to me was totally bias and I have no other word for it, you know in being honest, other than corruption"  I've listened to this interview a few times now and really feel like the courts failed Mrs. Wade and her children.  I think when she says in a recorded message, "I don't have the fame he has, I don't have access to the millions of dollars that he has.  So, I am not able to do some of the things he's been able to do."  Their judge happens to be a huge fan of the NBA team that Mr. Wade plays for and knows their schedule.  Sorry, something doesn't sit right there!!  

I hope someone helps this lady and moreso, helps her children!!  

Replied By: actright on Mar 15, 2013, 3:54PM
Regarding X-Daly.  she and John seem to live the life of you do this, well I'll do that.  Everything just seemed like a big joke, if he will mess up the house why would she also follow suit?  If is was best for him to leave for 2 to 3 days to act a fool than to have him in the house acting a fool, I would help that fool pack and be oh so happy that he was gone, since she decided to live with his foolish behavior.  She is just as guilty as he is.  If she knew he would be at the bar, most likely drunk why go there just to fuel the fire?  Sounds like he starts off as a happy drunk, then ends up pissed at everything and everybody. 

X-Wade, I do know this, she will not accept any responsibility for her actions.  I really don't know what she may have felt she accomplished by going on the show when everyone the judge, bailiff, the parking attendant is against her.  Once thing that I did notice when the pictures of her bruised son was shown, Dr. Phil’s response was like he didn’t believe her, either he was already told that was a lie and he already sided w/Mr. Wade.  If it had been a regular person, I think his reaction would have been different and he would have wanted to get to the bottom of his bruises.  So when DP did that, we could understand how she felt when her judge spoke about Mr.Wade’s schedule like she knew him.  I just think she came off “as usual” nothing new, she never said well I did do xyz..  If she can’t take a look at herself she will be forever lost.

I say both need to let go, bite the bullet and smile and get along just to get along.  I mean the Wade’s were high school sweethearts, they can’t find that place when they did like each other?  This was foolish and a waste of time.
Replied By: opinionbyet on Mar 15, 2013, 1:58PM
I watched the show and I was amazed.  Amazed that Sherrie Daly would giggle off some of her bad behavior and make jokes about it.  Harassment is never acceptable.  I’m sure the Judge saw her for the irresponsible mother she probably is and awarded custody to the father.  John Daly has changed, it seems obvious that she hasn’t due to her recent arrest.  Constantly blaming others for her situation and her behavior is typical for narcissists....Dr. Phil taught me that!  This was probably another forum to sell her book.....don't waste your money.
Replied By: voltaicbelle on Mar 15, 2013, 12:30PM - In reply to quiltgoddess
It's one thing to have experience as a professional in the court system, and it's quite another to experience it as a party to a child custody battle - especially a bitter, contentious battle.

My husband and I spent over $60k in attorney fees, court costs, travel expenses, guardian ad litems, etc over a decade.  EVERY time we went before a judge, he or she chastised his ex for kidnapping the kids, hiding them, parental alienation and many other horrible parenting choices.  We were given full custody of the children, but somehow we still ended up paying full child support.  She never paid us a dime - Which, even though we lived paycheck to paycheck, was okay with us since we knew the children were safe and secure with us.  But still, grossly unfair that she was never held responsible for any of her horrific actions.  She filed false abuse charges on us, called CPS on us (my husband and I are both teachers, so this was not only ridiculous, but dangerous to our careers to just have a report, even false, on our record).

The family court system is completely out of whack.  It seems as though the bad guy usually prevails - in most situations I'm familiar with - I am not exactly sure how that happens so often.  I have been a moderator on any  number of popular stepmom support websites and a frightening number of unfair and unjust rulings are made on a regular basis.  I have one online stepmom friend who has an ex who killed their family cat, left it in a box on their front porch for the kids to find, the son has threatened to kill himself if he ever has to go back with her, but yet the court still orders that he spend time with her.  This ex has been to jail many times for harassment, but still gets the right to be a parent.  This is just one of many examples of how our family court system is unfair.  

The ONE aspect I am in agreement about with Dr. Phil, it is keep the court out of your custody agreement. Use a mediator and no attorneys - as soon as you get two different attorneys involved, the fighting never stops.

Replied By: arianrod on Mar 15, 2013, 1:52AM
I remember very clearly watching a golf tourney on tv in between customers at a local store. A man came in and the announcer said something about John Daly. He looked at me and said that man is one of the S.O.B. 's around. So I have no doubt that she and the kids suffered at his hands. However you hire a lawyer and make him pay your lawyers fees when it's over. It is your lawyers job to keep up with all the paper work. So I would recommend hiring a attorney and persueing custody that way.
Replied By: quiltgoddess on Mar 14, 2013, 11:08PM
 I like to watch Dr. Phil and think he has a good, common sense approach in most situations.
However, this show made me so ANGRY I could spit!! If you haven't had a personal experience
with the court system in this country, those of who bashed the wives have no idea what they're talking about. There is NO justice in the courts - there is only those who have the most money and the "Best" lawyer.
(In another Dr. Phil show, Ramon was told by Mel Feit and Dr. Phil that "those who hang in
and persist are the ones that win out. Don't be the one that goes away. Hang in, show up for
the hearings, meet the requirements, just continue to put one foot in front of the other and
when they realize you ain't going away then pretty soon you do win out.Excuse my language,
but that is just BS.)

My son has spent the last 2.5 years fighting for MORE VISITATION for
his now 9-year old daughter. His ex-girlfriend spent over 40K in just Juvenile Court (JC).
She's not famous like Mr. Wade but she doesn't mind blowing thousands of dollars, lying on
the stand, and making my son out to be an angry, abusive man. His defense in JC was that he
was a great father (he is) and all his witnesses testified to that. He didn't want to tear
down the mother of his daughter - he wanted to take the higher road. She, on the other hand,
lied about their relationship and that he had been physically abusive. When he didn't get any
more visitation, he appealed to Circuit Court. He had at least 10 witnesses, including 2 ex-
girlfriends, school friends, and colleagues who testified that they had witnessed him being a
good father. Some also testified to hearing the Ex screaming on the phone to my son, so
loudly that it could be heard on another floor in the house. But after the Ex spent 4 hours
the next day boo-hooing about my son's "abuse", the judge took away legal custody, awarded
$5000 of her legal fees, and raised the child support. How many people do you know who pay
over $1260/month for one child with an income under 70K. An employee in Family Services told
him that, according to his calculations, his payment should actually be closer to $750. (I
should mention that my son has always supported his daughter, very willingly, ever since she
was born, even tho there was no court order requiring him to do so.) I know of so many people
in custody battles that have had similar, if not worse, experiences.
   I really felt for Mrs. Wade in particular! What is her ownership in this? The same as my
son's. It sounds like she has tried to do the right thing, but at some point it's hard to
maintain and not sink to the exs' level. That, and the fact that she doesn't have the money
and the fame to fight him. I'd love to get my son and his Ex on the Dr. Phil Show. And I'd
love to publicize the deplorable state of the court system in this country. Basically, he
who has the most money, power, fame, etc. can buy the "best" lawyer and win the case!!

Wake up, Dr. Phil!
Replied By: wooshka on Mar 14, 2013, 4:17PM
Dr Phil, if you think the court system is fair, then you are one silly man. In most cases, especially celebrity cases, it does boil down to how much money you have to pay off people to support you and to lie for you etc etc. As the saying goes "it's not what you know, it's who you know" and then add loads on money onto this and this is why a parent who has heaps of money will win every time, even if they are not the best out of the 2 parents.I know this from living it first hand but I'm in the Australian court system, not the USA system but it seems to be the same in both countries. I know all was fine with my ex and I after we split up, until he got himself a new rich girlfriend who thought she rules everything and this is when the fights began and the court battle over our daughter, I couldn't afford it but he could, cause the new girlfriend paid for it all and the lies that were told about me were horrible but I couldn't defend them cause I had no money to pay for a defence. We both got joint custody but then the girlfriend allienated my daughter against me and won the ultimate battle and it's now been 8 yrs since I have seen my baby girl:( Money wins everytime!!
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