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Jared says his ex-wife, Chandra, is a deadbeat mom who has failed to pay her court-ordered child support in the last six months. He also accuses Chandra’s current husband, Jason, of physical abuse toward his two children when they’re in his care -- a claim Jason adamantly denies. Chandra accuses Jared of emotionally abusing her since their divorce five years ago, and she claims he’s determined to ruin her life with her new husband. Is Jared a concerned parent, or a bitter ex with an ulterior motive? And, with their children caught in the crossfire, can these exes stop pointing fingers and learn how to peacefully co-parent? Plus, why hasn’t Chandra paid child support? Then, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s tips on how to effectively co-parent with your ex!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: paulab12 on Aug 11, 2013, 6:37AM
She has a court order to pay child support but refuses to do it.  That makes her a dead beat mom.  Did you know there are a higher percentage of dead beat moms than dads?
Replied By: strine on Jun 27, 2013, 9:54PM
If she was the primary carer for the children while they were together and he got further and further ahead at work (to the point of earning as much as he is), why should she now have to start paying child support on a minimum wage while looking after kids? Also, why did she not get half of their assets? Did she leave him and the kids for another man? That would make sense of why he got custody of the kids. The whole story would be nice.
Replied By: strine on Jun 27, 2013, 9:32PM
I call him bitter because he comes across as bitter that she has found someone else and married- that would be why he called her the "s" word. I think he wanted her back to control again and since he can't have her he is willing to use the kids to make her miserable. He seemed happy when she was crying there about wanting their kids to not be surrounded by them both fighting. He lied about calling her the names and then backpeddled and said "I own that"...he didn't own anything. I hope the kids grow up happy and emotionally healthy, but I doubt it with him as their primary carer.
Replied By: sociopathvictm on Mar 20, 2013, 11:24AM
So surprised Dr. Phil didn't see right through this guy.  Just went through a divorce with a Master Manipulator & Sociopath.  He lied to get temporary custody of our children.  Even though he had 2 ex wives, an ex fiance and 4 or 5 kids that he had nothing to do with.  I was 19, just graduated high school, and gullable when I married him.  But my Lord Jesus Christ answered my prayers to reveal the truth!  Praise God!  I was not working either and had to pay child support.  Had a wonderful fiance who stepped up.  And God came through and now he pays me (when he decides to).  It is so hard when you are in it against someone everyone else sees as charming, when you know what a scheming snake they are.  But if you are ordered to do something do it, God will repay 10 fold.  Please research Sociopaths they are more common than statistics report.  They are as cold as ice, plotting, and ruthless.  Please talk to your children about who they choose as their spouse.  I want to spread the word to protect others.  Listen to your friends and family about any red flags.  They see things you don't and are not affected by your mates mind games.
Replied By: lechiennikko on Mar 13, 2013, 8:26PM - In reply to 043648
It sounds like you know exactly what you are talking about and lived through it!  I think it takes a huge level of maturity, tolerance, and LOVE OF YOUR CHILDREN to put them BEFORE any feelings you may have against the other parent.  I heard Oprah say once that when you speak ill of the same sex parent to the same sex child, you are actually bringing shame onto that child!  I heard that loud and clear when I decided I could not marry my son's father because he was a liar, and angry, and and and.  But I tried to ALWAYS support him and speak respectfully of him to my child,  because looking at that little boys freckled face and seeing his innocence, I COULD not intentionally hurt him and I knew that was what I would be doing.  HOW DARE couples FORCE their children to pay for THEIR immaturity.   It sounds like you did great when no one was really telliing anyone what to do about anything.
Replied By: sassiedear83 on Mar 11, 2013, 12:47PM
I will start by saying I love the Dr Phil show and have been a fan for many years. I DVR the show and watch it all the time. I have disagreed many times with Dr Phils approach and opinions but not as much as with this show. I was so upset I had to stop watching the show and come back after I calmed down to watch..I had hoped that things would change but they didn't. I also realize that we don't see the whole story, can't always fit it in the hour....but from what was shown...Dr Phil BIG FAIL. This woman has been abused over and over by her ex husband! Of course the kids come to him and tell him what a horrible person their step father is because they know they will get praise and acceptance from their father for doing it! The man is EVIL! And then for you to treat her like you did Dr Phil, it broke my heart! She has been verbally abused by her ex and then for you to treat her like that...I saw her shrink even further than she already was. I think I will take a break from the show for a while because after today...I have lost some faith in Phil.
Replied By: kriscerone on Mar 10, 2013, 7:35PM - In reply to elkeee
I believe every word you are saying.  The courts are horrible.  So sad.
Replied By: goinghome on Mar 10, 2013, 3:39PM - In reply to alyjake
I was so upset with dr phil to day. I may not have heard all of the back ground information of the mother, or the Ex. But dr phil  treated the mother with less dinity or respect than I have ever seen. How old are these children? how much is coached fromt the father? Really DrPhil I havnt seen you so much at your worst..what was Robin's thoughts on your attitude towards the mother?
Replied By: aliceskala on Mar 10, 2013, 10:57AM
I just finished watching the 3/7/2013 show and I am totally appalled at the way Dr. Phil treated the mother and step=father and gave all the glory to that sulking, lying jerk she was trying to deal with.  But first I want some answers.  Don't know if you read these messages or not but if you do here are some things that were looked over from  the first.  How many children were involved, what were their ages?  We saw a tape of very small children and then heard that the children were snitching to the authorities.  So how old are these children, is Dad not the one who is pushing them because I see nothing that Mom did to hurt them so it has to be him.  How many children are involved altogether, and why was Dad not questioned as to whether he asked them anything when he picked them up.  Dad does not look like he is starving so the $150.00 he wants from mom is only a ruse to harrass her because she got rid of him.  Believe me I would have gotten rid of him very quickly.  And he would be afraid of me.  This show was atrocious and if they dont get any better I wlll stop watching altogether. 

Why?  Because back in the day I was the mother of two children by the time I was 19, I had no education (not because I did not want one) and a husband who would not go to work and who lied to me all the time.  We never had a home, just lived from one set of alcoholic parents to the other.  When I was 23 I decided I wanted a different life but  first I had to get rid of him which  was like puiling hens teeth.  Yes there was another man involved but not until he was technically out of my life.  My children were told things that were true, things that were not true.  I was  young and made plenty of mistakes but I did not make the big one and that was walk away from my children.  My ex made sure my children understood he was not ever to blame and the have believed it most of their lives.  Not entirely true, they use that as an excused when they do something wrong and don;t wantg to take responsilibility for  it.  Through the years they have blamed me for everythng that went  wrong.  I am an ATM to them and if I don't come across with the money I was threated with not seeing my grandchildren.  I now have great grandchildren whom I also dont' see.  Now what I saw in that ex-husbands demeanor  and his non-believable accusations was my ex- husband who has now been married 6 times, and told his kids he  could not see them if he could not have me.  Don't think for one minute that this boy won't do the same.  He needs to get out and get a life and leave his ex alone.  I have two damaged children.     We were both wrong but at least I went to work, got an education, put food on the table and roof over the head and shoes oln the feet.  He did not do any of that and neither will this jackass.  That is all in the past, can't change it but wish I did not have to feel so guilty about it.  I also know that you know what to do when you do something and when  you learn better you do better.  You need to do better Dr. Phil.  Your new life code is intersting and i suppose when I get    dont reading it   I will have pulled s omething from it, but the basics still remain. 
Replied By: laniekay on Mar 9, 2013, 1:17PM
When watching the show and then seeing Dr. Phil rage to this couple, not let them tell their side of the story and be totally disrespectful to them,I was turned off.  Did they do all the things that they were accused of?  They were shot down when they even tried to remotely explain.  The ex-husband did some totally improper and extreme things as well.  Take the children away, change locks so she could not get back in her own house.  And . . . he seemed to exhibit behaviors of a scorned man with a bruised ego.  He did not seem to want to have any responsiblity  as to why his ex-wife had turned to others (whether emotional or physical affairs) during their marriage   What was so wrong in the marriage that this happened?  I don't believe the husband was blameless either. There seemed to be more to the story and we did not get to see the whole picture -- just the slanted direction the show went.   Most of us watching can relate in some way to those brave enough to tell their stories on national television.  Please don't insult our intelligence by making drama when it is unneccesary to do so.  Dr. Phil and his show has changed.  I must say I liked the kinder, gentler Dr. Phil.
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